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this is really just a post about icons

I am back at school ugh. I am pretty sure I had something else to say but now I cannot remember it so Collapse )

Anyway, I guess if you want me to pick six of yours you can comment and I will.

Also, what's this I hear about series 6 not starting until Easter? EASTER IS LIKE THE 24TH OF APRIL OR WHATEVER. Ugh BBC. Why are you the way that you are. How am I supposed to spend the rest of my April? STUDYING FOR EXAMS? Pshhhh.

ETA: OH I remember what I was going to post. I was going to promote d_r_meta, a ~shiny new discussion comm centered around (duh) Doctor/Rose with weekly discussion points etc. Your mods are myself, firstofoct, shinyopals, mrv3000 and fauxkaren. So if you like Doctor/Rose and also like telling the internet how right you are, you should go join.
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30 female characters meme: girlcrush edition

I. Went to a hockey game last night with my dad and goldy_dollar. It was shameful. But I am posting this anyway because when I got home and talked to bazcat89 and said ‘after the hockey game we went out for dessert’ her reply was ‘OMG YOU ACTUALLY WENT TO A HOCKEY GAME LIRL LIRL LIRL OMG’ so I guess I don’t document my hockey love enough or something? SO HERE IT IS.

It is not getting much love from me at the moment though. Omg Sens, only you would give Price a shutout.

II. lol omg:

Credit to thatgoldenrule.

Also lol, courtesy of miss_mishi but IDK who originally made it:

Doctor Who/Hyperbole & a Half OTP.

III. So, I’m pretty bored, but I don’t really have anything to post about. So I think I am going to continue that 30 Women Meme.

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this post is not about lost.

Television season finale wrap up! Whee.

Okay so I actually don't have anything to say about Modern Family. It continues to be an adorable feel-good show and that's about all.

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And since those are now over I guess I can officially move on to my summer viewing. I think I'm going to pick up Community like everyone and their mom, and bazcat89 and I have a deal to start watching Secret Diary. For the plot, obviously.

In mostly unrelated news, do any of you have a gif of Ten drowning spiderbabies? goldy_dollar and I cannot figure out why this apparently doesn't exist.