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fic exchange rec & a fandom meme

I still lack updates of any kind, though I did finish my fic for UR.org's Christmas fic exchange. Naturally it's still i posting and secrecy mode so I cannot link you to any fic of mine that may or may not be posted yet, but that's where I've been. Well, that and exams. I also have one tomorrow. I should study, yes? But it's philosophy and philosophy is stupid because a) even when you know it, you don't do really well and b) even when you don't know it you don't do really poorly. Or, well, that's been my experience, anyway. Huzzah for circular definitions and post hoc fallacy and blah blah...

Yeah, I'm enthused.

Also! The fic someone wrote for me was posted, so it is my duty to rec it here. Yay.

Title: The Final Stage
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 12 Grimmauld Place is nobody's idea of the perfect place for a party. Yet that is where Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Nymphadora Tonks find themselves spending the fourteenth anniversary of Voldemort's defeat. Overwhelmed by memories of that Halloween night, the three just want to drink brandy and forget.

It is basically exactly what I was going for, which is impressive since I am apparently incapable of writing a half-decent prompt. Yay, mystery author! (Yeah, no, I actually don't know who it was. Mysterrryyy. *waves fingers spookily*)

As another means of procrastination, here's a random meme! Yay! I don't know. Um, go wild. (Give me other ways to procrastinate!)

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a thoroughly unremarkable day, chapter two

Title: A Thoroughly Unremarkable Day, Chapter Two - libraries and elusive behaviour
Rating: PG for mild language
Characters: Remus, Tonks, random villagers
Summary: Remus suspects he is being followed. // Set during Goblet of Fire
Excerpt: It was overkill, perhaps, but it did not really matter whether he assumed her to be an awkward wife or a single woman trying to get out of a date; if he got the message, she did not care how it was delivered. Besides, the last thing she needed was a thirty-four-year-old werewolf flirting with her.

=) Have also written some nest_of_spiders stuff. I'll probably upload it to Puzzle Pieces when I'm not so lazy.
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new fic: a thoroughly unremarkable day, remus/tonks

So I decided to write another short multi-chaptered fic -- that is to say, think 'Truce', not 'Silly Love Songs'. This one, like Truce, will be generally light-hearted and fun.

Title: A Thoroughly Unremarkable Day
Rating: PG
Characters: Remus, Tonks, occasional references to others, random townspeople
Excerpt: Three years of training, practice duels, rigorous testing, and lecture after lecture from Moody for this? Following a devastatingly boring man while he went about daily errands?
Summary: Tonks is rather displeased with her latest work assignment. Remus is rather certain he's being followed.

A Thoroughly Unremarkable Day, chapter one - coffee, pears and suspicions.


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drabble collection!

I decided for the sake of housekeeping to create a home for all my little homeless drabbles/short fics/not-quite-one-shots. =) Yay. It'll include my nest_of_spiders stuff in addition to.. other things! Hurrahh. The first chapter is something new, for interests' sake.

Title: Puzzle Pieces #1 - Blue Christmas
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Remus/Tonks
Word Count: 100


Now I need to actually do my homework. I'm getting bad at that. Whoops, senioritis.