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two beavers are better than oneeee

I. Just watched last night's HIMYM, Collapse )

II. So a Radio Times poll named Rose as the most popular companion. That sound you hear is a thousand fanboys crying, but basically:

Naturally the first comment on the doctorwho post was "IF ROSE WON I'LL PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE". Hahahaha. W/e, haters gonna hate, etc. The remaining top 5 were Sarah Jane, Donna, K-9 (wtf) and Amy, in that order. Martha Jones was 11th which I find upsetting, though replace K-9 with Martha and the top 5 is good by me. Full results (all 40-something) are here if anyone cares and hasn't seen it yet.

III. Speaking of Amy Pond, Karen Gillan is going to be in some hilarious Shakespeare teen movie with some guy from Misfits and Dana Scully:

The actress has been cast as a New Jersey high-schooler who gets sent back in time to 13th century Verona and finds herself trapped in Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet.

Gillian Anderson will play Gillan's mother and a nurse in Verona, while Misfits actor Robert Sheehan is the school nerd who becomes Brittney's Romeo.

NGL my primary questions right now are a) does that mean she is done after s6? and b) but how does her accent compare to David Tennant's? shinyopals, clearly the time is ripe for our movie.

I will say though that I always sort of laugh when people are morally outraged by Shakespeare adaptations like this. I'm not saying this movie is necessarily going to be any good, but if he is rolling in his grave it is with laughter and not outrage.

IV. Aaaand rounding things off with a meme:

Give me a character/pairing from a fandom and I'll tell you
* why I love them
* my favourite moment
* my favourite quote
* my select song for this character/pairing (lol pre-emptively reserving the right to skip this one)
* my head canon for this character/pairing
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a poll and a... post... rec

shinyopals wrote up a pretty great post about consent and the need for warnings in fanfiction (with particular attention to tropes in Doctor Who fic and probably sci-fi in general) that you should all go read. Given the subject matter, there's some potentially triggery stuff in the post related to sexual assault, rape, and consent in general.

In slightly more light-hearted fare, I did this poll over a year ago and now am curious to see how the results have shifted, so... POLL 2.0!

I have been known to refer to that character from Journey's End as...

Ten II
Metacrisis Doctor
human Ten
John Smith

Is this just a poll so that Frances and Kali can feel smug about how many people have started using "Cloen"?

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lara croft is not on this list

I. I am going to goldy_dollar's cottage tomorrow to hang out with her and shinyopals! Hurrah! This would be exciting even if I wasn't horrifically bored, but since I am horrifically bored it seems even more appealing. I should probably... pack... and stuff.

II. Because of the aforementioned boredom, I started doing more Top 5s, but then only got through one before wandering away. The other ones require too much thought to be appealing right now, evidently. So I present to you Collapse )
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cool guys don't look at explosions


It is the Sun so I am not putting much stock in it, but then I also did not put any stock in it when they told me Martha and Mickey would be married in EOT and look how that turned out. IDK. I will believe it when it happens. This is also the outlook I have adopted regarding that apparent Torchwood casting sheet.

II. It is vitally important that you all know that shinyopals reads robot porn.

III. Whenever I attempt to take a break from Doctor Who fandom irritating me, I wind up running into all these posts on ohnotheydidnt about the Mel Gibson debacle and for every ten clever people there is that one asshole being like "idk i think she looks shady~" and UGH UNIVERSE. I am watching you, internet.

IV. Day 10 – A Who-Related Photo That You Took

At first I was all, "I don't have any", but then I remembered...


Ty shinyopals and goldy_dollar for your contribution to this meme.

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this post is mostly about doctor who. universal order has been restored.

1. My dad is in Sweden on business right now. His email on the matter says, "Everyone speaks english here & landscape looks a lot like Canada." DON'T MAKE IT SOUND SO EXOTIC, DAD.

Who am I kidding, I am totally jealous. I even sent hysteriagalore a stupid email that was like "HEY WE HAVE SOME OF UR MONEYZ LOLOL SO COOL LOL~" and I assume she turned away in shame.

2. Collapse )

3. So shinyopals mentioned that in one of the Doctor Who comics or something there's a bit where Donna leaves a video goodbye for Ten. Upon learning this my reaction was a mix of glee and outrage at HOW DARE THIS EXIST WITHOUT ANYONE TELLING ME UNTIL NOW! Anyway the scans are huge so I didn't want to look at work, but I got all excited by this tidbit and started planning a fic on the bus home and everything... only to actually look at the scans and learn they are basically the animated version of my fic. So... humph. Fine then, comic book person, be that way, I guess I won't infringe copyrights tonight.

4. Matt Smith is officially hilarious, which moves him up a lot in my estimations, though to be fair he was never particularly low. How can you resent a man who loves Mini Eggs, I ask you. I am getting more and more impatient for s5 to just start already. COME ON.

5. Most of you have probably seen this already but for the few who may not have and will appreciate it: lol 80s David Tennant lol