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there's just so many poorly chosen words in that sentence

So a while ago it came to my attention that contrary to what I'd previously believed, I'd never actually seen the last five or so episodes of Arrested Development. ...Which explained why I never had any idea how the show ended.

Anyway, with the help of HotSpot I watched what I missed on Hulu, and if I may say so:

I TOTALLY FORGOT HOW AWESOME THIS SHOW IS BUT NOW I AM ASHAMED THAT I FORGOT. WHY IS IT SO AWESOME? The finale was basically everything I wanted and more. It's... I love them all. I don't have time to be more elaborate because I need to go to class, but still. This was the first television show I started actually watching, and I think it just reclaimed its title as my favourite sitcom. Sorry Office/Scrubs/HIMYM, it was my first love.

Re: the entire movide debacle, I don't know if a movie is a good idea or not but I'd definitely see it. And if Michael Cera actually is holding out, what a diva, it's not like he doesn't play George Michael in every wannabe-indie movie he's in.