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montreal, game of thrones + top 5 bromances

I. I spent Canada Day with sweetcherrytree! Finally! The world did not implode in a paradox so possibly we have Steven Moffat to thank. Canada Day in Quebec is hilarious to me, because being both Ontarian and from the nation's capital I am used to UNENDING PATRIOTISM and a SEA OF RED AND WHITE but lol that is not how Quebec rolls. There were lots of bouncy castles for children (PRINCESS PALACE for girls and CREEPY MEAN DOG THING for boys, thanks world) and someone gave me a little paper flag and then Kelly and I celebrated with a Canada Day nap because it was hot as balls. There was this one point when we were waiting for the fireworks when the DJ was having technical difficulty and to pass the time he was like LET'S SING O CANADA!! and the crowd made it through one line before abandoning ship.

Kelly also provided me a Snuggie to sleep in which lol is the first time I have used a Snuggie. They are hilarious. It is like you are a sleepy wizard.

II. At Kelly's I also saw the first four episodes of Game of Thrones, and since I've come home I've caught up to episode 6. I'll probably make a more complete post when I finish the season but here are some basic thoughts. Collapse )

III. Lastly, more meme: Collapse )
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it looks like it was made by a two-year-old monkey

Wrote my last exam today! So I officially have a whole three days of "summer" before I start work on Monday, lol. Saturday is bff's going-away party because she's moving to Thailand for the summer, which kind of sucks. And then I start work like a real person. :O Scary.

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Between Michael leaving and my abrupt decision to flounce from HIMYM, my TV-watching schedule suddenly seems wide open. Hmmmm. These vacancies are hard to fill due to me indescribable but particular tastes.

At least Parks & Rec has been absolutely on point every single episode this season.
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fandom march madness: team misandry '11

OH GOD FANDOM MARCH MADNESS every year I am like "w/e I won't care this year, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME" and every year it makes me. UGH.

For the most part, I am Team Misandry '11, which is occasionally known as Team Reverse Racist Misandry '11. (If this team does not mean much to you, it was borne out of last year's attempt to get a woman to win for the first time, which led to cries of "OMG THIS IS AN ANTI-MAN CAMPAIGN". So there you have it. VOTING FOR BOOBS SINCE 2010.) So anyway, Collapse )
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two beavers are better than oneeee

I. Just watched last night's HIMYM, Collapse )

II. So a Radio Times poll named Rose as the most popular companion. That sound you hear is a thousand fanboys crying, but basically:

Naturally the first comment on the doctorwho post was "IF ROSE WON I'LL PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE". Hahahaha. W/e, haters gonna hate, etc. The remaining top 5 were Sarah Jane, Donna, K-9 (wtf) and Amy, in that order. Martha Jones was 11th which I find upsetting, though replace K-9 with Martha and the top 5 is good by me. Full results (all 40-something) are here if anyone cares and hasn't seen it yet.

III. Speaking of Amy Pond, Karen Gillan is going to be in some hilarious Shakespeare teen movie with some guy from Misfits and Dana Scully:

The actress has been cast as a New Jersey high-schooler who gets sent back in time to 13th century Verona and finds herself trapped in Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet.

Gillian Anderson will play Gillan's mother and a nurse in Verona, while Misfits actor Robert Sheehan is the school nerd who becomes Brittney's Romeo.

NGL my primary questions right now are a) does that mean she is done after s6? and b) but how does her accent compare to David Tennant's? shinyopals, clearly the time is ripe for our movie.

I will say though that I always sort of laugh when people are morally outraged by Shakespeare adaptations like this. I'm not saying this movie is necessarily going to be any good, but if he is rolling in his grave it is with laughter and not outrage.

IV. Aaaand rounding things off with a meme:

Give me a character/pairing from a fandom and I'll tell you
* why I love them
* my favourite moment
* my favourite quote
* my select song for this character/pairing (lol pre-emptively reserving the right to skip this one)
* my head canon for this character/pairing
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30 female characters meme: neurotic sitcom blondes

I. The library had none of the books I was looking for when I went on Saturday, so I declared F THIS and decided to reread Deathly Hallows, since it's the only HP book I've only read once and that was three years ago (!!!! three years ago holy f). I'm only on like chapter 5 but a) while lamenting her death, Harry thinks of Hedwig as "his companion", so I think it is safe to say Ten cried there, and b) LOL man I forgot what a tightly-wound ball of crazy Lupin is in this book. He's like two seconds away from genociding Aragog's babies and calling himself the werewolf victorious. Is part of my disdain for Doctor/Rose babyfic subliminal Remus/Tonks scarring? Maybe.

II. I don't know if anyone on my flist still uses the Cyrillic services on LJ to get the old LJ homepage, but if you do, and you wanna get rid of the godawful "lj times" thing, here's a Greasemonkey script to kill it.

III. I really liked HIMYM last night. Do mine eyes deceive me or did we get something resembling a 3-D Barney rather than the usual cardboard cut-out? More of that, please, show. I know you won’t deliver, but at least until next Monday I can live in hope.

IV. I started doing that song/poem meme but iTunes was giving me such an unfunny collection of songs that I gave up. Instead, onwards with moar of the 30 female characters meme!

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this post is not about lost.

Television season finale wrap up! Whee.

Okay so I actually don't have anything to say about Modern Family. It continues to be an adorable feel-good show and that's about all.

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Collapse )

And since those are now over I guess I can officially move on to my summer viewing. I think I'm going to pick up Community like everyone and their mom, and bazcat89 and I have a deal to start watching Secret Diary. For the plot, obviously.

In mostly unrelated news, do any of you have a gif of Ten drowning spiderbabies? goldy_dollar and I cannot figure out why this apparently doesn't exist.
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this post is mostly about doctor who. universal order has been restored.

1. My dad is in Sweden on business right now. His email on the matter says, "Everyone speaks english here & landscape looks a lot like Canada." DON'T MAKE IT SOUND SO EXOTIC, DAD.

Who am I kidding, I am totally jealous. I even sent hysteriagalore a stupid email that was like "HEY WE HAVE SOME OF UR MONEYZ LOLOL SO COOL LOL~" and I assume she turned away in shame.

2. Collapse )

3. So shinyopals mentioned that in one of the Doctor Who comics or something there's a bit where Donna leaves a video goodbye for Ten. Upon learning this my reaction was a mix of glee and outrage at HOW DARE THIS EXIST WITHOUT ANYONE TELLING ME UNTIL NOW! Anyway the scans are huge so I didn't want to look at work, but I got all excited by this tidbit and started planning a fic on the bus home and everything... only to actually look at the scans and learn they are basically the animated version of my fic. So... humph. Fine then, comic book person, be that way, I guess I won't infringe copyrights tonight.

4. Matt Smith is officially hilarious, which moves him up a lot in my estimations, though to be fair he was never particularly low. How can you resent a man who loves Mini Eggs, I ask you. I am getting more and more impatient for s5 to just start already. COME ON.

5. Most of you have probably seen this already but for the few who may not have and will appreciate it: lol 80s David Tennant lol
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this is chelle's fault

All the cool kids are doing it. afterthree's attempt to start a meme!:

We all watch different shows, even when we watch the same ones. What shows within shows have you watched?

Doctor Who, primarily, was the The Universe Punches Ten in the Grief Bone show, but I was admittedly also invested in the omg Guys, The Doctor and Rose Are TOTALLY OTP YOU GUYS show and after season 4 there was a strong undercurrent of Everything Needs Moar Donna Noble.

Torchwood was mostly Toshiko Sato Should Totally Blow This Popstand and Be a Companion Instead, as well as How Do I Loathe Chris Chibnall? Let Me Count the Ways. For that reason when Children of Earth aired it was This is Good, This Can't Be Torchwood with some Yes, But What About Martha Jones?

Scrubs was always Dr Cox: Like Dr House, Except I Don't Hate His Show, and later came to be Like Grey's Anatomy, But Good.

The Office started out as Jim and Pam Warm the Cockles of Kali's Frozen Heart, but recently it's become Kelly and Erin Should Be in Everything Always. As well as Creed is Totally the Thirteenth Doctor. (Whatever, guys, johnmayergirl23 and bazcat89 are watching that show too.)

When I first started watching HIMYM it was This Isn't As Good As Everyone Said But At Least There Are Canada Jokes!, and then somewhere around season 3-4 it became Marshall is Awesome, and Hey, I Can Quote This Obnoxiously in Real Life! (And There Are Still Canada Jokes!) Unfortunately lately it's been more like Remember When I Liked Barney and This Show Had Character Development? (...But At Least There Are Still Canada Jokes).