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So I decided to write another short multi-chaptered fic -- that is to say, think 'Truce', not 'Silly Love Songs'. This one, like Truce, will be generally light-hearted and fun.

Title: A Thoroughly Unremarkable Day
Rating: PG
Characters: Remus, Tonks, occasional references to others, random townspeople
Excerpt: Three years of training, practice duels, rigorous testing, and lecture after lecture from Moody for this? Following a devastatingly boring man while he went about daily errands?
Summary: Tonks is rather displeased with her latest work assignment. Remus is rather certain he's being followed.

A Thoroughly Unremarkable Day, chapter one - coffee, pears and suspicions.


26 March 2007 @ 08:03 pm
I have a QUESTION for the lot of you. Well, not so much a ... question as a... request for backup.

Yeah um basically I am fresh out of ideas with regards to what to name James' parents in Silly Love Songs, and if I ever want to finish the next chapter, I'm going to need that, because just repeatedly calling them "Mr. and Mrs. Potter" will sound rather dumb. Um... if you help I might actually be able to write the next scene and finally update?

I am so open to suggestions, man, although I am sort of a picky person with names so do not be offended if your brilliant suggestion is not the one I go with.

And for the sake of my head, please don't suggest "Harry" for James' father. I'll pass, thanks.