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I was bored enough today that I ended up watching the SJA premiere even though all I've seen of the previous 3 seasons were the episodes with Ten. All in all, I think that improved my viewing experience, since half the call-back jokes were, like, completely out of left-field for me. I don't have much to say Collapse )
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pumpkins scream in the dead of night

I went out for drinks with some friends last night and we talked about Halloween for like, two hours, which led to me finally deciding what I'm going to be this year: Nancy Drew. She's a bamf, don't even.

And then I was talking about Halloween with the Russian lady at work, and since it seems like I have a rather international flist, I figured I'd ask:

Poll #1463154 TRICK OR TREAT

Where are you from?

Do you celebrate Halloween?

Yes, and it is awesome
Other people do, but I don't
No, but we have something similar
No, we have nothing like that at all

If you plan to dress up, what are you going to be?

And because clearly I cannot post without mentioning Doctor Who -- does anyone know when ~The Wedding of Sarah Jane~ is meant to air? goldy_dollar has led me to believe it is soon, and although the five minutes I watched of SJA reminded me of Are You Afraid of the Dark? (in a bad way, somehow) it's been like four months or whatever since Planet of the Dead so I will take what I can get.
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my eyes are just a little sweaty today

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bazcat89 and I decided that JimPam/TenRose is our ship-ship OTP. This was borne after Liz "aww"ed at doctor_rose_fix and I "aww"ed at jamdaily and we realized that even if she doesn't actively ship Ten/Rose and I don't actively ship Jim/Pam we can appreciate the awesomeness. They can run around being adorable and smug and pissing off fandom together!

Poll #1405526 his eyes are just a little sweaty today

What degree of crying do you think we'll get from Ten in the December two-parter?

He's not crying, he's just been cutting onions.
It's just been raining on his face.
It's just a little bit of dust in his eye from the path that everyone made when they said their goodbyes.
For your information there's an inflammation in his tear glands.
If you think you see teartracks down his cheeks, please don't tell his mates.
He's thinking about a friend who is dying. That's right, dying.
He's weeping because there's no one there to hold his hand.

*And by December two-parter I mean the Christmas specials. Ty lacunaz for inspiring this clarification.