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I will post about my trip soon probably. Also probably my questionable future and such. In the meantime, have this post:

Today I went downtown to hang out with lacunaz for like 45 minutes which was great fun. Eden marks the fourth new LJ person I've met in the last two weeks. (SORRY EDEN YOU ARE THE LATEST IN A LONG LINE.) Then I went out for coffee with Frances which turned into an entire day-long event, because clearly we haven't spent enough time together recently. (During this we did a headcount, and I've now met 20 internet people, I think. THAT IS QUITE A LOT.)

We watched some of s3 Community since she is behind, which brings me to my main point: OMG I AM SO UPSET ABOUT THE DAN HARMON THING. I CAN'T BRING MYSELF TO WATCH THE S3 FINALE EVEN THOUGH I DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED BECAUSE I AM SO CRUSHED BY THE IDEA OF IT BEING THE LAST 3 GOOD/REAL EPISODES OF COMMUNITY. UGHHHHHH. At least if NBC had cancelled it they would be the last 3 for real. Now we are going to have a fourth season that will in all likelihood be BS, and even if by some miracle it's better than I anticipate it will never feel like the "real" fourth season of Community. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ugh I am so distressed. NBC, what have you done. I will allow this gifset to illustrate my feelings:

Ugh why do my favourite shows always die painful, new-showrunner-related deaths ugh
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After showing lacunaz these hilarious/awesome Doctor Who nesting dolls, I asked if she had seen the Children in Need bears.

lacunaz: oh yes i did see those!
lacunaz: opal linked them
lacunaz: and you said they needed more fire
_thirty2flavors: yes
_thirty2flavors: well i mean
_thirty2flavors: they have like 3 different ten ones
_thirty2flavors: but none where he is in fire
_thirty2flavors: which i think is dishonest
lacunaz: i also notice he's not crying in any of them
lacunaz: i think you should be honest in your marketing strategies, bbc
_thirty2flavors: LOL
_thirty2flavors: true
_thirty2flavors: they could kill two birds with one stone and have him crying in fire


In conclusion, Apple's Paintbrush program is actually even worse than MSPaint. How is that even possible?

Now to see if the internet has HIMYM for me yet.