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I. Oh look, a Game of Thrones trailer:

You may remember that I have a weird and somewhat tumultuous relationship with the GOT/ASOIAF franchise and I am not super eager to once again enter the realm of "well I really like this show but I don't give a shit about the novels but everyone who watches this show has read the books and spoilers blargh", and generally I've been pretty ambivalent to s2, but I quite liked this trailer. I'm not sure if it's better or worse for me, as someone with genuinely 0 idea what's happening or could be happening in any of the clips. I should probably rewatch s1 to refresh myself on who... everyone is. And to refamiliarize myself with the terminology.

II. In continuing 'project watch all the things', we've somehow landed on Marchlands, which is a miniseries from (I think) 2010-ish, or maybe 2011, with Alex Kingston (and Sydney Wade since she is apparently the only working child actress in Britain). The basic premise is that it follows three different families living in the same house, in the 60s, 80s and 2010 respectively. The daughter in the 60s family dies in ~mysterious circumstances and ghostly shenanigans happen in the 80s and 2010. We're only on episode 2 out of... 5? but it's quite good so far, I'd recommend it. ALSO Alex Kingston is delightful! She is the favourite of all of us. And Sydney Wade plays her daughter, Amy, lolololol.

III. I'm reading A Journal of the Plague Year because I have to present a seminar on it next week, and I've had fucked-up plague dreams for like two consecutive nights. Not even nightmares, because I don't wake up distressed or anything, just... highly theatrical plague-inspired dreams. I think last night's also featured the cast of Survivors.