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22 September 2010 @ 09:54 pm

I liked that trailer much more than the first one, ngl. I can't believe this movie is coming out in, what, two months?
16 September 2010 @ 09:03 pm

II. So I guess most television starts next week, how exciting. I'm pretty pumped for Community and Modern Family, while I expect nothing but disappointment from HIMYM and The Office. Why, then, you're probably wondering, do I continue to watch them? The Office I want to finish off, and since Carrell is leaving at the end of this season I figure that'll do me. HIMYM... I keep waiting for it to get better, even though I am pretty sure that's not going to happen. I am an optimist, I suppose.

III. Work continues to be acceptable but dull. I get paid this week however which is awesome. I have plans Saturday and Sunday this weekend so the schedule for tomorrow night is basically "watch Secret Diary, write fic, troll internet" and TBH I am excited.

IV. This post is pretty boring. Here is a happy s5 video that I can't seem to embed. I think I've come to the conclusion that series 5 is one of those things I enjoy the most when it is right in front of me. It doesn't have the same lingering affection some things do, but I'm pretty into it when I'm watching it.

V. Oh, here's something weird. I saw someone mention it on Mark's blog so I googled it:

Oh my god it is a fanmade four-hour Deathly Hallows claymation movie WHAT THE F. Four hours! Of claymation!

09 August 2010 @ 02:47 pm
Okay 30 Day Meme, it is time for you to end.

Day 29 – Who You Think Should Be the Next Doctor

I was going to say Alan Rickman so that he can win bingo, but Bill Nighy beat him to it. Sorry Alan. I probably couldn't handle the hilariousness of listening to you talk to Daleks anyway.

In all honesty though I don't know or care. It will probably be some white British guy between the ages of 25 and 45 whom I will never have heard of before anyway.

Day 30 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

To round off this meme, I bring you a question of utmost importance. I asked this once a while back with the s1-s4 Doctors and companions, but series five has given me some new material. ARE YOU READY? Okay... ready, set, SORT:


If Amy Pond went to Hogwarts, she would be a...

Gryffindor, because the idea of vampires in Venice make her jump and cheer.
Ravenclaw, because she... likes... art.
Hufflepuff, because she will bite psychiatrists in your honour.
Slytherin, because she will do what she has to to get what she wants.

If Rory Williams-Pond went to Hogwarts, he would be a...

Gryffindor, because he will fight a fish vampire with a broomstick and your mom jokes.
Ravenclaw, because he is a nurse and already knew why the TARDIS was bigger on the inside tyvm.
Hufflepuff, because he will guard a box for two thousand years.

If River Song went to Hogwarts, she would be a...

Gryffindor, because she will jump out of a ship into space in the hopes that her terrible driver of a boyfriend will show up at the right time.
Ravenclaw, because she is an archaeologist and a professor and has her doctorate tyvm.
Hufflepuff, because she will die for you in a space library even if you spend the whole day staring at her like she has cooties.
Slytherin, because she will blackmail you into selling her that vortex manipulator and one time she killed Dumbledore--I mean, the greatest man she ever knew.

If Eleven went to Hogwarts, he would totally be a...

Gryffindor, because he will stick his hand into a giant crack in time and space even though it has been previously established that the crack will eat you.
Ravenclaw, because he wears tweed and bowties.
Hufflepuff, because he will definitely reject your fiancee if she tries to proposition him.
Slytherin, because he is the one thing you should never ever put in a trap.

Here’s a list of the other days.Collapse )
So today after my history exam, I had a moment of epic realization that I am going to share with you. I was thinking about... well, Harry Potter, apparently, because suddenly I thought "hey, isn't Bill Nighy supposed to play Scrimgeour in the Deathly Hallows movie?"

So when I got home I trekked to IMDB and lo and behold, he is.

Do you know what this means, internet?

This means Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Love Actually British Actor Bingo has finally been achieved.



Bill Nighy, congratulations on your eternal glory.
01 August 2010 @ 02:42 pm
I. I watched A Very Potter Sequel yesterday. TBH I didn't like it much. A lot of the running jokes were awkward, the whole Umbridge thing was really bizarre and felt like a waste of Joe Walker, and in general it was pretty "meh". I liked some things -- like Draco introducing himself lirl lirl -- and I liked Rita Skeeter, but in general it was pretty lame. I expected it to be lame, so I wasn't really surprised, but still.

II. Day 21 – Your Doctor Who OTP

SHOCKING, I know. Also A+ use of “OTP”, meme.

I am not generally much of a shipper, so how I ended up shipping Doctor/Rose so hard still baffles me. I did not even figure it out until I watched Doomsday and spent the last five minutes going “AGHHH JUST SAY IT ALREADY” and then perked up every time Rose got mentioned in series 3.

I say I ship Doctor/Rose but have all sorts of elaborate stipulations about that which really boil down to Cloen/Rose > Ten/Rose > Nine/Rose. And I don’t ship Eleven/Rose or any pre-Nine Doctors with Rose for a variety of reasons so I guess I am pretty particular. Naturally when picking something to ship I would wind up picking the only thing that has ship-wars within itself.

Here's a list of the other days.Collapse )
30 July 2010 @ 01:03 pm
I. In my Witchcraft class yesterday we learned how to do a spell, thus fulfilling my lifelong desire to pretend I go to Hogwarts. All in all that class is pretty awesome. I mean, I don't spend the whole lecture on livejournal like I do in my history class, so that's a step up. In history yesterday however we did watch a video on THE INTERNET!! that was made in probably the mid-90s, so as you can imagine it was hysterical.

I also found out that my last exam is on August 17th, which will give me an entire three weeks between class and work. Score.

II. Speaking of Hogwarts, this Harry Potter renaissance on my flist has reminded me of a couple things:
a) I fucking love Harry Potter
b) Very little gets me as riled up as people being wrong on the internet about Harry Potter

I am pretty sure b) is a direct result of a), with the additional factor of Harry Potter being this giant relic of my childhood and so when people insult it or are generally wrong on the internet my gut reaction is "OMG DON'T YOU TALK ABOUT MY CHILDHOOD THAT WAY".

III. I am pretty behind on that 30-Day meme, so here is an arbitrary number of those days. I am not counting out how many it should be, sry2say.

Day 17 – A Piece of Who-Related FanArt

I don't really ...do... fanart for television fandom. I know what the characters look like okay. I mean more power to people who like it and draw it, but it is not something I seek out.

And what is the etiquette here? I shouldn't be posting someone else's fanart right? I don't even know. I do however like Girls' Night In by jigglykat because OMG PARTY ON THE TARDIS, IT IS EVERYTHING I HAVE DREAMED OF.

Day 18 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

This meme is really lacking in s5, so HERE, HAVE MATT, KAREN AND ARTHUR BEING ADORABLE:

I love them. bazcat89 and I have decided Matt Smith and Karen Gillan would be the best people to watch the LOTR movies with. It just seems factual. Plus with LOTR I need as much entertainment as I can get. Yeah, I said it.

Here's a list of the other days.Collapse )
24 July 2010 @ 11:10 am
IIII am in Montreal right now at goldy_dollar's aunt's house. It is very nice and I think one of the dogs has taken a liking to me. Yesterday I was made to climb a mountain but I think I have now more or less physically recovered. Today we plan to counteract all that physical activity with cupcakes and poutine. This is good because I am much better at sitting and eating than I am at climbing mountains.

You would think I might have more to say, but I really don't. I will get back to that 30 Day Meme when I get home I think. In the meantime, I rec you THE BEST FIC EVER:

Title: Chicken Soup for the Dark Wizard's Soul by fireicerage906
Fandom & Characters/Pairings: Harry Potter, Dumbledore/Grindewald
Why you should read it: Because it is the greatest thing on the internet.
Excerpt: “You mean...” Grindelwald’s face twisted with disgust. “You’re just going to keep me?”

“I... No.” Dumbledore let out a frustrated sigh. “Perhaps... perhaps I’ve been at Hogwarts for too long. Maybe it’s time I settled down, time I cared for someone else. I could take care of you. Gellert, I could help you.”

I'm not the biggest fan of the Harry Potter movies, but I enjoy them well enough, and it will definitely be weird when part 2 comes out and there is nothing Harry Potter left to wait for.
I don't know how many/if any of you crazy kids still write Harry Potter fanfiction, but if you do, I encourage you all to sign up for UR.org's Annual Christmas Fic Exchange. Fourth year running! Huzzah. After shenanigans last year in which I suddenly realized I was writing Ten when I was meant to be writing James Potter, I have made the executive decision to sit this one out. But it was always fun, so if that's your thing, go for it.

In unrelated news, I guess David Tennant is going to be in the pilot for some NBC show. Pretty much everything detailed in that article has me going

Lastly, I am killing time before work and goldy_dollar and johnmayergirl23 both wanted me to do the "ramble about what makes them awesome" thing from that meme I did yesterday, so why not. NOW WITH MORE VIDEOS!Collapse )
29 July 2009 @ 10:46 pm
Top Five Ship Wars Everyone Else Got Really Into Except For Me!Collapse )

Top Five Saddest Moments in Doctor Who History!Collapse )

There are still two more, but that took a LONG TIME so stay tuned tomorrow for my top 5 "things the Doctor did to mess with Torchwood" and "moments Rose Tyler was a BAMF".
21 July 2009 @ 02:25 pm
goldy_dollar tagged me in a meme that she created. In light of my recent RAAAGE with certain aspects of fandom, this one is awesome!

1). List your favourite female characters.
2). Explain why you like them or what makes them particularly awesome.
3). Post a picture and your favourite quote.
4). Tag five people to do the same.

BEHOLD! A giant fest of female character flail beneath ye olde cut.Collapse )
I spent most of today finally watching "A Very Potter Musical", which I had seen mentioned a few times on my flist. At first I was irritated by the low sound/picture quality and not that dazzled by the humour, but after the first one or two parts I was quite enthralled. Voldemort is my favourite.Collapse )

If you haven't seen it and want to kill two hours in slow tiny YouTube-sized increments over the next little while, the first part is here.

And since it would apparently be heresy for me to make three posts in a row solely about Harry Potter, I also bring you a poll about Torchwood/Doctor Who because judging by fics on Teaspoon everyone disagrees with me. Spoilers for Children of the Earth.Collapse )
13 May 2009 @ 12:26 am
Hey guys!

So I know there are still some of you on my flist who are active in the Harry Potter fandom, and to soothe the oncoming storm that is christycorr, I am appealing to you lot with a pimp.

GO NOMINATE YOUR FAVOURITE FICS FOR THE 2009 HOURGLASS AWARDS, your friendly neighborhood HP fanfic awards, now with 85% less wank (I promise). If you want to be even kinder and appease christycorr even more, you can sign up to be a judge here. You can judge as many or as few categories as you like, but keep in mind a judge is obligated to read every fic nominated in his/her category. So unless you are insane or christycorr you probably don't want to sign up for all of them ahem, inksplotched.

Nominations close on June 1st, so scurry.


On that note, there are about fifty of you who have me friended that I have not friended back, many of whom have never said a word to me. Um, this is mostly cool, but if you are watching this journal in the hopes I will one day post another chapter of Silly Love Songs or write heaps more HP fanfiction in general, you'll probably be disappointed and may wish to defriend me.

You don't have to, of course. But your flist will continue to be spammed by all my public entries, most of which will probably centre around Doctor Who. Sorry.


Lastly, Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl" is stuck in my head. Please, God, someone give me a replacement song.
04 May 2009 @ 08:21 pm
OBLIGATORY DREAMWIDTH MENTION: So I have one. I am "thirty2flavors" there, same as here sans one underscore. I have no plans to use it for just about anything except in the unlikely event that lj gets eaten by angry Russians. My complaints so far are that their Diversity Statement sounds a bit too much like some kind of political campaign, especially when I can read between the lines and know that what they really mean is if you pay them they will host your porn. Um, hurrah. Also, its design is inelegant.

But now we are protected from crazy Russians, I guess. I'd offer my invite codes to anyone who wanted them but I don't think I've got any.

In other news, it's been too long since I've asked you an inane question. So, POLL TIME. (Admit it, you love polls. Everyone loves clicking buttons.)

This poll is mostly inspired by flowrs4ophelia's very similar post. Apparently hogwarts_elite doesn't take kindly to fictional applicants (WHO KNEW?) so we will just have to do the leg-work ourselves.


I was going to include other fandoms, but coming up wiht reasons for all those options took way too long. So you get my standard fare.

ETA -- The fabulous bazcat89 has produced an Office version of this poll, so go vote.
20 February 2009 @ 02:35 pm
Today (or was it yesterday?) shiiki made a post that happened to link to this "HP Companion" thing, and I decided to peruse the whole thing. I'm obviously not into Harry Potter like I once was, but the books -- especially Philosopher's Stone -- still give me a kind of warm squishy feeling (otherwise known as "nostalgia" but stfu, I like "warm and squishy") and so the site made me go "awww". Plus I actually read a thing or two I didn't already know, which is really saying something.

If I was more eloquent this might be a post about childhood and/or nostalgia or something, but I am not, so instead I bring you a POLL. For SCIENCE.

Somehow by way of Twilight and Doctor Who I gathered a lot of people on my flist who ship H/Hr. So I bring you questions. For science, and great justice.

Poll #1352688 no one does ship wars like harry potter!

I ship(ed) H/Hr, and I like(d) Ron with...

Ginny (what?)
Oliver Wood
I had no preference regarding Ron.
Ron should've been Dumbledore.
No one, Ron can DIAF.

Or something else entirely that I have not thought of:

If Harry and Hermione had kids, they would name them...

Albus, Lily and James. Obviously this was Harry's idea.
Rose and Hugo. Obviously those were Hermione's idea.
None of the above, because Hermione would not allow her kids to have dumbass names, and Harry would not agree to Rose or Hugo
They would not have kids, they would just be bamf forever.
I can't believe you're reminding me about the epilogue. HDU.


On a totally unrelated note, look a meme:


I don't usually do these. I guess I was feeling narcisstic. Link me if you've got one!
01 February 2009 @ 06:52 pm
In a fit of madness and possibly awesomeness, inksplotched, likeserendipity and I present:

atasteof! A Taste of Everything, a Multi-Fandom Recs Community.

A Taste of Everything will feature recs from a variety of fandoms with a variety of pairings and genres -- emphasis on (you guessed it) variety. Right now we're a team of three -- inksplotched will be reccing for Harry Potter, likeserendipity's in charge of Twilight and I'm your rep for Doctor Who. About 2-3 recs will be posted per week per fandom.

We're also looking to expand our fandomy horizons, so if you'd like to represent a fandom, or even suggest a fic in any fandom, let us know! We're particularly interested in finding people for the following fandoms:

  • The Office -- hurrah, miss_mishi!
  • Gossip Girl
  • Merlin
  • Supernatural
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Narnia -- welcome aboard sensations!

...but if you're interested in another, feel free to apply here!

Watch us, apply, suggest a fic or simply look around.
09 December 2008 @ 07:29 pm
There's a bus strike here and basically the whole city is dooooomed, because it's winter and exams are on and people who lack cars have no way to get anywhere. Also I have an exam tomorrow morning, but I am unconcerned and so bazcat89 and I are discussing Fanfiction Trope #87 - Excessively Crying Male.

Anyway, that leads me to this BURNING QUESTION I have for you, my friends:

Poll #1312493 important question of importance

What part(s) of DH made the Doctor cry?

Hedwig! (She's like a companion, right?)
Ron leaving them in British Forest #43. HDU RON
Godric's Hollow! The graves! Weepy old-people Harry and Hermione!
Fred's tragic demise and George's perpetual loneliness!
Lupin and Tonks! They were finally happy! Ish! With baby issues!
Snape's tragic unrequited love!
Snape's tragic death and his search for the eyes of his beloved!
The Resurrection Stone scene!
Harry's noble self-sacrifice!
The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny!

ETA - As christycorr has pointed out I made a greivous error in forgetting THE TRAGIC DEMISE OF DOBBY, but I cannot edit it into the poll. You may show your support in the comments if you so choose.
iTunes' Halloween mix includes the (oldschool) Doctor Who theme and Hedwig's Theme (which is just called "Harry Potter"), as well as a crappy cover of Thriller by some woman. Who wants a cover of Thriller?

Speaking of Halloween, I hope you all had a good one. I was a crazy cat lady, but for whatever reason I never ended up using my camera so there are no pictures. The party I went to was ...retardedly dramatic. Drama of the highschool variety, to be specific which is I guess what happens when you try to date highschoolers. It was hosted by my friend Joe, who is my friend Candice's ex (and they dated for four years), and it featured:
-Joe's new lady of interest; they've been on like one or two dates
-Candice's "interest" in this lady of interest
-Lady of Interest flirting with Some Other Guy
-Kid From Highschool telling Candice that Lady of Interest "likes Joe but wants to fuck Other Guy"
-Candice indignantly telling Joe about Lady of Interest's interest in Other Guy
-Joe getting really really drunk
-Candice tending to really really drunk Joe while Lady of Interest and Other Guy mysteriously disappear for a long while
-Possibly there was some hole-in-wall punching as well lol Andy

All in all, not the best party I've ever attended. I had intended to stay the night but I ended up getting a ride home from Lisa and Kyle (who were dressed as Satine/a prostitute and Christian/a Rabbi respectively. Lisa insists he was Christian, but everyone -- and Kyle -- agreed that he looked more like a Rabbi) because I wasn't really ~feelin' it~... plus when Lyle left I'd be basically alone with a bunch of high and/or drunk kids ...and Will, who was neither. Will claims to have found a new respect for my status as the Obligatory Sober Person, LIRL.

Most of the other costumes were unremarkable ("I'M A CAT LOL" x 200) and I don't have pictures anyway so sorry, but definitely my favourite was Joe and Chris' pair of Captain Hammer and Dr Horrible. I think I got minor street cred (or internet cred) for actually recognizing them right away. I was also the only one with ovaries who seemed to understand why Mark took to playing "Never Gonna Give You Up". Candice's was pretty good too, she was Miss Scarlett from Clue.

Obligatory meme (because no one cares about the rest of this stuff): Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you.Collapse )

For those of you who are cool enough, UR.org's Annual (Harry Potter) Christmas Fic Exchange is opening up again, so you should all go sign up now so Christy doesn't eat my face. The exchange fics are notoriously AWESOME so obviously you should go do that now.
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My grandma and her twin sister are visiting, and they and my mom will not stop talking about food/calories/losing weight and it is driving me insane. Oh my God. I even made an "OMFG WHY?" face at my dad as I went up the stairs this morning, hahaha. I mean, they're family and I love them, but it's kind of like having three of my mom in one house, and it's kind of driving me nuts, and they've only been here a day. They leave next... Saturday? AHHHH.

(Fun fact! For the first eighteen years of my life we didn't talk to my paternal grandparents, so I was explaining this to a friend once, how I only really "have" one grandma, and then I mentioned that my maternal grandmother has a twin sister, and the friend went "But if she's a twin then you have two!" Hahaha OH EMILY, TOO BAD YOU SUCK. /bitterness)

Tomorrow we're driving south of the 49th parallel to go shopping. It will be fun, though I kind of wish I was going with my friends and not... my dad and three of my mom. LIRL But I don't even care, I am so desperaet to get out of this country, even if it is for like five hours and we go to upstate New York. I have not gone ANYWHERE this summer. I have wanderlust like nobody's business. Oh, worldly travellers of my flist, I stare at you in envy! Envyyy!

Before this degenerates into a whine about money, I am going to do some memes. BECAUSE YOU ALL CARE SO MUCH, RIGHT?

Michele actually tagged me for one about lj but it bored me, so here's the one with the ~srs bsnss~ questions.Collapse )

Hurrah, now you know all about my various social and political opinions! Kind of. Except harmonyjam_07 tagged me for this shipping meme, and so any illusion of me as an intellectual that the previous meme may hae created will now be shattered. As if any of my answers were intellectual anyway.

beware the giant pictures below this cut my friendsCollapse )

Okay so the ship meme took FOREVER, so I'm done here. Enjoy the videos/graphics/whatev.
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