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lol giant television post

My mom is watching "Mercy", and when Lead Doctor Chick promptly started gettin' it on with Random Doctor Guy while they were walking down the hallway, I posed the question "so... what makes this different from Grey's Anatomy?" and got no real response. I take this to mean there is none. Oh, hospital shows. Can there ever be too many of you? I suspect the answer is yes. Plus whenever I see a hospital show I have an instinctive "Scrubs did it better" reaction. SORRY MERCY, I'M REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU...

COLON CAPITAL D, COLON CAPITAL O, "Dickensian", and "my people crossed a desert once" were pretty lulzy.

But I actually felt quite bad for Sheldon, to the point where I'm not entirely sure if I was supposed to feel that bad for him or if I was just supposed to be like, "LOL STUPID SHELDON". I didn't think the resolution at the end of the episode was really resolution so much as it was "uhhh we only have a 20 minute time slot and we've got two minutes left" quick fix. If the next episode opens with him mysteriously having his job back and everything being reset (except presumably the Leonard/Penny thing, which... ehh...), I think the show will lose a few more points on my gradient of "sitcoms which are good" and will end up firmly on the "sitcoms which are funny" scale. I've always been pretty "meh" towards Leonard but I found him pretty much entirely unsympathetic. I mean, I didn't hate him, but I definitely did not sympathise with him as the protagonist. Actually he seemed kind of like a non-entity. And neither Leonard/Penny nor Sheldon/Penny has managed to ~dazzle~ me, though that's not unusual because I tend to not really ship things. Also, needs moar Leslie.

I dunno, I mean, it is a sitcom, so presumably I am not supposd to think too hard about it. And really I just watch for occasional nerdy references I understand. But I think I'm just not sold on their ability to do character arcs, and this is what keeps it in the "shows I like" category rather than the "shows I love" category.

Anyway I just remembered that back when Frances and I were at her ~country house~ we re-watched The Idiot's Lantern and got into an academic debate over which is more pathetic, Fear Her or The Idiot's Lantern, taking into account the fact that they both have awful plots but lots of shippy moments. So I bring this to you.
The Doctor has hair that makes him look like a cuckatoo. Rose wears an awesome dress and figures shit out way before the Doctor. There is an abusive 50s husband. A TV-monster cleverly called "The Wire" eats people's faces for... some... reason. The Doctor survives electrocution on a giant tower for the first, but not last, time in the new series. There is a spinny hug.

The chick from Casanova has an abusive ex-husband and a crazy daughter with crayolas. A lonely space alien decides to collect friends by trapping them inside horrible drawings. The Doctor eats marmalade out of the jar, does the Vulcan hand sign and mind-meld and carries the Olympic torch. A mural of the abusive ex-husband comes to life and is defeated by the song "Cuckaburro Sits in the Old Gum Tree". Rose hacks up the street with a pickaxe and ruins a construction worker's day. There is a squishy hug.

Having established that:

Which episode is worse?

The Idiot's Lantern
Fear Her
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