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once more with feeling!

I LOVE Leslie and she'll probably win this and that's fine, she is very deserving even if she has ruined my bracket entirely.

But I love Donna a little bit more and it deserves to be... not a landslide, so vote for Donna if you are so inclined.

And then maybe tomorrow I will return to regular posts.
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just another day and then it's over gang! and i might post about my actual life!

There's like an hour and a half-ish until polls close and I don't really have TOO much of a stake because I do love both characters buuuuuuuut

Because the Leslie stans have been trying SO HARD and run a mostly really positive and clean campaign, and Hermione's had a couple comments here or there but is mostly coasting by on nostalgia. And y'know, I love Hermione/HP/JKR, but it'll just be more fun next round if it's Donna vs Leslie because the Leslie fans are great. And it can turn into a get-Catherine-on-Parks campaign.

So that is my advice.
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not that i'm encouraging vote switching... but i totally am a little

OKAY GUYS. I posted this as a comment in the campaign page but it's over 5k so there's captcha so the only reply I got (BEFORE I COULD FIX MY GIF OR COPY THE HTML UGH) was someone going "vote trade for Dean!" which ugh. Anyway, I know I've been campaigning non-stop for my bb Donna and I am very happy that it looks like she'll win BUT in the meantime I am disappointed that Dr Martha Jones has slipped from third place to 6th. That is criminal, so I'm just going to take this opportunity to talk about how fucking awesome Martha is. I'm not filtering it because even if you don't like FMM well here is a post about Martha:

I don't want to be just a passenger anymore.

Martha Jones is a flawless individual with remarkable inner strength. Martha walked the entire earth alone for a year with the people she loved at the mercy of a madman because it was what she needed to do to save the world. Martha has the patience of a saint. She spends so much time taking care of other people that sometimes she forgets to take care of herself, but throughout the course of series 3 she learns that it's okay to be a bit selfish sometimes and do what she needs to do for her. She put up with being treated as second-best until she realized that hey, actually, she's Martha fucking Jones and she's amazing, and at that point she had the strength to say "thanks but no" and walk away with her head held high. She's the only New Who companion who's walked out of the TARDIS on her own terms, in her own time, for her reasons, and while I love the others, there's something to be said for that.

One time, Martha met Shakespeare at the Globe, and he told her she was pretty.


Martha spends all of s3 being underappreciated and undervalued by the Doctor and the fact that this trend continues into fandom makes me sad.

THINGS MARTHA JONES IS NOT AND NEVER WAS: "needy", "whiny", "useless", "slutty" (hey fandom? fuck you btw)

THINGS MARTHA JONES IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN: intelligent ("they're not exactly air-tight -- if the air was gonna be sucked out, it would've been already"), brave ("we might die." / "we might not."), caring (she's a doctor!), resourceful (lightning rod at the last second?), patient (who else would've put up with Ten in s3 lbr), snarky ("and then I could get sectioned!"), nerdy (EXPELLIARMUS IN A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION NEED I SAY MORE, one of us one of us), practically perfect in every way

Finally, this is how Martha Jones responds to meeting the woman she spent over a year being compared to and feeling less-than:


Not "UGH, YOU". Not quiet jealousy. Just class and happiness for them.


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all the cool kids were making this post so I figured I would

SO Fandom March Madness starts on Monday. If you are unfamiliar, f_march_madness is an annual popularity contest that pits fandom against fandom/character against character. And it is SRS GODDAMN BUSINESS.

Oh, FMM. I wish I knew how to quit you. But since I don't and come Monday I will inevitably be over-invested and obsessed, here is my post warning you of this impending occurrence.

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I also have a filter I use for FMM posts, so if you want in on my rage-y gif-filled rants about why everyone's favourite character is shitty, I can add you to that. But I generally try to keep it a like-minded filter just 'cause there's no sense generating lasting resentment over FMM, so if you're like... Team Sherlock FTW, you probably shouldn't be on this filter. I might make more neutral campaign posts off filter but I usually try to cut those. IDK though, when the fever of competition is in my blood I cannot be held accountable for my actions.