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Everyone on my flist is raving about how fantastic the new Star Trek movie is, and this irritates me for two reasons -- first because I don't want it to be overhyped and thus disappoint me when I do see it, and second because OMG I WANT TO SEE IT. My dad is a Trekkie and so I grew up to the various series over the years and it has earned a place in my cold, embittered heart.

In honour of that, Collapse )

In other news, it is summer and since apparently the government of Canada really doesn't want to hire me, I have a lot of free time. Therefore I ask you, what should be the next television show I compulsively watch every episode of in a week? I'm like half-way through Merlin and I suppose I'll finish it at some point, but I would like another one to spend obscene numbers of hours watching.

Oh, and happy birthday, anythingbutgrey!