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and now i guess i will go find parks and rec

I. I keep coming to make an lj post and then stopping because I realize I don't really have much to say. But I got a new default icon and I want to use it, damn you all, so I am posting anyway! Dealwithit.gif

I blame my lack of having anything to discuss partly on the fact that my lj tends to be fandom-dominated and nothing interesting has been happening in Doctor Who fandom since forever. I guess they start filming series 7 in a week or so. I would be lying if I said I was super pumped, but I am pretty curious about who the next companion will be. Oh, and I guess they announced some more writers, including my bro Toby Whithouse. And also my mortal enemy Chris Chibnall.

Series 6 stole his "writer of my least favourite episode ever" crown. HAS HE COME TO RECLAIM IT IN SERIES 7? My guess is "probably". I seriously can't with Chibnall, like at least with Moffat I can see the things he does that appeal to people even when they don't appeal to me.

II. In other fandom-ish news I guess, we watched Decoy Bride last week, the shitty romcom David Tennant filmed approximately a billion years ago just after Doctor Who. I wasn't expecting much and I still thought it was disappointingly awful. The script was just generally poorly-written and ill-conceived and the characters behaved in ways nonsensical even in the land of romcoms. I started writing a post about why it was so terrible but it's not even funny-bad, just bad-bad. Consider this my suggestion that no one spend the $10 or whatever it is to rent this or go see it in theatres. This is why God invented the internet.

So to cleanse our palates, Tay and I (re)watched Casanova.

Eighteenth century hipsters

Tay had never seen it before; I think Casanova is the first non-Doctor Who thing I saw David Tennant in back in like 2008 and I accidentally watched the episodes out of order, so I didn't remember it particularly well other than that I had enjoyed it despite having to jigsaw the plot together due to my own incompetence. Anyway, my memory served me well, because it was excellent. Probably my favourite non-Doctor Who non-Shakespeare David Tennant-related thing, predictably. Oh RTD, I both love and miss you. I assume basically all of you have seen it by now but if you haven't go watch that instead of Decoy Bride. Alternatively just rewatch it instead of watcing Decoy Bride, both of these options are preferable.

III. We also watched Karen Gillan in "We'll Take Manhattan". It... was pretty dull IMO, but Karen was adorable. Unfortunately the moral seemed to be "people realizing that Karen Gillan is beautiful", which is a hard moral to really connect with.

IV. Considering I started this post with nothing to say, it's gotten pretty long. I will end with a meme lifted from kilodalton: Leave me a character and I'll tell you my top 3 ships for them.
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posting at 2am LIKE A BOSS

I. Oh look, a Game of Thrones trailer:

You may remember that I have a weird and somewhat tumultuous relationship with the GOT/ASOIAF franchise and I am not super eager to once again enter the realm of "well I really like this show but I don't give a shit about the novels but everyone who watches this show has read the books and spoilers blargh", and generally I've been pretty ambivalent to s2, but I quite liked this trailer. I'm not sure if it's better or worse for me, as someone with genuinely 0 idea what's happening or could be happening in any of the clips. I should probably rewatch s1 to refresh myself on who... everyone is. And to refamiliarize myself with the terminology.

II. In continuing 'project watch all the things', we've somehow landed on Marchlands, which is a miniseries from (I think) 2010-ish, or maybe 2011, with Alex Kingston (and Sydney Wade since she is apparently the only working child actress in Britain). The basic premise is that it follows three different families living in the same house, in the 60s, 80s and 2010 respectively. The daughter in the 60s family dies in ~mysterious circumstances and ghostly shenanigans happen in the 80s and 2010. We're only on episode 2 out of... 5? but it's quite good so far, I'd recommend it. ALSO Alex Kingston is delightful! She is the favourite of all of us. And Sydney Wade plays her daughter, Amy, lolololol.

III. I'm reading A Journal of the Plague Year because I have to present a seminar on it next week, and I've had fucked-up plague dreams for like two consecutive nights. Not even nightmares, because I don't wake up distressed or anything, just... highly theatrical plague-inspired dreams. I think last night's also featured the cast of Survivors.
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polar bears are adorable, btw

I. My Christmas break is finally drawing to a close on Monday. I've just got two classes to finish up my degree this semester -- one of them is a seminar with some long title called something like "Science Fact and Science Fiction", and one of them is a linguistics class about writing systems. Further material to form snobby opinions about Gallifreyan? I think so!

Christmas break has been nice, though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting a little bit cabin fever-y. Yesterday we finally did our Secret Santa exchange which was a lot of fun. I got a necklace tree stand thing, which is something I wanted, except that most of my necklaces are apparently too long and drag on the dresser anyway? Which seems to defeat the point of the necklace stand. I am not really sure what to do about this since I'm pretty sure my necklaces are all of average length. Wtf.

II. I have spent much of this break watching various things with spud14 and/or firstofoct and sometimes shinyopals. I have learned about both bears and birds thanks to David Tennant and we also watched The Borrowers (with Robert Sheehan & Christopher Eccleston -- very enjoyable) as well as a version of Othello that had Eccleston as "Iago" (and Keeley Hawes as Desdemona). I put Iago in quotation marks because it is one of those modernized versions and his character's name is actually Ben Jaygo or something, but actually it was quite good! Different, but interesting, and eerily topical. Then through Keeley Hawes' Wikipedia page I learned that she's in a version of Canterbury Tales with John Simm and Billie Piper, among others, so clearly I need to witness this as well.

III. I've been trying to make a post for ages but the reality is I have very little to say that is interesting. Here's a quote that's been floating around Tumblr which you may not have seen otherwise, from some book called Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside:

“Firstly, Rose is neither shallow nor stupid. She doesn’t settle for second best. She gets the person she fell in love with. And, as a bonus, he’s now able to spend the rest of his life with her, as she with him. Secondly, the very same person who experienced the heartbreak of losing Rose for the first time now experiences joy at the prospect of a lifetime in her company. In this full sense, the Doctor who lost, finally wins.”

WELL PUT, ...SOME GUY NAMED PAUL DAWSON. I AGREE. And on that note, a fic rec:

Three Proposals by arliddian
PG; Ten2/Rose
Of all the traits he’d absorbed from Donna Noble, the last thing he'd expected to inherit was a desire to get married.
Read it because: Precious Ten2/Rose fic is becoming rarer but this was wonderful! I would say more but it would all just be synonymous with "adorable".

IV. This post is dull, it needs a meme or something. But I haven't seen any around in ages. You could ask my unpopular opinions I guess..? I don't know if any of them would be surprising to any of you though. I don't even have a fun gif to share. I should've quit while I was behind.
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IN A SHOCKING TWIST... a post about TV

I. Last night Hannah, Tay and I watched Mrs Ratcliffe's Revolution, which is a movie from 2007 starring Catherine Tate and Iain Glen. The basic plot is that downtrodden housewife Catherine Tate & her family move to East Germany in the late 60s when her communist husband Jorah Mormont takes a teaching job over there. It was actually pretty great! Catherine Tate was in the starring role for once instead of a bit-part, her character was excellent, the plot was interesting and it was pretty funny in a genuine-funny way and not an LA-Without-a-Map way.

Also she wears this amazing swim cap.

II. Speaking of Catherine Tate, apparently on Boxing Day there'll be a two-hour documentary airing called Catherine Tate: Laughing at the 00s, about (British I assume) comedy in the last decade:

Sketch-show sensation Catherine tells the story of the decade in which she became a household name. She meets with comedy glitterati Alan Carr, David Walliams, Noel Fielding, Rob Brydon and her Doctor Who co-star, David Tennant, all of whom reflect on the greatest comedy moments in recent history.

As well as showcasing all the most entertaining, memorable comedy of the time, the documentary also features newsreel and pop culture archive that contextualises the gags. It reveals not just what was funny, but why it was funny.

I don't have much to do with British comedy BUT WHO CARES, Catherine Tate is hosting a thing and interviewing David Tennant for it, so I am already prepping some popcorn.

III. I'd heard a while ago that supposedly that Love Life program was Curb Your Enthusiasm-style scriptless improv, but I wasn't sure how true that was until I saw this interview with Kaya Scodelario floating around Tumblr. Honestly?

Most interesting thing about this project TBH, I am now genuinely intrigued for reasons beyond casting. I mean, that definitely has the potential to be terrible on every level, but it'll be a NEW and EXCITING kind of terrible. On the downside, apparently Billie Piper's character doesn't actually make out with Kaya Scodelario's character which seems like a wasted opportunity.
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LA Without a Map, or: Nothing Says Love Like Stalking

So, last night Hannah and I decided to watch Love and Other Disasters for our ginger queen Catherine Tate, but then Netflix wasn't working for Hannah and there was a change in plans. Instead we ended up watching LA Without a Map, which is a 90s movie starring bb David Tennant, with cameos from Lisa Edelestein and, inexplicably, Johnny Depp.


This movie is primarily about this guy Richard, played (obviously) by David Tennant. Richard works as an undertaker for about two seconds of the movie, until he sees the hot girl who will serve as the love interest.

This movie came out in like '98, so David Tennant is approximately twelve.

She is just hanging out in the cemetery, taking pictures and generally being a tourist right next to an actual funeral. Her name is Barbara, and she is played by someone named Vinessa Shaw whom you've probably never heard of, judging by her IMDB page. Barbara is AMERICAN! Barbara explains that she was on a nondescript train through this nondescript British village and it looked cute so she decided to get out and take pictures of gravestones, or something. Richard offers to show her around, and Barbara accepts, because picking up a date in a cemetery is totally normal.

Around now is when Hannah said, "this doesn't look like LA." lol Hannah

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my friends went clubbing tonight instead. what is my life.

Yesterday firstofoct and I ended up watching Recovery, which was very good but not hilarious at all.

So I guess to compensate today shinyopals, spud14 and I watched SHARK ATTACK 3: MEGALODON with John Barrowman. Yes, that's the movie responsible for this gif:


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The Shadow in the North!

LOL So we watched 'The Shadow in the North'. Collapse )

In conclusion, this was probably worse than the first film, but it also had parts that were more amusing. Does anyone have any particular suggestions for what we should look for next in our quest to WATCH ALL THE THINGS with Doctor Who alum?