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never trust kijiji, or: how i got involved in an international money laundering scheme

As you know, I've been job hunting. As you can guess from the title, SHIT GOT WEIRD recently. This is the first most of you had heard of this because I didn't want to "jinx" anything back when I thought this was legit. Anyway, I'm copy/pasting from an email I sent other people because this is loooong. I was going to flock this to save face, but on second thought I'm going to leave it open so other people can be advised from my experiences.

K SO I replied to this job posting looking for an "office administrator", which is the kind of work I've been looking for. It was on Kijiji so like, you know, standard personal-ads type place. NOT THE HIGHEST OF QUALITY, lesson learned there!

Anyway, I sent a resume + cover letter, and a week later or whatever I got an email from someone with more deets on the job. It's a furniture company from the US opening more outlets and they're opening one in Canada so they need an admin assistant to run orders + take calls and do some data entry. 3 weeks of training to make sure you're suitable, then the store opens, etc. There was a website for this company that looked legit, and when you Google they come up on several customer review sites, usually with bad reviews LOL.

So I was all "yes okay I am interested sounds great". I also asked a few questions, like when would training me, are they still selectin from a pool of candidates, etc.

I got another email asking for a bit more information "for HR", including my street address because I don't have that on my resume. But I also know a street address is semi-standard for resumes so I'm like, whatever, and sent it back.

So a few days after that I get an email that's like "okay so I'm going to send the first order for you to process!!" It also does not answer any of the questions I had asked. At this point it starts pinging that things are pretty weird, but I am also worried about jeopardizing what COULD BE an okay job with decent pay + benefits (which was mentioned in the first email). So I was like "um, okay, but can you clarify some stuff" and asked more questions.

A few days after that, I got another email that's like "OKAY SO I JUST TALKED TO A CLIENT AND WE'RE SENDING THE ORDER TO YOU TO CASH YOU'LL GET TRAVELLERS CHEQUES" and by this point I know stuff is SERIOUSLY WEIRD. So I told my dad (I hadn't told anyone about it up to this point because I didn't want to ~jinx myself) what was going on, and emailed the guy being like "what? why would I cash the cheques into my bank? Can you explain?" That was on Friday. I have received no answers.

BUT this afternoon I did get something in the mail, from MANCHESTER???, containing $2kUSD in travellers cheques. No return address. All addressed to me. HA HA HA OKAY.

So my dad and I did a bit more googling, and I guess there's some kind of international money laundering ring that does this and targets students? GR8.

anyway so I guess we are going to the police tomorrow.
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as you can see my life is riveting

I. So the perks of being unemployed, I guess, is that yesterday my friend Tania called and was like "if you can get here in half an hour you can go to Calypso with my company for free", to which naturally I was like "SURE!" I guess they'd paid for 20 people or whatever but some dropped out last minute so they were trying to fill the spaces. Score one for unemployment! It was quite fun. I've been several times before but never for FREE! lol, and also this was the first time I've been there that wasn't a Saturday and 40C outside, so it was a bit cooler and less crowded which was nice.

However the last thing we did was this ride:

We went on twice because there was literally no line. The first time was fun and unventful. The second time, at the bottom, I SOMEHOW FLEW OFF MY MAGIC CARPET THING and skidded a few feet on my own. While my boobs came out of my bathing suit. SO that was nice.

II. The other thing my unemployment has brought me is way too much knowledge of THE CHEATING SAGA: BREAKING ROB '12, as ONTD would call it. I don't care about Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart and yet I am drawn to these posts. Such is my life. The delusional stans on Tumblr coming up with conspiracy theories are hilarious though!

III. On Saturday I'm heading over to Montreal to see Joel McHale's mysterious show and hang with sweetcherrytree, which should be fun. Hurrah!

IV. Lastly, I guess Entertainment Weekly is doing a Doctor Who issue. Or more specifically a "cult classics" issue or something with DW on the front and a big article about it, w/e I don't care much except for this:


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after i see joel mchale i'll have hit basically every tv show i really like

I. Sometimes I think I should post to LJ, but I really have nothing to say because my life right now is beyond boring. I'm job hunting, which as I'm sure many of you know is basically the worst thing to ever do in the world. Since that's present tense, you can probably infer that I have no job, and you would be correct. So basically I have a lot of free time and nothing to do because I have no money, everything costs money, and most of my friends are real people with real jobs.

II. Last night despite the whole "no money" thing though a friend and I went to see Aziz Ansari's stand-up show, since he was in town. I'm not familiar with him outside of Parks & Rec, but he was very very funny. I was also pretty impressed because there was only one or two jokes that I thought were a bit off-colour and they weren't even that bad really -- especially compared to the woman who opened for him, where I spent half of her set sort of cringing. Anyway, if for whatever reason you have the opportunity to see the show and were considering it but not sure, I'd recommend it.

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IV. God this is a boring post full of information no one wants. Possibly more relevant: Karen and I are thinking of starting up dwrewatch again! If you were around last time and have some suggestions or feedback to offer, head over and let us know.
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classic Wingers

hey guess who's seeing Jeff Winger Joel McHale in a month with sweetcherrytree?


lol TBH I don't know the first thing about his stand-up so it could be terrible but hey, Jeff Winger.

Actually the Just for Laughs lineup this year is decent, and by "decent" I mean "hey, I've heard of these people". There's also Aziz Ansari, whom I noticed after Joel McHale. And Deanne Smith, whom I saw last year with goldy_dollar and kazutakia and who was HILARIOUS, so if anyone in the area is looking for a cheaper show I would recommend her.

In other news I don't have a lot of other news. Tay and I are watching this miniseries called The Syndicate which features Neville Longbottom and it is pretty stellar.

Other than that I am still unemployed so mostly I spend time on the internet trying not to spend money. Hooray.
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a preview of the existential crisis to come

This is a quick post to cover a couple things:

  • I am back from travelling the wilds with my eBFFs. I arrived safely in Canada a few hours ago now.
  • I am not particularly happy about this.
  • By that I mean it's possible I spent most of yesterday + today like

  • Anyway, I did have a great time! I will write a more detailed post probably when I am less full of pizza and jetlag.
  • But shout-out to mildlyconfused, erethesunrises and anythingbutgrey for meeting up with us and putting up with our tendency to travel in a large brigade and also my inability to write informative text messages on my 2003 phone. It was great to meet all of you!
  • I haven't caught up on any TV, which means I am well behind on Community, GOT and LOK. Please don't spoil me for any in the meantime! I'll catch up soon.
  • I hear LJ did something to the comments that made fandomsecrets flounce? I'm so not in the mood to deal with this shit, LJ.
  • Lastly [I hear there is thus rumour going around about DW 7x05.]"Susan Tyler"? LOL. Chances of this being true: approximately one in a billion. If this were true, chance that I would like it: 0.

So I think that covers most of it.
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a topic everyone cares about at 1am

I miss writing fic. I realize it is not very productive to say that and then do nothing about it, but it's true. I have ideas that float around in my head for days but I never sit down to write them, even though it's not like I'm doing something more productive. I think part of the problem is that most of the ideas I have these days are longer than the average one-shot, which makes me intimidated before I start so I don't even bother. I got very used to being able to shunt a fic off to Frances when I was frustrated with a scene, lirl.

I also wish ficathons -- specifically comment ficathons but even more generally -- were still a thing, but they seem to have been largely wiped out by Tumblr. I've seen a couple comment ficathons recently, but they're nowhere near as populated as they were two years ago and most of the fandoms/prompts were for things I don't read/write fic for anyway.

There's no real point to this post other than to whine about it I guess. IT IS NO ONE'S FAULT BUT MY OWN, though I do wish I had pages of prompts to scroll through and then get frustrated over not writing lol. I am also sure it is no coincidence that I suddenly miss fic writing when I have an essay to be writing. ISN'T THAT ALWAYS THE WAY?

I guess the moral of this post is, are there any active ficathons right now? Or even fic memes more exciting than "give me a prompt"? Hmmm.
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series 7 trailer and... comic-con? lolllll

I guess there's a Doctor Who convention or something today.

lmao @ cam recording, OLDSCHOOL. I remember watching one of these for EOT. That was more exciting. They're releasing the shiny version on Monday but clearly underestimated the dedication of fans.

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In hilarious and slightly related con news, I guess I am going to our Comic Con in May? LOLLLL. Some of my friends from school asked if I wanted to go with them and I said sure, mostly out of curiosity and also because I didn't think it was really that expensive for a day pass (the VIP pass though? lawd). The only guest they've announced so far that I am familiar with is Patrick Stewart, which LOL @ Patrick Stewart coming here. I can only assume they lied to him. I love Patrick Stewart though so that's neat.

Also about an hour ago, Friend texted me to be like "btw I am probably going to cosplay as Amy Pond". It is strange to have a friend I met in real life who uses words like "cosplay". Also strange to have a friend in real life who is a big Moffat stan.
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there is no gif for the things i am feeling, etc

First off, thanks everyone for your nice comments on my last post. Things are getting better, ish. My mom sounds more like herself although I suspect she's mostly been trying not to think about it, which is the same tactic I've been using.

Second and much more happily LOOK LOOK LOOK:


Ignore the fact that Todd Packer is an awful, awful unfunny character and focus on her hair.

Anyway The Office hasn't been a good show in ages and this season sounds particularly awful but IDC, Catherine Tate! On my television! Huzzah!

I'm pretty sure I was going to post about something else too but now I completely forgot so enjoy these photos. OH WAIT. In continuing the weird theme of Doctor Who/NBC comedy crossovers:

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aaand just as I finished writing this I started crying. there we go.

Our dog died this morning.

He was going to be two years old tomorrow. I was asleep and so was my dad but my mom took him out to play fetch as she does every morning and I guess he just... like... collapsed. She came in screaming that he'd died which is what woke up me and my dad. They're taking him to the vet now and I ...got showered and dressed. I've been shaky and my mouth is dry, is that shock? IDK. We've had dogs and lost them before, but it was always at the end of long lives and always when we took them to be put to sleep, so it was never a shock.

This is completely unbelievable to me and to the rest of us because there was absolutely no indication ever that anything was the slightest bit wrong with the dog. On the contrary, he was the healthiest, fittest damn dog we'd ever owned, compared to the one with epilepsy and the one who had like four surgeries before he was four.

I am upset but mostly shocked I think and primarily upset for my mom, because she loved this dog. He was her baby. And obviously she was not even the slightest bit prepared for this, and because she was the one playing fetch with him she thinks she should've stopped or somehow known.

RIP, Loki. For two years you were the happiest, friendliest dog I've ever seen.