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I haven't really been following all this FF.net wank because I haven't used FF.net in years, but it is CRACKING ME UP because what I understand is:

  • FF.net recently changed their TOS
  • And have been deleting fics that violate this new feature
  • Authors of deleted fics are very upset because they've lost their fics/reviews/whatever
  • So are their fans
  • Meanwhile another group has taken it upon themselves to CRUSADE on behalf of FF.net and are reporting fics that violate the new TOS to FF.net to have them deleted
  • Another group is counter-angry at these guys
  • People flouncing from FF.net




You can only have one OTP per fandom. (eg. If you OTP Ron/Hermione you can only "ship" Harry/Ginny, not OTP them.)
You can only have one OTP per character. (eg. Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione can both be OTPs, but Ron/Hermione and Ron/Luna cannot.)
OTP just means something you ship really hard, regardless of overlap or conflict or number. (eg. Ron/Hermione and Ron/Luna OTP!)
You can only have one OTP at all. (eg. RON/HERMIONE OR BUST)
Something else elaborate to be explained in the comments.

What if you have a dumb fandom ike Doctor Who with multiple "eras"?

You can only have one OTP per character. (eg. Ten/Rose and Martha/Mickey can both be OTPs))
You can only have one OTP per era. (eg. Ten/Rose and Amy/Rory can both be OTPs, but not Amy/Rory and Eleven/River.)
You can only have one OTP for the fandom. (eg. DOCTOR/ROSE OR BUST)
You can have as many OTPs as you want. OTP ALL the things!
Something else elaborate to be explained in the comments.
07 September 2011 @ 09:49 am
I am back and alive and totally not going to class today, har har. So I'll probably start uploading photos and make a post about my trip (and by 'post about my trip' I mean 'a post with one paragraph on the old stuff I looked at and ten paragraphs on my feeeeeeelings about Much Ado') later today, but in the meantime, some promotion:

You sign up for one of the much-maligned ladies of fandom and for a week you make a daily post about her. Up to 5 people can sign up for a character in each language, so go forth! I signed up for Martha Jones, because with fauxkaren and goldy_dollar you guys should be covered for your Rose Tyler love. (Won't even lie, though, this is probably the first time I've been sad that Donna doesn't get more fandom hate, because I could probably write sonnets about Catherine Tate at the moment.)
Okay I am finally done blabbing about my s3 rewatch with this post, hurrahhhh.

The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords: Oh, this finale. I like it, more or less, and a lot more than most of the fandom, but it's definitely... ...you definitely need a high tolerance for RTD's particular brand of crack and WTFery. I happen to be almost immune to RTD's particular brand of crack and WTFery, but I guess lots of people are not.

This is pretty long. Basically it turns into a love letter to Martha Jones tbh.Collapse )
Stolen from basically everyone at this point, the ~2010 fandom meme~

1. Your main fandom of the year: Doctor Who. SURPRISE.

2. Your favorite film this year: Toy Story 3, tbqh. Everything else I basically just moderately enjoyed. Toy Story 3 made me cry like three times.

3. Your favorite book this year: Ummm the Pullman books, I don't know which one in particular. Pullman is sort of an interesting writer and I think I enjoyed his stuff more now than I would have as a kid, I think I would have found it boring as a kid. But as a ~scholar of English literature~ I enjoyed the ideas/etc. I liked Tiger in the Well a lot even if it was OOTP-levels of frustrating to read. HDM was good too.

4. Your favorite album or song this year: The "Lungs" album by Florence + the Machine. Pretty much every song on there was my favourite song for a portion of this year. Right now I am rocking out to Howl.

I bet it is on a billion Rose Tyler fanmixes and if it is not it should be.

5. Your favorite TV show this year: Well this kind of goes along with my favourite fandom, doesn't it. But in terms of shows I ~discovered~ this year hmmm, probably Community. It is like a comedy tailor-made for me! I also really liked Secret Diary and Misfits, though. So 3/4 for you, Britain.

6. Your favorite LJ community this year: Is it bad to just say a bunch of comms I mod? OH WELL. starwhales is fab.

7. Your best new fandom discovery of the year: lol I don't even know what this means. I didn't really... discover a new fandom? I... am glad I started watching Community/Secret Diary/Misfits?

8. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year: Omg both HIMYM and The Office were so bad at the beginning of this year/the end of their last season. They've both sort of picked themselves up again in the subsequent seasons, but still. Turning away in shame.

9. Your TV boyfriend of the year:

10. Your TV girlfriend of the year: I guess this is supposed to be a character from 2010 eh? Or from a show I watched in 2010? W/e I will go with Hannah Baxter. She is self-described as not a very good girlfriend but I am sure we can work something out.

When does this show come back? That must be soon right? Yess.

11. Your biggest squee moment of the year: LOL probably watching EOT on New Year's. That totally counts for all of 2010 okay.

12. Your most missed old fandom: lol I only have one old fandom. BUT I was feeling pretty nostalgic for Harry Potter this summer, while reading MRHP. I reread Deathly Hallows and read a Lily/James fic yesterday and everything. My love for Harry Potter is ancient and forever.

13. Your fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to? I am not really eying any fandom with interest. I am waiting for Katniss Everdeen to be cast so I can nom popcorn gifs and watch the wank like I did back in the day with Robert Pattinson? I might watch the rest of Vampire Diaries so I know what everyone is talking about but I sense it will be another Merlin for me. I have also given passing consideration to Being Human anddd... I'm pretty sure there was another show but it's since slipped my mind.

14. Your biggest anticipation of the New Year: I am always excited for more Doctor Who. Also Secret Diary (though omg no Bambi, crying forever) and I guess Misfits when it finally returns in a year f u Britain.

WELL that was fun.