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you know that i'm no good

So as I have mentioned, I totally flounced from s4 of Secret Diary after 4x03 and haven't watched since. Now that the show is wrapped up and I am sure some of you have seen it all, I want your help DECIDING MY FATE.

Poll #1722893 secret diary what have you become

Should I watch the rest of series 4?

Yes, because it was good.
Yes, because it was okay.
Yes, because Billie Piper is hot.
Just skip to 4x08
No, you are happier just assuming it ended after s3 and Belle and Bambi eventually ran away together.

Note that I would not like to actually be spoiled for the proceedings before I make my decision, even though I am pretty sure I already am spoiled because the internet doesn't understand lj-cuts.

Secondly, Community referenced Doctor Who on Thursday and it was magical. My favourite American show referencing my favourite British show! Awesome. Also, The Office has been good lately, it is too bad they won't go out on this high note.
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this is really just a post about icons

I am back at school ugh. I am pretty sure I had something else to say but now I cannot remember it so Collapse )

Anyway, I guess if you want me to pick six of yours you can comment and I will.

Also, what's this I hear about series 6 not starting until Easter? EASTER IS LIKE THE 24TH OF APRIL OR WHATEVER. Ugh BBC. Why are you the way that you are. How am I supposed to spend the rest of my April? STUDYING FOR EXAMS? Pshhhh.

ETA: OH I remember what I was going to post. I was going to promote d_r_meta, a ~shiny new discussion comm centered around (duh) Doctor/Rose with weekly discussion points etc. Your mods are myself, firstofoct, shinyopals, mrv3000 and fauxkaren. So if you like Doctor/Rose and also like telling the internet how right you are, you should go join.
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Stolen from basically everyone at this point, the ~2010 fandom meme~

1. Your main fandom of the year: Doctor Who. SURPRISE.

2. Your favorite film this year: Toy Story 3, tbqh. Everything else I basically just moderately enjoyed. Toy Story 3 made me cry like three times.

3. Your favorite book this year: Ummm the Pullman books, I don't know which one in particular. Pullman is sort of an interesting writer and I think I enjoyed his stuff more now than I would have as a kid, I think I would have found it boring as a kid. But as a ~scholar of English literature~ I enjoyed the ideas/etc. I liked Tiger in the Well a lot even if it was OOTP-levels of frustrating to read. HDM was good too.

4. Your favorite album or song this year: The "Lungs" album by Florence + the Machine. Pretty much every song on there was my favourite song for a portion of this year. Right now I am rocking out to Howl.

I bet it is on a billion Rose Tyler fanmixes and if it is not it should be.

5. Your favorite TV show this year: Well this kind of goes along with my favourite fandom, doesn't it. But in terms of shows I ~discovered~ this year hmmm, probably Community. It is like a comedy tailor-made for me! I also really liked Secret Diary and Misfits, though. So 3/4 for you, Britain.

6. Your favorite LJ community this year: Is it bad to just say a bunch of comms I mod? OH WELL. starwhales is fab.

7. Your best new fandom discovery of the year: lol I don't even know what this means. I didn't really... discover a new fandom? I... am glad I started watching Community/Secret Diary/Misfits?

8. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year: Omg both HIMYM and The Office were so bad at the beginning of this year/the end of their last season. They've both sort of picked themselves up again in the subsequent seasons, but still. Turning away in shame.

9. Your TV boyfriend of the year:

10. Your TV girlfriend of the year: I guess this is supposed to be a character from 2010 eh? Or from a show I watched in 2010? W/e I will go with Hannah Baxter. She is self-described as not a very good girlfriend but I am sure we can work something out.

When does this show come back? That must be soon right? Yess.

11. Your biggest squee moment of the year: LOL probably watching EOT on New Year's. That totally counts for all of 2010 okay.

12. Your most missed old fandom: lol I only have one old fandom. BUT I was feeling pretty nostalgic for Harry Potter this summer, while reading MRHP. I reread Deathly Hallows and read a Lily/James fic yesterday and everything. My love for Harry Potter is ancient and forever.

13. Your fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to? I am not really eying any fandom with interest. I am waiting for Katniss Everdeen to be cast so I can nom popcorn gifs and watch the wank like I did back in the day with Robert Pattinson? I might watch the rest of Vampire Diaries so I know what everyone is talking about but I sense it will be another Merlin for me. I have also given passing consideration to Being Human anddd... I'm pretty sure there was another show but it's since slipped my mind.

14. Your biggest anticipation of the New Year: I am always excited for more Doctor Who. Also Secret Diary (though omg no Bambi, crying forever) and I guess Misfits when it finally returns in a year f u Britain.

WELL that was fun.
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the first season of lost on dvd!

I. First order of business:

Whoo! Go forth and prompt, etc.

II. Second order of business, I am reading The Girl Who Played With Fire. I'm only about ~150 pages in, so I don't think anything I say can really count as a spoiler. And what I have to say is: OH MY GOD LARSSON ARE YOU BEING PAID BY THE WORD, LIKE DICKENS? COME ON. This book is 700 pages long and if you took out all the extraneous, useless detail it could be about 350, I bet. I don't mind the books -- I find them interesting enough to read them, obviously -- and I can forgive some o the weird sentence construction and hilarious metaphors as being the result of a translation. That's all fine.

But there is no reason I should ever need to know the laundry list of what the character bought at the grocery store. I really don't need a five page passage dedicated to what particular style of furniture in what colour Lisbeth is buying from IKEA. Omg, I don't understand, are you being paid by Ikea?? hysteriagalore, as the voice of Sweden, do all Swedish people actually know the name/style of every single item in the Ikea catalogue? I complained to Tania about this, because she's read them, and she said "yeah I skimmed those parts" and I probably should've too, but I basically read every single word because I was so fascinated by what was happening. I was like "no, omg, he's not writing out every single Ikea item she purchases, THIS CANNOT BE REAL" and yet it was. I think I also give Larsson some slack because it's a ~mystery~ and any detail could be important, theoretically, but there comes a time when I have to accept that Lisbeth buying toilet paper is not plot relevant. It's just not. This entire chapter could've been summed up with like, a single paragraph that said "And then Lisbeth spent an afternoon furnishing her new apartment". DONE.

Also, it's still hilarious to me how everyone ever wants to sleep with Blomkvist and they are all also okay that everyone else is sleeping with Blomkvist.

III. Third order of business, Community was awesome.
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a strange assorted post

I. So I'm all caught up on Misfits now. Collapse )

II. I was going to say something about Community, but I don't have much to say other than my continued love for this show. This last episode was sweet and I am pretty pumped for the Christmas episode, which I have been trying to avoid all promos for in ~anticipation~. Also on youtube I noticed Collapse )

III. And now for something completely different:

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30 female characters meme: the brains of the outfit

I. This week felt loooong. I am not sure why, really, since in theory it was no different from any other week, but oh my god was I glad to finish work today. It’s Thanksgiving weekend, so we get Monday off as well, which is swell. Thanksgiving tends to be something of a non-event in my house, and this year my dad’s in Beijing so it’s just me and my mom, but I am always open to having additional days off work/school. And to anyone who says it’s “not real Thanksgiving”, allow me to direct you to this gif:

II. I also discovered a Canadian station that – gasp! – lets me stream Community, Modern Family and HIMYM online. Legally. To those of you in the US with Hulu or in Britain with iPlayer this probably seems pretty basic, but to that I say F U GUYS. I don’t have anything in particular to say about this week’s crop of shows, though I will say that in a shocking twist I think this week’s Office episode was my favourite of the four I watched.

Also, a question for those of you who watch Community: Collapse )

I also watched the third (by accident, lol, I thought it was the pilot) episode of that show “Undercovers”. It’s not really my kind of show, so I find it hard to say if it was just me finding it bland or if it was kind of bland, but Gugu Mbatha-Raw is totally adorable and her American accent is A+. I hope it survives long enough to find its feet.

III. I suck at comment ficathons, but I support the theme of this one and I know some of you are into them so I’m going to advertise it anyway:

IV. I am quite bored. I tried writing some s5 fic earlier but that wasn’t happening. Raaagh I miss being able to write (short) fic. Anyway, I’ve returned to my long-forgotten 30 Women Meme.

Collapse )
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30 female characters meme: neurotic sitcom blondes

I. The library had none of the books I was looking for when I went on Saturday, so I declared F THIS and decided to reread Deathly Hallows, since it's the only HP book I've only read once and that was three years ago (!!!! three years ago holy f). I'm only on like chapter 5 but a) while lamenting her death, Harry thinks of Hedwig as "his companion", so I think it is safe to say Ten cried there, and b) LOL man I forgot what a tightly-wound ball of crazy Lupin is in this book. He's like two seconds away from genociding Aragog's babies and calling himself the werewolf victorious. Is part of my disdain for Doctor/Rose babyfic subliminal Remus/Tonks scarring? Maybe.

II. I don't know if anyone on my flist still uses the Cyrillic services on LJ to get the old LJ homepage, but if you do, and you wanna get rid of the godawful "lj times" thing, here's a Greasemonkey script to kill it.

III. I really liked HIMYM last night. Do mine eyes deceive me or did we get something resembling a 3-D Barney rather than the usual cardboard cut-out? More of that, please, show. I know you won’t deliver, but at least until next Monday I can live in hope.

IV. I started doing that song/poem meme but iTunes was giving me such an unfunny collection of songs that I gave up. Instead, onwards with moar of the 30 female characters meme!

Collapse )
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justin bieber is on CSI

I. So I see TinyPic is choosing to express its USAian privilege by ...no longer hosting or displaying pictures in for people in other countries? Hdu, Tinypic. How am I supposed to communicate on the internet without gifs? With my words? WHAT CRUEL WORLD IS THIS.

II. As much as I love my significantly shorter commute, it does mean I spend basically 24/7 in the wilds of suburbia. I don't really mind, except that it means the couple of friends I have who live downtown are sort of... way out there. Case in point, Friend and I have been trying to make plans for tomorrow and the whole conversation has basically been "come here and have dinner!" "no u" "NO U". I don't usually mind taking the bus downtown, but it does get sort of annoying that when I suggest the alternative people (not you, goldy_dollar, don't worry) go "LOL NO THAT'S TOO FAR". Yeah, I notice it is pretty far when I make that commute every day during classes and then on the weekends as well. Don't even.

III. I was massively bored at work today so I started contemplating that 30-Day-Female-Character-Meme. I got to about 20 characters before I had to resort to essentially pulling names out of a hat, and it was sort of a depressing exercise. It should not be that hard to come up with 30 female characters I love. I am still undecided, but now I sort of feel like I ought to do it on principle. Would it be that much easier to crank out 30 male characters and say stuff about them? They probably have the advantage of pure numbers, I guess. HMM.

IV. On the bright side, yay Community tonight! And The Office I guess, although I am not sure you get a "yay" anymore, Office.

V. S5 fic rec!

Moments from a Non-Linear Life by wishfulaces -- Eleven, Amy/Rory, set post-Big Bang.
“Can’t you find us a planet where the villains are, y’know, sort of leisurely?”

I haven't read much s5 fic, but I liked this. It was cute and simple and I thought the dynamics and characters were well-done. It came closer to making me excited for s6 than Moffat's teasers. Also, I guess wishfulaces will be getting a pingback for this? How creepy. Hello, wishfulaces!

VI. Lastly, I've taken to reading books! for fun! again, and since I'll finish The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl tomorrow and heading to the library soon thereafter, I'd like some recommendations. I don't have too many preferences, but I am looking for pretty quick/easy reads, you know, light entertainment at lunch more than great literature. I read enough great literature in class. Fire away!