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17 September 2011 @ 12:49 am
SO the other day firstofoct and I were chatting about different roles David Tennant has played (for a change) and we came to the realization that the majority of them have been assholes. And since we are super objective people, we decided to rank them in an incredibly fair and accurate manner based on how much of a douche they were. Our only rule was that the characters had to be from something we’d both seen.

For your enjoyment, here is that list.

_thirty2flavors & firstofoct present:
David Tennant Plays A Lot of Douchebags
(in order from least douchey to biggest douche)

Spoilers for Fright Night, a couple 400-year-old plays and some other stuff that tbh is probably too old to really qualify for a spoiler cut.Collapse )