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wish I could tag people on lj ROOMIES ASSEMBLE

I haven't really been following all this FF.net wank because I haven't used FF.net in years, but it is CRACKING ME UP because what I understand is:

  • FF.net recently changed their TOS
  • And have been deleting fics that violate this new feature
  • Authors of deleted fics are very upset because they've lost their fics/reviews/whatever
  • So are their fans
  • Meanwhile another group has taken it upon themselves to CRUSADE on behalf of FF.net and are reporting fics that violate the new TOS to FF.net to have them deleted
  • Another group is counter-angry at these guys
  • People flouncing from FF.net


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a topic everyone cares about at 1am

I miss writing fic. I realize it is not very productive to say that and then do nothing about it, but it's true. I have ideas that float around in my head for days but I never sit down to write them, even though it's not like I'm doing something more productive. I think part of the problem is that most of the ideas I have these days are longer than the average one-shot, which makes me intimidated before I start so I don't even bother. I got very used to being able to shunt a fic off to Frances when I was frustrated with a scene, lirl.

I also wish ficathons -- specifically comment ficathons but even more generally -- were still a thing, but they seem to have been largely wiped out by Tumblr. I've seen a couple comment ficathons recently, but they're nowhere near as populated as they were two years ago and most of the fandoms/prompts were for things I don't read/write fic for anyway.

There's no real point to this post other than to whine about it I guess. IT IS NO ONE'S FAULT BUT MY OWN, though I do wish I had pages of prompts to scroll through and then get frustrated over not writing lol. I am also sure it is no coincidence that I suddenly miss fic writing when I have an essay to be writing. ISN'T THAT ALWAYS THE WAY?

I guess the moral of this post is, are there any active ficathons right now? Or even fic memes more exciting than "give me a prompt"? Hmmm.
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"what is that noise?" "oh, just your wife killing herself."

I. I saw two plays in the last two days! Sometimes I watch things even though there are no Doctor Who cast in it, I swear. The first was a romcom called Salt Water Moon and is by some "famous" Canadian playwright. I guess I shouldn't put quotations around famous, given that I can name like, 3 playwrights and two of them have been dead for like four hundred years, so maybe he is famous I guess. Anyway, it was a two-person show about two Newfoundlanders in love~ in the 1920s. They both tried to do the Newfoundland accent, which LOL. It started off slow but I got into it as it picked up. At one point the guy is attempting to make the girl jealous by boasting about all the girls he's dated since her, and she doesn't believe him and is all "PFT YEAH RIGHT WHAT ARE THERE NAMES?" and he's like "HER NAME WAS ROSE" and I loled louder than anyone else and for different reasons.

The second was ~the Scottish Play~ at the other university in town. It was... what you would expect from a college Shakespeare production, with varying degrees of talent within the cast. Macbeth himself was easily the best (and pretty attractive ngl). Lady Macbeth was decent. MacDuff was pretty good. Everyone else... lol. Essentially there was a lot more laughing than one can usually expect from a performance of Macbeth. On the bright side, none of them tried Scottish accents, which I am counting as a win.

II. The friend I saw Macbeth with is one of my few non-internet friends who watches Doctor Who, and hanging out with her is always great because she validates my fandom opinions even though she's not in fandom. We had an animated discussion over dinner about how nonsensical 6x13 was, probably to the wonderment of everyone else at the Quiznos.

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IV. I have to write a children's story for my Children's Lit class. On one hand this is exciting, because it'll be the most creative writing I've ever done for my university degree. On the other hand, jfc I can barely write fic anymore, let alone something original, so AHHHHHHHH. I keep waiting for some kind of magical inspiration to strike. It has not.

I miss writing, though. SO I AM GOING TO DO ONE OF THOSE PROMPT MEMES. Except that like I don't actually know any so I'm just going to make some up. Isn't one of them, like, give me the title of a fic and the pairings/characters and I will write a sample of it? SURE, TRY THAT. Or just give me a standard prompt or quote or whatever IDK, just try and give me ideas and I will try and write something. You all know what I am and am not likely to write so no Michelle this will probably not be the day you convince me to write Ianto/Sherlock.

V. Lastly, ALL THAT SOCIALIZING + a Halloween party tomorrow means I'm probably just going to sit home tonight and watch TV. Fuck yeah. On my list are Midnight and Waters of Mars so if anyone wants in on that action let me know.

Anyway, have a gif from the best deleted scene ever:

lol Ten and Martha
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this is the best show i've ever seen in my entire life.

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II. I saw Lion King in 3D tonight and it was fucking awesome.

III. I'm actually writing a fic! And by "writing" I mean "slowly over the last twelve months I've hacked away at it and might be nearing the end". That makes it sound really epic, but it'll probably be like two thousand word. ANYWAY, I am mentioning this because at some point I am going to need a beta who is familiar with SJA and/or Classic Who -- I guess basically just familiar with Sarah Jane outside the context of those couple New Who episodes she's been on (which I have seen). I haven't written much Sarah Jane before and I want to get her right or at least in the general vicinity of right. Any takers? It's not done yet but hopefully in the next day or two, and as I said it won't be much longer than 2000 words.
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posting a lot lately LIKE A BOSS

I. Hannah and I just watched "Dalek". That is such a great episode. Eccleston absolutely kills that first scene with the Dalek. Also, even though I'm in camp "the Daleks haven't been scary since season 1 so what's the harm in making them hilarious?", watching this made me resent the skittleDaleks and their un-threateningly deep voices. Ye olde shrieky Dalek voice was better. Lastly, I feel a bit mean, but I have never really understood the classification of Adam as a "pretty boy" both by Nine and by fandom. He seems more like... um... "relatively unremarkable nerd guy" at best. Who turns out to be a douche.

II. WHY CAN I NOT WRITE ANYMORE FUUUUUU omfg this is the most frustrating thing ever, I am so ready to hurl my computer and/or this fic into the Rift/the Void/the series 5 crack. I stared at a Google Doc all day and by the end of it I was just ready to be like

III. This video is hilarious though. I forgive some of the amateurish editing because Ten/Rose + Flight of the Conchords is all I want from life:

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this post is about fanfiction

Since I recently complained about this topic, I feel like I must share this fic as evidence that, actually, not everyone is a douche:

The only flower by the river is the rose by dqbunny, PG13, Ten/Rose, Eleven/River
In a bazaar on a far-away asteroid, two women find themselves browsing for ship parts.


No but seriously, the fic is cute and fair to both relationships and women and the world needs more of Rose and River not being in competition, so go forth and enjoy.

While I'm rec'ing stuff, sweet_anise wrote me Impossible for one of my prompts at the Fixathon. It features everyone's favourite, End of Time!Ten.

Speaking of fic, I have been trying to finish Identity Theft all day and have written about 150 words. Whyyyy is this so hard, omg.
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happy new year!

So 2010 is almost over! I ...can't decide if I liked it or not. I'll have to think on it. I spent last night watching Lost in Austen with my friends, and while I was pretty severely unimpressed with it I did enjoy playing a good round of Doctor Who Bingo. (River Song, Adelaide Brooke, Tish Jones and Nancy from TEC/TDD ftw!) To the ending, though, I say, "LOL R U SRS". Frankly I think the show should've followed Lizzie Bennet, because she was obviously having a grand old time.

I'm going to do that fic meme everyone else has done. Collapse )

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Anyway, hope you have a good new year's eve, whatever you're doing. Here is an adorable video someone posted on Facebook with bonus surprise lulz:

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WIP meme and some book stuff

On Tuesday my friend and I went to a book signing with Sara Gruen. If you are saying "who is Sara Gruen", you have exactly the reaction I had when my friend asked me to go. Her most famous book is Water for Elephants, which I have heard of but never read. I went anyway, and it was the first book signing I've been to, and it was sort of neat I guess. She was there promoting her new book Ape House, which I bought to get signed without knowing anything about it. She seemed like a nice lady, and she gave one fan a hug which was cute, but her pitch for the book went something like this:

AUTHOR: WELL It is all inspired by this research facility in Somewhere USA, which is testing the linguistic capabilities of bonobo apes, and I had to take some linguistics courses at York University and everything before they let me go and it was really fascinating blah blah


AUTHOR: It also explores the crazy way our society treats celebrities, especially those famous for nothing other than being famous.


AUTHOR: Anyway in the book the talking apes get a reality tv show.


So... we'll see how that goes. David Sedaris is coming here in a couple weeks though and I would like to go to that, since I have... read his books and everything.

Anyway, here's that WIP meme. I am using the phrase "in progress" loosely, and one of them (surprise!) is a collab with goldy_dollar.

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donna rec! ilu donna

Teaspoon brings me strange and terrible things most of the time, and then, occasionally, I stumble across something I actually like.

...And promptly track it down on livejournal because lol Teaspoon.

So -- a fic rec!

Handyman by plutokitty
G, Donna/Shaun, post-EOT, ~5,000 words
Donna's begun having terrible headaches, and Shaun struggles to help her. Sometimes he blames the money, the lottery ticket that came from "Donna's father" that Wilf and Sylvia couldn't even properly lie about. It wasn't till after the money that Donna started having these fits, after all.

You should read it because: It is awesome. I am a very picky connoisseur of Donna fic so obviously my taste is tantamount. No, I kid. But this fic is really good -- Shaun is very well fleshed out, and his relationship with Donna is sweet and loving, and poor metacrisis-ed Donna is well imagined and still very Donna. It's also not as bleak as the summary and the excerpt I chose make it sound, I promise. I would like to imagine something like this for Donna after s4.