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new one-shot: valedictory

This has been brewing for a little while -- since before Truce, in any case, I told you I was on a bit of a Sirius-and-Lily kick. Anyhow, I like it, more or less. It's been a long time coming.

Title: Valedictory
Rating: Um, I put PG-13. They swear, like, twice. Omgz.
Characters: Lily, Sirius, James, baby!Harry.
Summary: The night before the Fidelius Charm is performed, Lily and James have the dubious task of saying good-bye to those they will not see. Sirius is the last to leave.
Excerpt: It isn’t that she doubts James’ decision, or even that she doubts Peter. James has assured her time and time again that this is their best plan, their only plan, that they’ll be fine, and the part of her with the half-filled glass has always agreed. Of course they will be. They always have been.

Standing in her foyer with her baby on her hip, her husband at her side and Sirius in front of her, though, she feels different. Her stomach is in knots, her palms are sweaty and she is even closer to tears now than she was when she’d given Remus a farewell hug twenty minutes earlier.

Er. Enjoy?

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truce, chapter 2

Title: Truce, Chapter 2
Summary: Lily and Sirius decide, reluctantly, that they are left with no choice but to get to know each other, and maybe even be friends.
In this chapter: Remus psychoanalyses Sirius' disdain for Lily. Sadie questions Lily's logic. The date -- that isn't a date -- begins.
Excerpt: “Are you kidding? It won’t be that bad? I have condemned myself to hours with the bloody devil herself. It’s like taking McGonagall on a date. It’s like taking Pince on a date. For that matter, it’s like taking you on a date. And it isn’t a date, anyway. Stop using that word. ‘Date’ implies some kind of romantic interest – or any interest, really.”
Link to chapter one.


Time to write some limericks. Ew.

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new short fic: truce

Yeah the subject line pretty much says it all.

Title: Truce, Chapter 1
Rating: I'm gonna go with PG-13, because it'll probably make it there. And I think I said "sex" once, that's pretty much good enough to make it PG-13 (/stab at American movie ratings).
Summary: Given Lily and James' strengthening relationship, Lily and Sirius realize they are going to have to conquer their general disdain for each other in order to make everyone's lives easier.
Excerpt: An entire Saturday in Hogsmeade with his mate’s girl was not exactly Sirius’ ideal weekend. Besides that, his mate’s girl was Lily Evans and that in and of itself made the whole situation unappealing.

Yay. =)

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(and all that jazz)

Title - When Those Blue Snowflakes Start Falling, Chapter 3
Character(s) - Sirius
Excerpt - He glared out the window and used the side of his fist to wipe away the little pattern he’d been tracing. Rather than make him nostalgic, the memories served only as fuel for his disdain.

Yay. =) And WHOO! School is over! Excitement! Thrills! Joy! Okay, so I work approximately seven hours every day of the break, but no school. Yay. =) (And in an attempt to make myself feel better I have just realized that, assuming I work as much the second week as I do the first, I'll make ~$600. Sweeeet.)

Anyway, happy holidays. This concludes the three pre-written drabbles, but I'll presumably have plenty more time to write a few more now that school is (for the most part) over.

I still need to write the Christmas exchange fic, but hm, it's part-way done, anyhow. WHOO.


PS -- hee hee, deathly hallows.
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Yay I wrote something! Huzzah for everyone who tried to inspire me. I will have you know that I wrote the whole thing to The Sacrifice, and Lexi gave me the basic idea here, so you all are winners! Yay.

Title: Trick or Treat
Rating: Pg-13. Um, people swear once or twice.
Summary: Halloween is by far Remus' least favorite holiday.
Excerpt:James rummages around in his trunk and produces a black cloak a size too large. He shoves one arm through, and struggles to pull the rest over his head, explaining. “Mum always packs me this incase my other cloak’s not warm enough. Says I’ll ‘grow into it’.” He rolls his eyes, pulls the hood up over his head and walks around the room as smoothly as he can manage at the age of thirteen. “See? I’m a Dementor!”

The formatting is a little wonky, I apologize. But yay, in time for Halloween!


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sanctuary -- new one-shot!

Well, I did promise you all I'd post here when I uploaded something new.

(Yeah, and I know you'd all be absolutely CRUSHED if I fell through on that one.)

So, I have!

Title: Sanctuary
Genre: One-shot. I don't know how to categorize it, so I'm just going to stick with 'general'.
Rating: Eh. G, PG, nothing spicy.
Words: About 1,500, including the author's notes.
Summary: Possibly the one thing James misses most about his parents is the ability to crawl into their bed when he's had a nightmare. With the war raging and life becoming an increasingly dreary affair, he longs for that small safe place.
Excerpt: He finds himself wishing he still had that nook to crawl into, a warm, reassuring recess somewhere in the world, where good was all-encompassing and evil was nothing more than a myth, a nightmare. It would be, he thinks, much more useful nowadays. As he stands there, staring down at the perfectly smoothed sheets, he wishes desperately and unapologetically that he was four again, terrified by nothing more than an inexistent worry, a figment of his imagination.

(a fake lj cut?! what madness.)

So.. yes. Feedback is love.