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oh and happy halloween i guess

I see Livejournal is messing with stuff again. I haven't had the option to try the new friends page and I don't particularly want it, but I'm sure it'll be foisted on me soon. Along with ads, apparently? My paid account doesn't expire until next September, which is beyond the point they're apparently planning to "take away" paid accounts, so... I don't know. I do know most of my icon packages are expiring later this month, I think, and I haven't really decided what to do. On one hand, BUT I'VE SPENT SO LONG COLLECTING SO MANY NICE ICONS. On the other hand, my flist is a ghost town, it's only getting worse, and if LJ really is taking away paid features and all this other stuff I don't really know if I will need or want the privilege of 200+ jpgs on this site. I dunno. It's not like I have much disposable income with my ~funemployment~ right now.

Livejournal, you make me sad. I don't want you to die. I like to have discussions that aren't in reblog format. WHAT IF I EVER WRITE FIC AGAIN? WHERE WILL I POST IT? Boooooo.

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I never posted about last week's TV but I liked all of it especially Elementary which was fab and my favourite episode yet hooray.

Did anyone but me, Tay and Hannah bother watching the s4 premiere of Misfits? I have a lot of thoughts but I'm not sure I want to type them all out for an audience of 0. Collapse )
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hogwarts believes in segregation!

OBLIGATORY DREAMWIDTH MENTION: So I have one. I am "thirty2flavors" there, same as here sans one underscore. I have no plans to use it for just about anything except in the unlikely event that lj gets eaten by angry Russians. My complaints so far are that their Diversity Statement sounds a bit too much like some kind of political campaign, especially when I can read between the lines and know that what they really mean is if you pay them they will host your porn. Um, hurrah. Also, its design is inelegant.

But now we are protected from crazy Russians, I guess. I'd offer my invite codes to anyone who wanted them but I don't think I've got any.

In other news, it's been too long since I've asked you an inane question. So, POLL TIME. (Admit it, you love polls. Everyone loves clicking buttons.)

This poll is mostly inspired by flowrs4ophelia's very similar post. Apparently hogwarts_elite doesn't take kindly to fictional applicants (WHO KNEW?) so we will just have to do the leg-work ourselves.

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I was going to include other fandoms, but coming up wiht reasons for all those options took way too long. So you get my standard fare.

ETA -- The fabulous bazcat89 has produced an Office version of this poll, so go vote.