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an assortment of thoughts, most of which somehow relate to doctor who

One thing I will say about 7x05 is that it sure did generate a lot to talk about (seriously, there's like a dozen different topics I am holding off making posts about) and I actually even started writing a fic, although naturally I am jinxing myself by saying that out loud. (On... the internet...) So... well done there I guess?

I told placebetween, who does not watch Doctor Who but remains endlessly fascinated by its fandom wank, about how Collapse )

Anyway, both of those things sort of lead me to this, which springs from Doctor Who musings but is in no way limited to Doctor Who or DW fandom.

SO the big srs discussion question I pose to you all is: what makes a good character? Is it a combination of narrative and development or is it something at the core of the character, the basic idea and traits? Can a good character be a good character but be poorly written, or does being poorly written automatically mean they can't be? Can a good character be trapped in a poor narrative and/or poorly developed and still be a good character?

And I guess the flipside of that is: can a character that is well-developed and/or have a good narrative and still be a "bad" (as in, objectively poorly constructed, not "bad" as in "evil" or unlikable) character?

I ask because to me, I guess, having a good narrative/being well-developed/otherwise "well written" is what makes a "good character" -- but I think other people must not feel the same, because I often see people claim someone as a great character in spite of a poor narrative, poor development, whatever. I'm thinking specifically of Amy Pond here, but it's not just Amy -- Martha gets this a lot as well ("I love Martha, she's amazing, even though the writers didn't do her justice"), and I'm sure it applies to other characters and other fandoms. (Glee springs to mind, given how much Glee fans seem to hate Glee, but I don't watch so I can't pick out specific examples.)

It's not even getting into the argument of whether or not Amy or Martha (for example) are poorly developed/trapped in poor narratives, because what sticks out to me is when I see someone say both at once; they define the narrative and/or development as bad but also go on to describe the character as great in spite of this. It's also I think something different from people having a favourite character, because that's sort of a more personal thing and I can imagine latching onto a character and then not particularly liking what happens with them but retaining that fondness anyway.

I don't think there's a right answer here but I am curious what people think.
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It's been a while since TOTAL DOCTOR WHO POST wooooo

SO there's a trailer out for that Doctor Who videogame:

As Doctor Who videogames go it looks reasonably well done. If I had any of the platforms (and was more interested in the characters) I'd probably want to check it out. Shit, the iPhone game gave me hours of amusement, plus it's neat that they got Matt Smith and Alex Kingston to do the voices.

BUT UGH ROLLING MY EYES SO HARD @ River being dressed in that catsuit she wore once. Because it's not a real videogame unless the female lead is appropriately sexy in a catsuit and has cleavage, amirite.

I also have a fic rec!

still like to go for a train ride ('cause i've got a thing about trains) by cereal
R for sex (I'd probably say PG-13), Ten2/Rose, ~4k words
The Doctor and Rose investigate an alien threat. On a train. 'Clom' is what the Doctor would call a gimme. Probably in every other bowl, even. The holy grail of cereal words -- Raxacoricofallapatorius -- has eluded him thus far, which is just as well, because Rose has promised him a shag on the Manchester United pitch if he pulls it off.

Read it because: Adorable, funny and in-character alien-adventure-fic for Cloen and Rose is becoming an endangered species and this is such a fun one! Simple and fluffy but in-character and funny enough to be engaging. This is how I like to imagine them when I'm not writing fic to ruin their lives.

Lastly, in honour of the beautiful fanart in my previous post, I finally got around to compiling a poll I've been meaning to do for ages: a poll about Doctor Who comic artists' continuing struggle to draw David Tennant.

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i mean it's not like anything bad happened last time we talked about the word "OTP", right?


You can only have one OTP per fandom. (eg. If you OTP Ron/Hermione you can only "ship" Harry/Ginny, not OTP them.)
You can only have one OTP per character. (eg. Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione can both be OTPs, but Ron/Hermione and Ron/Luna cannot.)
OTP just means something you ship really hard, regardless of overlap or conflict or number. (eg. Ron/Hermione and Ron/Luna OTP!)
You can only have one OTP at all. (eg. RON/HERMIONE OR BUST)
Something else elaborate to be explained in the comments.

What if you have a dumb fandom ike Doctor Who with multiple "eras"?

You can only have one OTP per character. (eg. Ten/Rose and Martha/Mickey can both be OTPs))
You can only have one OTP per era. (eg. Ten/Rose and Amy/Rory can both be OTPs, but not Amy/Rory and Eleven/River.)
You can only have one OTP for the fandom. (eg. DOCTOR/ROSE OR BUST)
You can have as many OTPs as you want. OTP ALL the things!
Something else elaborate to be explained in the comments.
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amy pond and katniss everdeen can duke it out over who has the worst nickname

I don't remember why spud14 and I started talking about this other day BUT WE DID so here is a morbid poll for your Friday morning.

In a Hunger Games-esque gladiator-type cage match of (new) Doctor Who companions, what would the results be? OBVS THIS IS SRS BSNSS AND YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THEIR SKILLS AND TRAITS AND NOT JUST VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE. I am watching you, fandom.


SO -- who dies first?

Rose Tyler
Martha Jones
Donna Noble
Amy Pond
Rory Williams
River Song
Jack Harkness (mortal edition)
Mickey Smith

And perhaps more importantly, who wins?

Rose Tyler
Martha Jones
Donna Noble
Amy Pond
Rory Williams
River Song
Jack Harkness (mortal edition)
Mickey Smith
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linguistic queries > everything else in that episode tbh

So we rewatched Girl in the Fireplace last night. I think I'm going to do a sort of round-up post at the end of s2 with my general Rewatch Thoughts, so I will spare you my feelings until that time, but it did leave me wondering about this one repeated phrase which I assumed was a British Thing but which shinyopals says is not:

"We've had some cowboys in here" (in a figurative sense) is...

Not a phrase I have ever heard (Totally unfamiliar)
A phrase I have only heard once or twice from the same source (Relatively unfamiliar)
A phrase I have heard a few times from various sources (Familiar)
A phrase I would use/have used myself (Very familiar)
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THINGS I NEED that I could probably Google but evidently would rather ask you for:

1. A (London) gang name -- real or fictitious, IDC
2. A fancy-ish, fast car that might be owned by a random citizen of London

YOU COULD WIN: the eternal glory of me using these things to fill in the blanks in fic, so I don't post another chapter of Identity Theft that accidentally still says something like "at Some Restaurant".

Here is a hilarious fanvideo for your time:

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you know that i'm no good

So as I have mentioned, I totally flounced from s4 of Secret Diary after 4x03 and haven't watched since. Now that the show is wrapped up and I am sure some of you have seen it all, I want your help DECIDING MY FATE.

Poll #1722893 secret diary what have you become

Should I watch the rest of series 4?

Yes, because it was good.
Yes, because it was okay.
Yes, because Billie Piper is hot.
Just skip to 4x08
No, you are happier just assuming it ended after s3 and Belle and Bambi eventually ran away together.

Note that I would not like to actually be spoiled for the proceedings before I make my decision, even though I am pretty sure I already am spoiled because the internet doesn't understand lj-cuts.

Secondly, Community referenced Doctor Who on Thursday and it was magical. My favourite American show referencing my favourite British show! Awesome. Also, The Office has been good lately, it is too bad they won't go out on this high note.