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i mean it's the titanic sinking how do you make that boring

Oh, look who the new companion's date to the ~TITANIC 3D~ premiere was:


In almost-related news, we watched the first episode of the Titanic miniseries by the Downton Abbey guy that she's in, and... good lord I did not realize the Titanic sinking could be SO BORING. My god was there ever a lot of bad American accents and underdeveloped rich people whining about being rich, followed by very leisurely ambling in the general direction of life boats. I spent most of the episode going "SINK FASTER, DUMB BOAT".

I also cannot comment on Miss Coleman because she had approximately 4 lines in the first episode, although tbf they were the four lines that interested me most merely because she was speaking them. Supposedly every episode will follow the same period of time but with different characters? Which is fine because I have no desire to see most of them again. I don't know if that means the people who were in the background, like Jenna Coleman, will be mains in other episodes, or if this exciting 4 minutes of screentime was indeed the entirety her post-announcement debut.

On the subject of Doctor Who actresses, this happened:

Karen Gillan remains 2 good 4 this show tbqh and I still want to be her BFF. We could watch Community and Summer Heights High and fluffy s2 episodes together, it would be excellent.

This post has mostly been an excuse to waste 600 seconds while waiting for Fileserve to let me back in. RIP, Megaupload.
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posting at 2am LIKE A BOSS

I. Oh look, a Game of Thrones trailer:

You may remember that I have a weird and somewhat tumultuous relationship with the GOT/ASOIAF franchise and I am not super eager to once again enter the realm of "well I really like this show but I don't give a shit about the novels but everyone who watches this show has read the books and spoilers blargh", and generally I've been pretty ambivalent to s2, but I quite liked this trailer. I'm not sure if it's better or worse for me, as someone with genuinely 0 idea what's happening or could be happening in any of the clips. I should probably rewatch s1 to refresh myself on who... everyone is. And to refamiliarize myself with the terminology.

II. In continuing 'project watch all the things', we've somehow landed on Marchlands, which is a miniseries from (I think) 2010-ish, or maybe 2011, with Alex Kingston (and Sydney Wade since she is apparently the only working child actress in Britain). The basic premise is that it follows three different families living in the same house, in the 60s, 80s and 2010 respectively. The daughter in the 60s family dies in ~mysterious circumstances and ghostly shenanigans happen in the 80s and 2010. We're only on episode 2 out of... 5? but it's quite good so far, I'd recommend it. ALSO Alex Kingston is delightful! She is the favourite of all of us. And Sydney Wade plays her daughter, Amy, lolololol.

III. I'm reading A Journal of the Plague Year because I have to present a seminar on it next week, and I've had fucked-up plague dreams for like two consecutive nights. Not even nightmares, because I don't wake up distressed or anything, just... highly theatrical plague-inspired dreams. I think last night's also featured the cast of Survivors.
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yeahhhhhhhh no

SO because the internet sucks I think I just got quite spoiled for Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire, and basically

WELL that was an exciting brief interest in a new fandom. I am glad I now own a boxset of books I don't really want to read. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME. Looking @ u, LOTR.

ETA: Yeah for the record it was none of you guys, it wasn't even on LJ, so this isn't like, passive-aggressively calling any of you out, it is just me being flouncey.
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montreal again! and some other stuff

I. I am back from Montreal! I spent the weekend with goldy_dollar and we went to ~the planetarium~ because we're 5 year olds and then we saw a Just for Laughs thing with kazutakia. The comedian we saw was a woman named DeAnne Smith and she was actually quite hysterical, which was awesome since with smaller-named comedians it can be hit or miss. She's got a YouTube channel which I haven't fully perused yet but the set she did on Saturday was very funny. Anyway, I haven't had my laptop with me for the last couple days so I'm behind on The Internets and stuff, let me know if I missed anything particularly important.

II. So there's a new Doctor Who trailer that I cannot embed because YouTube won't let you embed anything anymore even though embedding was like 75% of what YouTube had going for it. Collapse )

III. Speaking of, today is the 24th which means I leave in a month! That is exciting but means there are also lots of things I need to start doing in preparation. Like... buying shoes that are actually comfortable for extended periods of time. Hmmm.

IV. Also, we watched Torchwood on Saturday. I don't remember that much so I don't have much to say except Collapse )

V. Lastly, in lieu of bringing my computer I brought A Clash of Kings so now I'm on page 150 which is nothing because this book is monstrous. Collapse )
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mostly game of thrones tbh

I. Omg, summer is flying by. It is already the 14th of July! (Happy...? Bastille Day fyi.) Basically I imagine the rest of the term will be over in no time. This weekend is Harry Potter, then a waterpark on Sunday (and it's going to be hot as balls and I am already fearing for my poor, pale skin tbh) and then two weeks later I have another long weekend (lol ty Not Jean Baptiste Day) and then it is AUGUST and I leave on the 24th and life is good, basically.

II. Except that there is a LUDICROUS amount of mosquitos in my area right now. Wtf? I mean, like, literally as soon as you step out the door two or three follow you. IMMEDIATELY. Like they have been waiting. Ughhh it's disgusting and creepy. I got bit on the face waiting for the bus this morning. The other worst thing about bugs is that while I stand waiting for the bus and flail around because mosquitos are everywhere, everyone else seems to either not care or not notice. It's like when it's 45 degrees with humidex and I am the only one red-faced and sweaty. I don't understaaaand.

III. But mostly this post exists because I finished Game of Thrones last night. Collapse )

I think that's... it? I don't know, a lot of stuff happened but I forget lots of it now. I guess up next I get to debate whether I want to read the books or not. To be honest, my default opinion is "not" and I think if it weren't for the possibility of stumbling across spoilers I would stick with "not" -- I imagine I would enjoy season 2 more without knowing everything that's going to happen.

But the probability of getting to next summer without finding out everything that's going to happen one way or another isn't very high, and I guess it's better to read it in book-form than in LJ-comment form. I dunno. I might put it off for as long as I can, though. I'm not truthfully that interested in the books, in part because of the fanfic shenanigans; every time I find out about an author whose stuff I haven't read going on about how fanfic is TERRIBLE NO GOOD AND WRONG I add them to this mental list of "lol nevermind" because I find that attitude so obnoxious, and Martin has been on that list for years. And I hear he has an lj? LOL great, everything I want in a fandom.

I went looking for icons and in my brief cursory venture I found a billion of Daenerys and Jon and like 3 of anyone else. Predictable but boring, internet. I like Daenerys a lot but Jon and his pout are boring. Needs moar Arya and Tyrion tbh.
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montreal, game of thrones + top 5 bromances

I. I spent Canada Day with sweetcherrytree! Finally! The world did not implode in a paradox so possibly we have Steven Moffat to thank. Canada Day in Quebec is hilarious to me, because being both Ontarian and from the nation's capital I am used to UNENDING PATRIOTISM and a SEA OF RED AND WHITE but lol that is not how Quebec rolls. There were lots of bouncy castles for children (PRINCESS PALACE for girls and CREEPY MEAN DOG THING for boys, thanks world) and someone gave me a little paper flag and then Kelly and I celebrated with a Canada Day nap because it was hot as balls. There was this one point when we were waiting for the fireworks when the DJ was having technical difficulty and to pass the time he was like LET'S SING O CANADA!! and the crowd made it through one line before abandoning ship.

Kelly also provided me a Snuggie to sleep in which lol is the first time I have used a Snuggie. They are hilarious. It is like you are a sleepy wizard.

II. At Kelly's I also saw the first four episodes of Game of Thrones, and since I've come home I've caught up to episode 6. I'll probably make a more complete post when I finish the season but here are some basic thoughts. Collapse )

III. Lastly, more meme: Collapse )