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fic: fresh start

Title: Fresh Start
Rating: G
Length: ~1,300
Spoilers?: Set within Journey's End
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, with hints of Donna, Martha, Mickey, Jack and Ten
Summary: On board the TARDIS, the part-human Doctor gets his first chance to talk to Rose Tyler.
Excerpt: The Doctor watched Jack and Rose hug, suddenly acutely aware that he hadn’t hugged Rose yet. He frowned. Jack Harkness hugging Rose Tyler before he did? That couldn't be right.

Author's notes: goldy_dollar posted this tiny background moment over at doctor_rose_fix and wanted someone to fic it. So... I did. And then I made her beta it, so I think I got the last laugh.

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dw :: ten :: aloha

collab fic: revisions which a minute will reverse (2/4)

Title: Revisions Which A Minute Will Reverse (2/4)
Authors: wild_sibyl & _thirty2flavors
Genre: AU, drama, angst
Spoilers: Through season 4, particularly Turn Left
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose(/Ten), Donna Noble, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Captain Jack Harkness
Summary: From a dingy hotel in Norway, the Doctor and Rose realise something has gone wrong. A timey-wimey interpretation of Turn Left.
Excerpt: “I got lost,” she says suddenly. “I fell, through the void and into a parallel world.” She leans forward in her seat to run a hand along the edge of the console, and then lets her flingers slip off the edge. “He couldn’t reach me, couldn’t come for me, and so I came to him. And then there was this war, this terrible war and everything got turned around.” Her lips twitch and she leans back against the seat, staring up into the impossibly vast ceiling. “I told him I’d stay with him forever.”

Author's notes: We say "AU", but it could maybe be canon if you disregard a line or two in JE and squint a little. The title is a line from T S Eliot's "The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock", because we're trendy like that, apparently. Much of what you recognize is borrowed from Turn Left, but this is not by any means a simple Turn Left recap. (banner by wild_sibyl)

Previous parts: One

When Rose gets back, the first thing the Doctor notices is the way her right hand trembles as it reaches up to brush back through her hair.