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29 June 2005 @ 05:47 pm
chapter ten -- under the milkyway tonight  
Here I go, updating again. I'm almost done uploading already-written chapters! Yay. I really like the next couple of chapters, they're my favorites, so I will be glad to upload them. Yay!

Chapter Ten – Under the Milky Way Tonight
And it’s something quite peculiar
Something that’s shimmering and white
Leads you here despite your destination
Under the Milky Way tonight

-Under the Milky Way, the Church

She didn’t really know what she expected him to talk about. Maybe he’d talk about something actually school-related, maybe he wanted to ask her something about the meeting with the prefects, maybe he wanted to apologize for everything he’d said to her, maybe he wanted to know what Anna’s favorite flower was, she didn’t know. She did know, however, that she hadn’t quite been expecting what he did say.

“I want you to make up with Anna.”

Both her eyebrows rose and she blinked. That wasn’t something she’d been expecting. Since when did James care about the lives of her and her friends?


“You heard what I said, Lily.”

For a reason she wasn’t quite sure of, she didn’t leave instantly like she would’ve thought. Instead, she merely sighed and let her hands fall from her chest. “That is none of your business, Potter.”

“It is!” James protested, eyebrows arching. “Anna’s my girlfriend, and so –“

“And so that somehow makes it okay for you to get into aspects of her life that have nothing to do with you? Look, Potter, it doesn’t concern you, and that’s that.”

“Evans, damnit, stop hating me for five seconds and realize that what I’m saying actually makes sense. You want to be friends with Anna; Anna wants to be friends with you; Melanie just wants you both to shut the hell up. You apologize to her, she’ll apologize back, and everything will revert back to how it used to be.”

Lily hesitated. Well, she would have liked to be friends with Anna and Melanie again, because that made things so much simpler, but was it her fault? Why should she be the one to apologize? Anna was James’ girlfriend, not her – why wasn’t he pleading this case to Anna?

“Look, Potter, I appreciate the concern, but the three of us will deal with it how we like, alright? I don’t see how it’s any of your business.”

James extended a leg and kicked a chair out from the table, beckoning her to sit. Looking at her again, he sighed. “It’s my business because it’s my fault. I would really rather not be responsible for breaking up three friendships.”

“Maybe you should’ve given that a thought before you asked Anna out.”

“Sorry, Evans, but last time I checked, you hated me. I didn’t think you would care.”

Lily’s eyes narrowed slightly. “I do hate you, Potter, but that's not what this is about."

“Yes it is.”

“No it’s not!”

“Is too.”

“Is not!”


“Nu-uh! … Oh bloody hell, Potter, you four year old.”

James snickered and shook his head. “Ahhh, if I am four then you are no older than five, Evans.”

Lily glared at the floor for a second but said nothing; she knew he had a point.

“Look, Evans, just give it some consideration, will you? I’m not worth losing your best friend over.”

Lily snorted quietly. “I wasn’t arguing that fact.”

“Then talk to her. Simple as that.”

Lily lifted her gaze from the floor to stare at him incredulously. “You hypocrite,” she said softly as she moved forward. Taking the back of the chair he’d kicked toward her, she jerked it a bit farther from the table and sat down.

A look of confusion flickered across James’ face.


Holding his gaze – which, she was pleased to see, was actually focused on her eyes – she replied calmly, “you’re a hypocrite. Regarding friends and apologies and fights, anyway. Last year –“

“This isn’t sixth year, Evans.”

“Last year,” Lily continued, ignoring his protest, “you weren’t speaking to any of your friends, except for Pettigrew, and the two of you were the only two of the four who were –“

James rolled his eyes, his expression turning mildly annoyed. “Yes, I am aware, Evans, but this isn’t last year.”

“Everyone in Gryffindor wanted the four of you to kiss and make up, because lord knows the four of you are loud and obnoxious when you’re getting along but having you moody and brooding is even worse.”

James did not like the direction the conversation was taking. It was not something he wanted to discuss with Lily because she was bound to ask questions he couldn’t answer. Leave it to the women to flip things around. “That was different, Evans. There are some things you can’t just kiss and make up over.”

“Case in point,” Lily said smugly.

“Your fight is not one of those times, Evans.”

“Oh?” She arched an eyebrow. “What makes the fight you guys had any different?”

“That is none of your business, Evans.”

“I don’t think my fight is any of your business.”

“It is,” James argued. He propped one foot up onto the table and looped his arms around it, leaving Lily to wonder if sitting on tables was something he did very often. It was rather rude, by typical standards of society, but Lily was beginning to realize that James very rarely conformed to the standards of society. “It is,” he repeated, “because I am the cause of it. This makes it my fault, and this gives me the right to care.”

With a sigh Lily rested one elbow on the table and put her chin in her hand, staring at him. “Whether or not you spawned it, Potter, is not the point. It’s still our problem and we will figure out how to deal with it in due time.”

James stared at her, brow furrowed. He considered her for a moment before sighing. “Why can’t you just apologize?”

“I’m not the one who should be apologizing!”

“That doesn’t matter!”

“Yes it does!”

James opened his mouth to retort before closing it again and shaking his head. “Why is it every time I try to talk to you we end up raising our voices?”

He’d lowered his voice, and since the easiest way to get someone to stop yelling was to not yell back, Lily lowered hers. “Probably because the both of us are completely incompatible, as I have been pointing out for years now.”

“I don't think we’re as incompatible as you think we are.”

“I don't think you’re right.”

Rather to Lily’s surprise, James didn’t continue the petty argument. He merely arched an eyebrow at her, head tilting to the side slightly. “All I’m saying, Evans,” he said, “is that it’s a terrible shame to lose your best friends over someone you hate.”

Lily frowned slightly. She supposed he had a point. “And you’re authority on the subject, I suppose?”

“I know from experience, Evans. It’s not worth it. Trust me.”

Lily sighed. She would like her friends back – having friends made things much more pleasant, and a lot less lonely. She would readily apologize to Anna if Anna showed any signs of readily apologizing back. When the silence stretched a few seconds longer, Lily sighed and heaved herself up from the seat, a slightly amused smile playing on her lips. “Well, Potter, as appreciated as that little seminar was, I’m afraid-“

James cut her off. “Why aren’t we friends, Evans?”

She stopped, the reaction she was sure he’d been hoping for, and glanced over her shoulder about the time she reached the doorway. “Do I really have to list the reasons why, Potter?”

“I’ve heard all your favorite insults for me, Evans,” James replied simply, lifting his chin from his knee and sliding off the table. Standing straight, he regarded her with a peculiar look. “I understand that you wouldn’t be caught dead going out with someone like me. I get it -“

Took long enough, Lily thought.

“ –but I don’t see why we can’t, at the very least, be civil toward each other. We’re going to be seeing a lot of each other, you know, since we’re authoritative partners and all.” A hint of the grin Lily had come to dislike so much was tugging at his lips by that time, and the girl sighed, turning around.

“You know why we can’t be civil, Potter?” asked Lily, both eyebrows arched and tone slightly exasperated. “Because you never give us a chance to be civil.”

James looked slightly offended by this, as well as quite startled. He didn’t give them a chance? He didn’t let them be civil? How was that his fault? He’d been trying to be civil to the girl for years. He always initiated the conversations, he always made took the first step, he was the one who’d been attempting to build some sort of relationship between them the whole time. She was the one who refused blatantly to even consider such a thing, she was the one who’d rejected him so often, she was the one who screamed insults every time he was nearby.

Excuse me, Evans?” he said, and Lily recognized the new tone in his voice as a rather defensive one – the same one he’d used with her at the dance, although a lot less harsh. “I haven’t given us the chance? You are the –“

“No, Potter, it’s not all my fault,” Lily interrupted, and James noticed that she was starting to sound like McGonagall whenever the class failed to understand a concept after several methods of teaching. “Maybe I’m the one who’s been rejecting you for years, maybe I’m the one who never gave you a chance to snog me, maybe I’m the one who’s blind to the fact that, somehow, over the past year, you’ve become a completely new person, but you’re the one that stops us from being civil. We were being civil at the dance, weren’t we? We were getting along just fine until you decided it’d be a good idea to try and kiss me. We aren’t being civil now because you’re going out with Anna, and quite honestly I don’t like the idea of you going out with any of my friends, Potter, because I don’t trust you with them.

And why should I? The only reason you’re going out with Anna now is to kill a month’s time before you can start harassing me again. I’m not stupid, Potter.”

James seemed to consider it as she spoke, and the defensive sort of look he’d been wearing earlier faded away and he merely listened to her, staring at nothing in particular near her feet. Lily folded her arms over her chest again, leaning back against the doorway, waiting for a reaction. It wasn’t the first time in seven years she’d rendered him speechless, but most often she didn’t wait around to see what he did when he found his voice again.

This time, however, she figured she might as well.

“…That’s not why,” he said finally, glancing up from the floor to meet her eyes and giving his head a little shake. “That’s not why I’m going out with her. I’m not just trying to ‘kill time’. Trust me.”

“Maybe Anna honestly believes you’ve gotten over this little infatuation of yours - and for all I know, maybe you believe it too - but I don’t, Potter,” she said softly. “No matter what you tell Anna, no matter what you tell yourself, I’m confident that your motivation – at least subconsciously – for asking her out was merely so you could get your mind off me, for once, and Anna was the first person to show up.”

Lily paused for a second, considering. After a second she stood up straight and let her arms fall from her sides. “Fighting or not, Potter, break her heart, and you’ll pay.”

“I’m not going to break her heart. Trust me.”



The stupid prat.

She moved for the door. “Stop saying that. I don’t trust you, Potter, that’s the thing.”


Whether or not he realized it, James’ preaching to Lily did have a positive effect. A very positive one, actually, as the instant she’d left the library she’d continued on her way to the Gryffindor common rooms feeling particularly determined. She still didn’t trust him. She still didn’t condone Anna and James’ relationship, and she still thought Anna was a complete idiot for having anything to do with the fool.

She did think he’d made one good point though: someone you hate was not worth losing your best friends over.

With that in mind she marched straight up to the girls’ dormitories, not surprised to find Anna alone in their shared dorm. Of course Melanie wasn’t around; she was actively avoiding both of them, and so she spent as little time as possible in the dormitories. The only time Lily ever saw her, really, was at night, when she entered the room, swept into the bathroom, got ready for bed and drew the curtains around her all in quick succession. She really was quite good at giving the cold shoulder, which was an interesting quality, since most people caved pretty quickly.

When Lily entered and didn’t immediately rush into the bathroom or curl up in bed, Anna looked up from the book she was reading and arched an eyebrow. Lily knew that she must find her presence peculiar. Most often two people avoided each other like the bubonic plague after a row, and they certainly didn’t enter the dorm and stand there staring at the other person.

“We need to talk, Anna.”

Anna regarded her through slightly narrowed eyes and for a second Lily thought she was going to flat out refuse. She didn’t, though; she simply snapped the book shut, set it on the table, and sat up. Running a hand through her hair, she looked the redhead up and down before nodding. “Yeah. I suppose we do.”

Taking a seat on the edge of her bed, as it was next to Anna’s, Lily folded her hands in her lap and wondered where she was supposed to begin. She still certainly didn’t think she was the only one at fault here. If there was an innocent in the whole thing it was Melanie, and the only reason she was going to forgive them was if they forgave each other.

“I’m sorry I overreacted.”

It was always easiest to start off simple, wasn’t it?

She watched Anna for a reaction, and got one. The cautious, guarded expression Anna’s face wilted away and she slouched slightly, posture changing with an exhale. She nodded, gazing not at Lily but across the room. “Yeah. I know.”

Lily was slightly surprised the girl hadn’t returned the phrase, but she decided not to be deterred. Tilting her head to the side, she supposed she might as well get some answers. Since they were supposed to be talking, why not let Anna do some of it?

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Anna’s gaze moved to Lily and she cocked her head, brow furrowing. “Tell you what?”

“Tell me. That you made out with Potter the night before.”

Anna’s eyebrows moved from their bunched up position and shot upwards. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, gears were turning.

“I didn't..." she began, before giving her head a little shake and continuing in a stronger voice, "...I didn’t want to, incase it turned out to be nothing at all,” Anna replied simply, blinking. “I thought you’d overreact.”

Lily looked offended for a second, but decided to drop it.

"How did... you... er... know about that, anyway?" Anna asked, furrowing a brow.

Lily blinked, wondering why it was Anna sounded a little purplexed. She considered the question and realized she did not really want to answer it. Admit she’d been going down to apologize to James for screaming at him time and time again? Admit that to James’ girlfriend, who would no doubt tell him, who would never under any circumstances, ever let her live that down? How on Earth…? She decided lying was the only plausible option; if only she knew how to lie well.

“… it’s best to look the person in the eye. They think you can’t lie and look them in the eye. People tend to give themselves too much credit.”

Hoping James knew as much about lying as she was betting he did, Lily met Anna’s gaze and replied, as nonchalantly as she could, “I thought I’d dropped something in the Common Room and I was going down the stairs to go get it.”

Anna was satisfied. “Oh.”

Silence fell between the two for a moment, a silence pregnant with the awkwardness that came with just having apologized.

For only a moment.

“Why are you going out with him, Anna?”

Anna sent her a funny look for that one, brow furrowing as if Lily had asked her what colour the sky was and Anna was taken aback by her lack of knowledge. Laying down on the bed again Anna sighed. “Why do you think, Lily? I like him.”

The other girl’s eyes narrowed into something of a scrutinizing stare. “Since when?”

Anna bit her lip and stared at the ceiling, seemingly considering her response. When she released the lip from the grip, she sighed and seemingly decided honesty was the best policy. “End of sixth year.”


Anna didn’t reply.

“You… sixth year? I never knew that!”

“Neither does Melanie,” Anna admitted, gaze still trained on the ceiling.

“Well, why the hell not?” asked Lily once she’d seemed to have gotten her mind around the idea.

“Why would I tell?” Anna turned her gaze over to Lily, one arm sprawled behind her head across the pillow and the other dangling limply over the edge of the bed. “You completely abhorred him, Melanie didn’t like him much more than you did, and I kind of thought you’d be mad at me.”

Lily snorted softly and shook her head. “You thought I’d be mad at you for liking him, yet you didn’t think I’d be mad at you for going out with him?”

Anna frowned and gave a sigh. She seemed to be considering her answer for a long moment, before she finally spoke again. “You don’t get it, Lily. He’s been asking you out constantly for years – you’re the one girl he’s always had his eye on. You never had to worry about regretting it if you turned him down, because you’d get another opportunity in case you changed your mind, anyway. If there ever came the time that you did want to take James up on his countless offers, you could rest assured he’d drop everything he was doing to whisk you away into the sunset. With me… if I’d said no, that’d have been the end of it.”

Lily tried to detach herself, tried to pretend it wasn’t Potter, and tried to see things from Anna’s perspective, for a moment. If she’d liked someone since the end of sixth year, someone who by all rights seemed to be completely smitten with her best friend, and suddenly found herself quite capable of becoming the girlfriend of said someone, would she have taken it? It would be tempting, sure; that’s what crushes were for, clouding your senses and making you make a fool of yourself at inopportune times. Anna was right about Lily never having to worry about regret, though she’d never thought of it that way; with James she was guaranteed a second chance.

With a quiet sigh, Lily shook her head. “You still should’ve mentioned it to one of us, Anna.”

“I know…” she admitted simply, “I know, but I wasn’t thinking, alright? I didn’t figure you’d be jealous, because you hate him, and I didn’t figure Melanie would care too particularly much, because she always seemed rather neutral about the whole thing. When I got back upstairs that night, you were both dead asleep, and the next day… well, the next day I didn’t want to say anything, because we all know the only woman James has had a consistent interest in for ages has been you.”

Sitting back on the bed, Lily arched an eyebrow. “It’s not that I’m jealous, it’s more the fact that Potter is not a particularly likeable person alongside the fact that a day before you saw it fit to start going out with him he made a complete fool out of me in front of the entire school.”

“I’m sorry, Lily.”

“I know.”

Anna grinned slightly. “Friends?”

“Friends,” Lily confirmed with a nod.

“And you’re okay with me going out with Potter?”

Lily considered for a second.

“It’s your funeral,” Lily admonished.

Anna’s grin broadened and she slipped her feet over the edge of the bed. “Marvelous. Now I need to go get my Arithmancy book, because I’m afraid I was completely lost all class.”

Standing up and moving from her bed, Anna slipped down the stairs, grin still on her face. Perhaps Lily hadn’t been exactly encouraging regarding James, but still, they were friends again and all was well, right?

And, if all went well, perhaps more than friends.

As she reached the base of the stairs and moved towards the table beneath which she’d dumped her book bag, she noticed that James entered the room and gave him a smile and a wave, picking up her book. She wondered for a second why he was so much later than Lily when they’d been at the very same meeting. Deciding it wasn’t important, she straightened up.

“Anna?” he asked in response to the wave, casting a quick glance around the room, perhaps to see how many occupants there were, “Can I speak to you for a moment?”

The girl gave a knowing sort of grin and glanced around the room. Upon discovery that it wasn’t quite empty, she nodded and headed over toward him, rather quickly following him out of the portrait hole.

When Melanie was informed of the fact that Anna and Lily had ‘kissed and made up’, so to speak, her main reaction was an eye roll. It was about time, she told them, and although a day or however long it had been was not a particularly long period of time, it was still longer than they ought to allow James Potter to split them up for. Honestly, Lily had to notice that a lot about Melanie’s reaction reminded her of James’ little lecture. He’s not worth it, Melanie had said. Someone you hate isn’t worth your best friends.

Lily had been about to note the similarity when she’d decided not to. As far as she knew, Anna and Melanie had no idea that James had been the one to prompt her into apologizing, and she intended to keep it that way. For some reason, the idea that James had convinced her to do anything was weird. She knew it was silly, but it felt like a slippery slope sort of thing. First she was being convinced by James to dance, just once, then she was being convinced by James to apologize, then she was being convinced by James to accompany him to Hogsmeade, and then before she knew it, it was the first dance of their wedding…

Oh, my, where had that come from, she wondered, as she moved down one of the perpetually changing stair cases and toward the Great Hall. Time had flown; it was October 15th already, nearly three weeks since the disastrous dance. There was a group of twelve students she was to be meeting in the Great Hall before taking them outside to work on… oh, star charts, or something simple like that. Lily was not exactly looking forward to it.

“Everyone here?” she asked brightly as she approached the group of twelve year olds, who had already clustered together and begun talking, probably about how little they wanted to be here.

“Not quite,” replied a tall – for his age, in any case – red-haired boy. “Valerie’s got the flu, her brother told me to tell you she wouldn’t be coming tonight.”

Lily nodded. “Alright… well, that’s everyone then?”

There were murmurs of consent and she smiled at the kids. “Outside, then!” She turned on her heel and headed out of the Great Hall, the lot of them at her heels.

This might not be so bad, she reflected, as she lead them out onto the grounds. They seemed to know where they were going as they headed off before her and across the grounds, towards and open spot near the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Lily walked after them at a leisurely pace, turning her gaze upward. While Astronomy wasn’t her favorite class, by any means, at least the scenery was pleasant. It really was quite a nice night, she decided as she gazed heavenward. A nice night for stargazing; it was cloudless, she could tell, because of the way the constellations stuck out so nicely.

The cherry atop the celestial sundae was the brightly shining, gorgeous and perfectly round full moon.


Forests are usually rather peculiar at night. Many of the animals take refuge for the night and settle down quietly in whatever type of home it is they inhabit, while others still spring to life during the nighttime. Depending on the forest, it tends to be either quite welcoming, quite peaceful, really, during the nighttime, or quite the opposite. With the veil of darkness, trees start to look sinister, shadows start to be eerie, and twigs snapping tends to alert an instinctive fear in most people.

After almost three years of monthly escapades within the forest, it’d stopped seeming sinister. The four of them were pretty used to the noises the animals made at night, to the snapping twigs and to the impeccable darkness, and in all honesty it wasn’t particularly frightening. In truth, a large part of that could be attributed to the fact that they were the scariest aspect of the forest each month; they were the big fish of the small pond.

They rather doubted there were any animals that wanted to argue the authority of a rat, a stag, a dog, and a werewolf.

…Or at least the werewolf, in any case.

At the moment, the aforementioned werewolf was rolling around with the aforementioned dog, one gnawing on the other's leg and one gnawing on the other's ear in the playful way that only the canine species could ever seem to achieve. They weren’t hurting each other, not really, anyway, or at least not any more than they usually did. It was in as good fun as they could be expected to have, given the scenario, but if left the rat scurrying around on the forest floor and the deer standing there casting a gaze around the forest.

There was … a sound, he realized after a second, a sound apart from the growls and yelps from the two canines. He took a few steps away from them in an attempt to hear it better, neck craned. It was… what? He couldn’t quite tell. It was getting louder, though, that much he could make out.

Typically, when noises get louder, it means the source of the noise is getting closer.

It was a few minutes, it seemed, before the noises came close enough to be distinguishable. It was… kids! Yes, that was it; it was voices, voices of kids and … Evans?

The stag wasn’t the only one to notice, although that could largely be blamed on canine hearing. For a second, the second after the voices were distinguishable, the werewolf and the dog’s yelping stopped, along with the playful scuffle. The rat stopped squeaking around on the ground and for a second the voices of the people were the only sounds audible.

That only lasted a second, though: the second it took all four animals to realize that voices meant people, and at the end of the second the werewolf was snarling again, the growl this time harsher, more malevolent than it had been previously. His efforts shifted from playful wrestling into an honest attempt to throw the dog off, accompanied by the unpleasant sound of gnashing teeth and snapping jaws.

Well, shit. I suppose that’s why October fifteenth rang a bell.

The stag looked down at the dog, and the dog looked up from the struggle with the werewolf, eye contact established however briefly before the stag gave a little jerk of his antlered head and took off in the direction of the voices.

Chapter 12 - “All I’m saying, Evans,” he said, “is that it’s a terrible shame to lose your best friends over someone you hate.” - I honestly hope that is self explanatory, but I wanted to point it out anyway.

““Not quite,” replied a tall – for his age, in any case – red-haired boy. The tall red-haired boy is a would-be Weasley, until I realized that I was wrong in thinking the eldest of the Weasley boys would be a first year during Lily & James' graduating year. I read that somewhere, but I do believe I was terribly wrong. Heh.

And for anyone who was wondering -- I know my friend pointed this out to me, but that seeemed to be about it -- here's the scoop with the werewolf thing:

Of course the entire staff knows about Remus. That, I find, is the logical thing to assume. They did not just 'forget' that it is a full moon, and no, Skentelbury is not trying to murder Lily and the second years. It's just that, for all intents and purposes, it isn't as though they have any reason to believe Remus is anywhere but in the Shrieking Shack alone, right? They certainly wouldn't think he would be out in the forest where he could reach the grounds -- so they would not assume him to be a threat to Lily.

Questions, comments, yadda yadda, hit the button, drop me a line. =)

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