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26 December 2013 @ 10:20 am
false i do not miss him  
I'm busy with family still but here's my drive-by reaction post to "Time of the Doctor".

  • lmfao I hated 99% of this

  • like this must be how people who hated RTD and Ten felt when they watched End of Time

  • i’m so beyond investment though that i wasn’t even mad I was just like, sorry for matt smith & everyone else

  • let’s start with how moffat’s idea of humour in a regeneration episode is LMAO PEOPLE ARE NAKED!!!! CLARA IS NAKED IN FRONT OF STRANGERS AND SHE’S UNCOMFORTABLE WITH IT AND THEY CAN SEE HER NAKED!!!!!! LOL! NAKED!!!

  • let’s continue with the heartfelt heartstring tugging when OH NO THE DOCTOR’S PET CYBERMAN HEAD HE HAD FOR ONE EPISODE DIED! the humanity

  • and his good friend/lover??? tasha lem is a dalek! oh no!!!!!!!!! truly this is a cruel world

  • but it’s ok because he insulted her and that snapped her back into being human or whatever

  • eleven spent 200 years off screen and another hundred or so in s7a and barely changed but his 300 year battle turns him into a wizened old man? ok

  • matt smith spent most of his last episode buried under prosthetics and wigs lmfao

  • clara saved the day by crying again!!!!!! god bless clara’s magical tears and the time lords who heed them

  • the entire universe wants the time lords dead except their BFF the doctor l o l


  • any emotion i might’ve felt over eleven and clara was so thoroughly zapped out of this ep by him sending her away twice

  • once again this entire episode was about the blessed doctor and how gr8 he is lmfao WHAT ABOUT HIM!!! WHAT ABOUT HIS LIFE! seriously we’ve done this every single moffat finale ok we get it

  • things i successfully called and must now gloat over: ‘the long song’ appearing as an instrumental while eleven’s dying. I KNEW IT.

  • the ‘legendary’ character being amy pond

  • actually, amy’s cameo was about the only bit i liked. even if that was blatantly not caitlin blackwood and karen was obviously in a wig. i wanted amy to get a cameo and was glad she got more than stupid barnaby waiting

  • bring on peter capaldi but give me 8 months to drink to forget this is the calibre of writing he’ll be dealing with

Kali_thirty2flavors on December 27th, 2013 05:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah. Like, we're well past the point now where I have any emotion in me left to pity Eleven or what Eleven could've been or anything, but it is a shame that the character ended up being what it was when the casting choice was quite a good one. Please, god, let Peter Capaldi fare slightly better. (Really, plz god let Moffat step down after s8 and someone else handle Twelve for a while.)