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I present to you three of the (many) requested fics from that meme everyone's doing. Unfortunately I'm not doing them in, um, order they were requested or anything, just kind of... order of when I am ~inspired~.

jacob/tanya, twilight, for latine

She tastes like ice, smells like death and he cannot get enough of her.

He burns her tongue and her nose and she can’t get enough of him, either, because Alaska is just so cold. She’s been cold for hundreds of years, now, but he melts the ice in her veins and she cools the fire in his and it’s precisely the perfect temperature.

Jacob doesn’t say it and Tanya pretends not to feel it, but they both know this chemistry – the electric collision of contradictions – is exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen have forsaken on their wedding night.

Jacob sheds no tears on their behalf; Tanya wouldn’t even if she could.

draco/ginny, harry potter, for johnmayergirl23

It’s such a cliché. Love, hate and the thin line between, two houses alike in dignity - same old story. Ginny almost regrets being involved in something so…. so trite, wants to gag at the idea there are harlequins out there that are just like this, at the thought that the names Romeo and Juliet might even be slightly relevant…

But it’s just as cliché for the hero to get the girl, and tragedies make history more often than comedies.

sirius/lily, harry potter, for kirrea

He never quite manages to ignore the guilty gnaw in his stomach, but then it never quite manages to stop him, either. It’s wrong, wrong, wrong but he’s always had a twisted sense of morality and Lily, for all her halos and badges, doesn’t seem up to the challenge of realigning his moral compass. Sometimes he wonders which of the two of them is worse – is it the woman who claims to be in love or is it the boy who claims to be a brother? – but it’s dragon and egg, really, because he never should have started it but she never should have let it continue.

It’s that undertone of guilt, probably, that prevents the Dementors from taking those memories with them. Funny, that; imprisoned for his best friend’s death and all he can seem to remember is how that friend’s wife tasted.



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