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i bet you're all excited for monday when my olympics posts stop

My thoughts on last night's hockey game can basically be summed up like this:

Kudos to you, Slovakia. I think I nearly had a heart attack in the last 2 minutes of play. Your strange brand of hockey in which you lull the other team into a false sense of security by... not doing anything... for the entire first period is clearly working for you, so whatever floats your boat. I don't really have a particular investment in the Slovakia/Finland bronze medal, but Slovakia's never had a medal in hockey before and damn if they don't deserve it, so... go Slovaks, I guess. Sorry Finland. If I was Finnish I would've been turning away in shame yesterday. That first USA goal was baaaaad.

My thoughts on tomorrow's game can basically be summmed up by this gif. It would be a fair and measured response to revoke all of Team Canada's passports if they lose, right?

And I guess last night the Canadian men got a little tired of being totally whooped by the Canadian women in terms of medals, so they brought a few home from the speedskating track and will bring home two -- either gold or silver -- today in team pursuit and curling. I'm not a speedskating fan, so things like team pursuit and relay are just totally hilarious to me. What is the point of 3 people being in pursuit when it's really Slowest Person vs Slowest Person? Idgi. I was sort of sad we didn't get gold in women's curling, but I also don't really care about curling, so hysteriagalore, I hope you enjoy it.

I keep meaning to talk about something else, but this is really all I've done for the last two weeks. I'm sure it'll stop after tomorrow, for better or worse.
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hockey is srs bsnss

Team Canada has to play Mother Russia in a do-or-die game in like... fifteen minutes and I (and probably the rest of Canada) am like

At least there is some dignity in losing to Russia if it happens. And also I might be able to return to a relatively normal life. Having said that, COME ON CANADA, I BELIEVE~, LIKE THE HORRIBLE SONG.

To distract myself I have been watching these videos. I'm generally over the whole "LOL GUYS!! TWILIGHT IS BAD!!! LOL!!!" thing, but this guy is legitimately hysterical:

The whole playlist is here.
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des plus brillants exploits


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First gold medal won on home soil ever, what whaaat. And Canadians in 4th and 5th!

Plus a bronze in 3000m speedskating, for Kristina Groves, who hails from Ottawa!

All I have done for the past two days is watch the Olympics. Valentine's? What now?

In sum:

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it isn't what you do with it, it's the size that counts

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games start tonight!

I have totally seen this dinoasur in real life.

The photo up there, for the record, was shamelessly nabbed from this very pretty 'big picture' article on the Olympic Torch Relay. I know there are plenty of reasons to be disgruntled over the Games and yadda yadda, but right now I'm just sort of going "HEE". I'm wearing pink because I don't acutally own any red (lirl). The Olympics are always a fascinating two-week media circus, and even if Vancouver is not any closer to me than Turin was, it's sort of exciting to me that Canada gets to play host to such a massive international event. I probably won't be able to watch the opening ceremonies tonight, but I hope everyone who does enjoys what will undoubtedly be a giant mesh of appropriated Aboriginal culture and things like hockey. According to one kid who saw the dress rehearsal, "it was like Avatar only real!"

So... make some poutine, eat a beavertail, put on a toque, grab a seat on the chesterfield and let the Games begin!

And y'know. Go Team Canada!