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drive-by post of "remember when online quizzes were cool?"

You are the Ninth Doctor
You are the Ninth Doctor
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You are a caring and fun loving person, but you like to keep your past to yourself. You enjoy showing off to people you think deserve it, but will belittle those you do not like. You prefer to have a small group of friends and do not really care about popularity. You are a bit rough and gritty, but keenly intelligent and sexy in a strange way. You are attracted to younger people. You have a good sense of humor, but you use it to cover up the pain you are really going through. You will sacrifice yourself to save someone you truly love, and then move to New York and become invisible.

LOL @ the end, omg.
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my artistic skills, let me show you them

After showing lacunaz these hilarious/awesome Doctor Who nesting dolls, I asked if she had seen the Children in Need bears.

lacunaz: oh yes i did see those!
lacunaz: opal linked them
lacunaz: and you said they needed more fire
_thirty2flavors: yes
_thirty2flavors: well i mean
_thirty2flavors: they have like 3 different ten ones
_thirty2flavors: but none where he is in fire
_thirty2flavors: which i think is dishonest
lacunaz: i also notice he's not crying in any of them
lacunaz: i think you should be honest in your marketing strategies, bbc
_thirty2flavors: LOL
_thirty2flavors: true
_thirty2flavors: they could kill two birds with one stone and have him crying in fire


In conclusion, Apple's Paintbrush program is actually even worse than MSPaint. How is that even possible?

Now to see if the internet has HIMYM for me yet.
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lol ty gary russell

I am "reading" the Eleven/Amy/Rory book The Glamour Chase -- and by "reading" I mean "skimming through for parts where Team TARDIS interacts because idgaf about the plot" -- LOLOLOL:

'You missed the Doctor trying to talk to a sheep,' Rory laughed.

'Really? Wow, now I bet the sheep gave as good as he got.'

Rory shrugged. 'I think they were on the same level, certainly. Intellectually as well as physically.'

'Oi. You don't know me well enough to insult me, Rory Williams.'

'You insult me all the time,' Rory protested.

'That's true, you do,' Amy nodded. 'And he's my hubbie-­to-­be, so I have to defer to him on this one or he may leave me at the altar.'

The Doctor laughed. 'If you ever get to the altar. I may just abandon you here in 1936. Yeah, bet you didn't consider that when you were thinking up new ways to insult the poor old Doctor.'

Rory was going to respond but Amy winked at him then rested her head on the Doctor's shoulder. 'Awww, is poor ickle Doctor getting picked on by the nasty humans?'

'Yes he is. I wonder why I always think Earth is my favourite planet. It's full of horrible people.' He grinned. 'But I suppose there are one or two whoare better than the rest.'

'Could be worse,' Amy said. 'Imagine if Mars was your favourite planet. No one there to travel with you.'

The Doctor's smile faltered just for a second.

'Doctor?' Rory said concerned.

'Nothing,' he said. 'Mars. Not my favourite, to be honest.'

ORLY. Whyever not, Eleven?