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i still don't want to add her on facebook though

I. I downloaded and thoroughly enjoyed watching Much Ado About Nothing again, even if the file is the size of a small electronic child and is DRMed to all hell. I know some people had issues with the HD one and in retrospect SD may have been a better choice, but it actually downloaded quite quickly for me (under an hour, I think) and ran smoothly so yay. I would do another post because OBVIOUSLY YOU ALL CARE, but a while ago goldy_dollar asked for my Top 5 Much Ado moments so I'll probably compile that into one post, now complete with screenshots. Hurrah! Have a gif of Catherine Tate:

II. I am so mentally checked out of school already and I still have two exams left, including one tomorrow. Fffff, I just don't care anymore. On the bright side, after the exam tomorrow is the cookie exchange party, for which I made fauxkaren's cake mix cookies because I am a total baking novice. bazcat89 is probably turning away in shame at me for using a box BUT WHATEVER. Now, though, I have like 3 dozen cookies taunting me and I want to eat them but cannot. My life, guys, it's hard.

III. My mom's friend came over today and they made tea, and when I went to pour some into my amazing mug, the friend was like "OMG IS THAT THE TARDIS? I'VE BEEN WATCHING THAT SHOW SINCE IT WAS IN BLACK AND WHITE!" She went on to tell me that she wasn't enjoying Matt Smith much even though she quite liked him in other things she's seen ("RIGHT? IT'S THE WRITING," says Kali) and then stanned for Nine a bit. I was all "I saw David Tennant and Catherine Tate in a play when I went to England!" and she was all "ooohh I like him!" (to which my mom was like "yeah, so does Kali", lol ty mom). Anyway, this being North America, I found this all pretty exciting.

IV. Speaking of Doctor Who, what do people think of the "no two-parters in series 7" thing? I'm sort of stuck on "not sure if want". On one hand, there weren't really any two-parters in s6 that I liked. On the other hand, I'm not sure that a bunch of disconnected one-off episodes will just make everything feel even more unconnected and pointless than it already does.

V. GUYS, Jeff Winger on Bill Nye, omg, guys:

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icon meme and a celebration of failure

SO this morning I did something I have never done before -- dropped a course! It was Psychology of Women, which was pretty interesting, but I didn't do well on the 50% midterm and while I'm not sure about grad school yet there's no reason to have a random elective dragging down my GPA that much. It was basically the ideal drop scenario in that it was a class with a midterm and a final and nothing else, so I haven't wasted any time doing assignments that now count for nothing. In the past I assumed I would never drop a course because it would feel like FAILURE. Actually it just feels sort of like freedom. FREEDOM TO FLOUNCE FROM A BAD GRADE aww yeah.

Anyway I also did that icon meme. I hoarded icons from fauxkaren, spud14 and firstofoct.

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For an icon meme that was really long.
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i hear the nbc comedies are reruns tonight too. rude.

I. My alarm did not go off this morning. More specifically, my alarm did not go off because I set it wrong. That is the hazard of having to set your alarm for a different time every day, I guess. So I woke up at 7:45 with class (and a quiz) at 8:30. I live, like, 50ish minutes form campus. HA HA, no. I got to class with 15 minutes left to write the stupid test. Luckily (?) this didn't matter because I had no idea what any of the material was about anyway so GO TEAM RANDOMLY CIRCLING ANSWERS. For real, it was a quiz on the article we had to read for class and the article might have well been written in French for all that I took from it. That in addition to the midterm I had on Monday for which I evidently studied the wrong things, I have basically reached this point:

II. Hey, remember that time they cancelled my seminar and I went to talk to the Faculty and its president and they were all "yeah we'll get on that and let you know"? As far as I can tell they did neither of the above. So I just sent another email being like "um???" Omg just let me into one of your boring seminars so I can graduate and have an existential crisis.

III. If those first two paragraph did not give it away, I am so done with school rn. I had midterms and stuff this week and ugh, so over it tbh. BUT after today I have a week off? Because we get a week off in the fall now ever since... a student... committed suicide a couple years ago. Errrrrr. But a fall break will be nice, even if I have nothing planned and most people I am friends with don't go to my university and do not have a week off. I will probably just sit at home and watch Community and Misfits because that is how cool I am.

IV. On a similar note, Halloween is in eleven days and I have no costume planned or plans... planned. My one friend has hosted a Halloween party every year since we were like 14, but last year's ended in vomit and disaster so she is understandably reluctant. (Though, like, protip? We're all adults, we've all been drinking legally for years, have you considered NOT DRINKING SO MUCH YOU PASS OUT IN YOUR OWN VOMIT? Ugh.) One of my friends suggested "going out" but omg the only thing that appeals less to me than clubbing is clubbing surrounded by ninety Sexy Witches, Sexy Nurses and Sexy Vampires while I am dressed as a pumpkin or whatever the fuck. ...So that is the sad state of my social life rn. lol the other day my mom asked me if I talk to any of my friends anymore. THANKS, MOM.

IV. HAHA this entry turned so bitchy, that was not my intention. I'm just killing time before class at 2:30. Here is a fic rec:

Amy Pond and the Year That Never Was by snowdarkred
~2,700 words, PG-13, Amy, Rory, Martha
She keeps thinking that the Doctor will save her, he will, her raggedy Doctor, but he doesn’t. It’s just Amy and the cold sky, all alone as the human race suffers in the distance.

Does what it says on the tin, basically. I've wondered for a while about Amy in the Year That Wasn't, though admittedly I've mostly just used the opportunity to lol. But this was a good serious take on it, and I like the way the author plays with Amy Pond's magical ability to remember things other people can't.

V. Lastly, I see on the interwebs that according to DWM (lol @ them reporting on this) Much Ado About Nothing will be available on DVD for Christmas? IDK how reputable the source is but that is exciting if true. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY GIFT TO ME.

Bonus points if you read that in the correct Disney character's voice, btw.
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(much-delayed) Much Ado About Nothing review/megapost, part 2!

This post is SO LONG OVERDUE (oh god has it really been more than a month? brb weeping) but I got busy and went to Chicago and stuff. AND I HAD ALREADY WRITTEN LIKE SEVERAL HUNDRED WORDS, so I couldn't just leave it un-posted. But anyhow, here is my long-overdue review of the more important other half of Much Ado About Nothing: the bits with David Tennant and Catherine Tate!

In apologies for my TL;DR I shoved in a bunch of pretty pictures. They're all pilfered from Tumblr, so click the picture for the source. Part 1, the bit about the rest of the cast and the night we got the understudy, is over here.

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This post is already MASSIVE and I think I've basically said most of what I have to say, so I will wrap this up. The conclusion is that it is awesome and I feel very lucky to have seen it. David Tennant and Catherine Tate work wonderfully together and should be in ALL THE THINGS, and I want them to release the recorded version ASAP so I can watch it a dozen more times.

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david tennant plays a lot of douchebags (a list)

SO the other day firstofoct and I were chatting about different roles David Tennant has played (for a change) and we came to the realization that the majority of them have been assholes. And since we are super objective people, we decided to rank them in an incredibly fair and accurate manner based on how much of a douche they were. Our only rule was that the characters had to be from something we’d both seen.

For your enjoyment, here is that list.

_thirty2flavors & firstofoct present:
David Tennant Plays A Lot of Douchebags
(in order from least douchey to biggest douche)

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Much Ado About Nothing review/megapost, part 1

SO I had promised a megapost review thing about Much Ado About Nothing, and I started working on that tonight. And it is long. I told you I have a lot of feelings. So I'm gonna just go ahead and break it up. I sort of started working my way backwards, and started with "everything other than David Tennant and Catherine Tate", so that's what you're getting in this post. Probably this is the less interesting half to most people, so posting this on a Friday night seems like a fine plan. So here is my giant wordvomit, part 1:

This picture isn't actually very good but I TOOK IT MY OWN SELF which makes it special, clearly.

I ended up going to see the show thrice. Initially I had tickets to two showings, but when I got to England shinyopals was all "hey wanna try for the lottery" and naturally my response was "DOES IT NEED SAYING?" and we were lucky enough that we both got tickets to the evening show on my first full day in London. Presumably this was karmic balance for the fact that the next show, where we had shiny expensive 4th row seats, we got David Tennant's understudy, Alex Beckett. lol forever, I would. BUT I can't really complain because I did get to see it twice with everyone in their normal roles, including the final performance.

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OVERALL: I was completely and utterly dazzled and in hysterics every time and would definitely have seen it a dozen more times given the opportunity. I could try to be objective, but we all know that can't really happen. But I will say that I was already familiar with Much Ado About Nothing and had remembered it as one of my favourites of the plays we'd covered in my Elizabethan Shakespeare class, so I was well-aware of the story and its virtues and failings as well as being able to appreciate in advance the flawless casting. I had really fond memories of Beatrice and Benedick -- particularly Beatrice -- and distinctly unfavourable memories of Claudio and Hero, so I think I went in with fair expectations.

Like most of the Shakespeares I've read and then seen, seeing a good production gave me a much better appreciation for the text itself. I remember sniggering at some of the Beatrice/Benedick lines on paper back in class, but nothing brings a comedy to life like a live performance. The unfortunate side-effect is that while I'm now very very fond of Much Ado About Nothing as a play, I'm also pretty sure the definitive version has now been set in my brain and any subsequent production I watch will be at an automatic disadvantage. The only other Shakespeare comedy I've seen on stage is Twelfth Night, and it was likewise hilarious, and TBH I think I need to start going to more of them because they can be so funny. I love me some Shakespeare dramas too, but live comedy is just so great. Next on my list is Love's Labour's Lost.