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yay harry potter and doctor who! boo sally lockhart

SO I actually had a pretty good day which is nice after feeling grumpy all week. Here is some stuff.

I. Continuing my Pullman binge and so placebetween doesn't disown me, I'm reading The Shadow in the North. I've only got maybe 40 pages left but I have to post about this one traumatic event. Collapse )

II. In less traumatic news, I have tickets to Deathly Hallows tonight at 9:40! When we went to pick up the tickets yesterday, at around 8:30, there was already a line down the hall and around the door for the midnight show. Damnnn. Anyway, I'm super excited, because OMG HARRY POTTER :D and because almost all my high school friends are going and getting us all in the same room is a rare but glorious occurrence these days.

III. Lastly, look! A trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special! Wheee!