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I. Since someone on my flist might know: David Tennant reading The Philosopher's Stone -- why does this exist and where can I find more?

II. Hmm, tbh there is not much to update about my life recently. Mostly I have been going to work and occasionally getting into wank at doctorwho and then sending links to placebetween. So here are some more top 5s:

fauxkaren wanted my Top 5 Female CharactersCollapse )

And on an equally srs note, firstofoct wanted Top 5 Doctor Who Episodes in terms of how attractive Ten isCollapse )
20 March 2011 @ 09:51 pm
I started working on this with the intention of getting it done for halfamoon... and as you can see that did not happen. But I decided to keep working on it (...veeery slowly) because there are in general not enough things celebrating the Awesome of all four of them, in my opinion. I was going to do a picspam, but since I have no particular artistic talent and no photoshop, I decided to augment it with lots of TL;DR about their individual awesome. Yay! All I ask is that you please don't use this opportunity to tell me why you dislike one or more of these companions. I know we all have our favourites. But there are lots of places where the steel cage match of companion superiority can occur, and I would like this post and its comments to limit themselves to why we love the ones we love. So, without further ado:

Tell the Doctor, from me, that he chose his companions wisely.Collapse )
02 January 2011 @ 05:15 pm
I was going to post this yesterday, on the 1st, when it was more ~appropriate~, but jfc it took forever, so you get it today.

Oh, Ten. Much of the internet now hates you almost as much as they hate Rose because you dared to have emotion and stuff, but I thought you were wonderful in all your fiery, icy, ragey glory. RIP you crazy diamond~.

Giant Ten spam ahoy! Very image heavy.Collapse )
Wow this took way longer than I anticipated. WHY DOES RESIZING PHOTOS TAKE SO LONG?

For your listening pleasure, I recommend this song.

Finally, behold my

She's So Hot She's Making Me Sexist:
A Surprisingly Time-Consuming Girl Crush Picspam!

Cut to save your flists from TOO MUCH ATTRACTIVENESS.Collapse )
19 December 2009 @ 01:00 am
10 Steps to Crazy Ten

How to go from
in 10 simple steps.

Quick and easy! Unless you're running dial-up.Collapse )