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fic: for a hundred indecisions -- doctor who

Title: for a hundred indecisions
Rating: PG
Characters & Pairings: Rose/Ten, Donna
Spoilers?: Yeah, 4x13, I'm not cutting anymore because it's my own journal so sux 2 b u.
Summary: Rose and her Doctor discuss the fate of Donna Noble.
Excerpt :“That’s – that’s not fair, you can’t show someone those things and then take it away. Those memories are the only thing that got me through the last three years!”

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fic: to keep on breathing for

Title: to keep on breathing for
Rating: PG, I am so boring
Spoilers: Journey's End
Characters & Pairings: Rose/Ten, Donna, Martha, Sarah Jane
Summary: Popping into existence only to be stranded in a parallel world on an alien planet is, well, odd.
Excerpt: For a long while he feels just slightly out of synch, like there’s a beat missing from the time signature or like there’s a scratch in the CD that still makes you jump, even after you’ve heard it a hundred times.

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one-shot: not so vile a sin

WHOOO I need to go to bed but first, I finished my redandthewolf fic challenge! With 20 minutes before the deadline! Hahah I win.

Title: Not So Vile A Sin
Author: _thirty2flavors
Summary: Midway through seventh year, Lily has come to accept many things about James Potter. The one thing she cannot seem to accept is his arrogance.
Excerpt: On the whole, she had come to realize, he was not so bad, and they were even – strange as it was to say – something like friends.

He was, however, and as she had always expected, undeniably, irrevocably, pathetically, hopelessly in love – with himself.

Rating: PG
Warnings: Um...? I've got nothin'.
Word Count: 1557
Author's Note: I actually had 98% of this written since about the first week of the challenge. I had plans for a second scene and then it just was not cooperating and then I realized, hey, I can cut the second scene all together and finish it on time! ... Kind of! With 20 minutes to spare, EST! Also, yay for extensions. =)
Prompts: For redandthewolf's Tales of Slings, Arrows and Outrageous Fortune: spine, and
Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin
As self-neglecting.

-Henry V, 2. 4

It'll be up on UR tomorrow. Right now I need bed.
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fic exchange one-shot: 13 steps to the end of the world

So the UR.org Christmas Fic Exchange posted its reveals, which means I have the liberty to shamelessly pimp what I wrote... lirl.

Title: Thirteen Steps to the End of the World
Rating: PG-13
Characters & Ships: James/Lily, Sirius, Remus, Peter
Prompt: "The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire is incoming friendly fire." (for Satirise at UR.org).
Summary: Thirteen steps to the end of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs.
Excerpt: “Oh, just the way the lot of you – you’re very – I don’t know – exclusive. You’re all four in your own little world and while most of the time I’m convinced it’s a world of utter chaos and madness and stupidity, at times it seems like a much better alternative to a world of war and doom and gloom.”

Huzzah! And kudos to christycorr for actually putting this gigantic migraine together.

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fic: five people lily evans never fell in love with

This meme spawned a fic! Hurrah for memes! Or something.

Title: five people lily evans never fell in love with
Rating: Um, whatever, I'm gonna say PG13. My ratings are arbitrary, did you know? =)
Characters: Lily Evans and five characters who will remain quasi-suspenseful until you click the link.
Summary: Five people Lily Evans almost -- but never -- fell in love with, and why.
Notes: ZOMG SO MUCH FUN. Yay inksplotched!
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one-shot: accusatory

I started this right around the time I finished Valedictory. I think at one point, I considered making them two chapters of the same fic, but in the end I decided the mood was different enough between the two of them that it was probably not the best idea. They are correlated, as I'm sure you can tell.

Title: Accusatory
Rating: PG for angst >8|
Summary: It's a difficult thing, really, not being trusted.
Excerpt:“They were so ...cold. When we were saying goodbye, I… James…” He turns his head away from her and watches the fireplace. “I may never see them again and they… they don’t trust me. Not at all.”

Mmm, fun. I am entirely caught up in this whole idea -- it is so delightfully chock-full of angsty possibilities. Reviews and stuff are cool.

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one-shot: how lovely are thy branches

I started writing this like two Christmases ago, and I never finished. And then, amidst my sudden writing flurry (which is POORLY TIMED, I tell you what, I have so much homework I'm neglecting in favour of creativity) I was like "HEY, I know how to end it now!"

So ...VOILA. A CHRISTMAS FIC IN APRIL! Yay! Well, I suppose it's not really that Christmas-y. But anyhow.

Title: How Lovely Are Thy Branches
Rating: PG
Summary: Late at night on Christmas eve, the Black brothers get into an argument.
Excerpt: “You’re an idiot,” Regulus decided, scowling. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the tree.”

“Yes there is!” Sirius exclaimed, tossing his arms in the air, suddenly incensed. “Everything’s wrong with it! It’s too pretty, it’s too artificial, it’s too… fancy and it’s too pretentious, just like everyone in this bloody house.”

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new one-shot: valedictory

This has been brewing for a little while -- since before Truce, in any case, I told you I was on a bit of a Sirius-and-Lily kick. Anyhow, I like it, more or less. It's been a long time coming.

Title: Valedictory
Rating: Um, I put PG-13. They swear, like, twice. Omgz.
Characters: Lily, Sirius, James, baby!Harry.
Summary: The night before the Fidelius Charm is performed, Lily and James have the dubious task of saying good-bye to those they will not see. Sirius is the last to leave.
Excerpt: It isn’t that she doubts James’ decision, or even that she doubts Peter. James has assured her time and time again that this is their best plan, their only plan, that they’ll be fine, and the part of her with the half-filled glass has always agreed. Of course they will be. They always have been.

Standing in her foyer with her baby on her hip, her husband at her side and Sirius in front of her, though, she feels different. Her stomach is in knots, her palms are sweaty and she is even closer to tears now than she was when she’d given Remus a farewell hug twenty minutes earlier.

Er. Enjoy?

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but he talks like a gentleman

Since we're allowed to now and all that, I've reposted my fic for the UR Fic Exchange (2006) under my own account. La-dee-da. So, here you are:

Title: The First Link
Rating: Eh, PG.
A gift for: Holly (uswigo)
Prompt: Non-trio, non-MWPP, responding to the Dickens quote: "Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day."
Excerpt: Severus’ chin slid from his hand and he jerked back to attention. What in Merlin’s name was a man like Dumbledore doing at the Hog’s Head? Surely Dumbledore – Hogwarts’ beloved Headmaster and ringleader of the Order – had far better places to host private conversations?
Summary: What Severus Snape overhears coincidentally at the Hog's Head one evening has a profound affect on his -- and everyone else's -- life.

So yay. I liked that fic. I was excited for the opportunity to write some Snape action -- he is fun.

I'm also in the middle of a million drabbles, so perhaps one day I'll actually finish one of them and you can all read it. Yay. =)