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fic: the ghosts that broke my heart before i met you, multi-fandom

Title: the ghosts that broke my heart before I met you
Rating: PG
Characters, pairings & fandoms: Jacob/Bella, Edward/Bella (Twilight), Remus/Tonks, Sirius (Harry Potter), Jim/Karen, Jim/Pam (The Office), Martha/Doctor, Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who)
Length 480. I am lame.
Notes of which there are many: Okay first off, this is the first thing I've written that wasn't the result of a meme in way too long. Secondly, this is my first time trying my hand at The Office or Doctor Who, and only my second time with Twilight, and I feel weirdly self-conscious and insecure in a way I never do with writing. Ha ha. Also, I'm going to go ahead and say this is mostly for anythingbutgrey because a) I'm pretty sure she wrote a multi-fandom fic a while ago and that's what sort of gave me the idea to try this, b) crazy anons keep harassing her, c) she always names her fics after song lyrics or something and I feel like I'm stealing it from her and d) I never actually wrote her anything for her birthday like I said I would, so here. OOPS MONTHS LATE, SORRY.

Title comes from 'Ghosts' by Laura Marling, which I uploaded and suggest you listen to because a) it's pretty and b) it was what gave me the idea.

Jacob convinces himself he’s patient and he’s got all the time in the world because really, he’s not going anywhere, not any time soon, but promises of forever aside he’s still a sixteen-year-old boy and sometimes, he just wants results. He wants Bella to see him the way he sees her; he wants Bella to stop crashing into herself at any mention of romance or love or pale skin. It’s been months now and he’s sure she still hears Edward, Edward, Edward with every heartbeat. He never knew Cullen, not really, but now fresh, fiery rage seems to ignite in his blood at the simplest mention -- how dare anyone do that to Bella Swan?


“Moony and I, we’re damaged goods,” Sirius tells her, tongue-in-cheek, but Tonks knows every joke holds a hint of truth. She’s clever, after all, an Auror, and she’s seen how fast Firewhisky disappears from Grimmauld Place, not to mention the way sometimes a phrase is like a Portkey that jerks both of them deep into the past.

Naively, she convinces herself she can help them, and it might even working – but then Sirius is killed and Remus goes off to live with his “fellow monsters” and Tonks is too young to know how to stitch a heart back together.


Jim comes to Stamford with cameramen, goofy expressions and absolutely no talent for Call of Duty. Karen goes to Scranton to keep a familiar job and get the man she wants, but this brave new world is lead by an idiot, all the eyes in the office look at her like she doesn’t know what she’s getting into and every phone call is a precursor Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.

Jim comes to Stamford with cameramen, a bulk box of Jello mix and carefully masked emotional baggage. Karen learns this last bit a little too late.


Martha’s never met Rose Tyler but sometimes it seems like there are three of them in the TARDIS, rather than two.

It drives her mad for dozens of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s hard to hate someone you’ve never met and even harder to compete with them. The Doctor never talks about her, never really talks, just gives those elusive half-sentences and wistful stares into the distance, and ultimately Martha’s knowledge of Rose Tyler boils down to three key facts: she’s gone, he can’t stand it and maybe-just-maybe Rose could make the Doctor’s hearts beat as fast as he can make Martha’s.

Martha Jones is fifteen when her first boyfriend gives her three red roses for Valentine’s Day, along with a tag that dances around the word ‘love’. Four days later she catches him snogging Elyssa Houser at the mall and as Martha tosses the roses into the trash bin, her sister says, “Roses are so cliché, anyway.”

Tags: doctor who, fic, harry potter, jacob black, martha jones, remus/tonks, sirius black, the doctor, the office, twilight is so damn funny

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