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new collaboration: crossing the t's

Title: Crossing the T's
Authors: Me (_thirty2flavors) and latine (Sharon).
Rating: Probably nothing more than G for now, though I'm thinking it may rise to PG-13.
Genre: Romance/Humour. (I return to my roots? Or something.)
Characters: Dorea Black & Charlus Potter, along with a whole host of original characters, overlooked canon characters, and characters you know and love before you know and love them.
Excerpt: I am trying and will continue trying my best to get along with you, but do believe me when I tell you that when these six months are over, you and I are done with. No hard feelings.
Summary: In the 1930s, Tom Riddle is just a boy, Dumbledore is just a teacher, Grindelwald is undefeated and, as it happens, a Potter and a Black are paired together in Potions. Inspired by The UR Forums' Letter Project Challenge.