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a preview of the existential crisis to come

This is a quick post to cover a couple things:

  • I am back from travelling the wilds with my eBFFs. I arrived safely in Canada a few hours ago now.
  • I am not particularly happy about this.
  • By that I mean it's possible I spent most of yesterday + today like

  • Anyway, I did have a great time! I will write a more detailed post probably when I am less full of pizza and jetlag.
  • But shout-out to mildlyconfused, erethesunrises and anythingbutgrey for meeting up with us and putting up with our tendency to travel in a large brigade and also my inability to write informative text messages on my 2003 phone. It was great to meet all of you!
  • I haven't caught up on any TV, which means I am well behind on Community, GOT and LOK. Please don't spoil me for any in the meantime! I'll catch up soon.
  • I hear LJ did something to the comments that made fandomsecrets flounce? I'm so not in the mood to deal with this shit, LJ.
  • Lastly [I hear there is thus rumour going around about DW 7x05.]"Susan Tyler"? LOL. Chances of this being true: approximately one in a billion. If this were true, chance that I would like it: 0.

So I think that covers most of it.
dw :: jenny :: awful lot of running


Aaand I'm off! Soon enough, anyway. London & Paris with goldy_dollar, shinyopals, starlightmoonla and lorelaisquared! Probably with cameos from mildlyconfused, erethesunrises and anythingbutgrey! Among other things we'll be going to Hogwarts, heading out to Stratford and Oxford, seeing naked people on stage, and complaining about the weather.

I'm gone until the 29th, and I'm not bringing a computer so it's unlikely I'll be around much. I'll see you all when I get back in time for my existential crisis! Don't have too much fun without me.