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you're a mess to be made


Silly Love Songs has been updated.

No, you are not hallucinating. I have actually written something that's kind of alright and fit for public viewing. Whoa!

Chapter Sixteen - A Mess to be Made is now up over at UR.org. Take a look, if you're still interested.

Ahem. Soap opera style... PREVIOUSLY on Silly Love Songs:

Sirius pees in the shower! Melanie and Sirius established that they are both convinced Anna and James are acting very shady and mysterious and there must be a deeper reason! Anna and James had a cryptic talk about their relationship! James wrote his Mummy and Daddy and then discovered, gasp shock horror, the whole school thinks he slept with Lily! Lily read lots of stuff about werewolves under a tree! James confronted Lily about why the hell she had told people they slept together! Lily was thoroughly confused! James was late for Quidditch! Peter's evil twin got Narcissa pregnant!

Except for the last one.

=) Enjoy.

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