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My extra icon packages expire in like 4 days and I dunno if I'm gonna do anything about it. On one hand, icons! All the icons I have spent years collecting and such! On the other hand, I don't post or comment as much as I used to and I also have no income, so.

SPEAKING OF omg so over it u guise. I vacillate between feeling really hopeless and depressed with everything to effectively distracting myself with the internet and Playstation 1 games, which I think means I am more similar to Tom Haverford than I would like to be. The final payment for that wedding I'm supposed to go to is due on Monday and IDK it just sucks. I assumed I'd have SOME KIND of income by now but I do not, and I'm not really sure what to do about it. I want to go to the wedding -- I paid my deposit and it would feel shitty to be the only one who doesn't get to go, etc. On the other hand, I feel really really guilty spending this money when I don't have a job or any job prospects or anything.

The other thing that sucks right now (and which is potentially TMI so turn away now if that frightens you) is that since I'm no longer covered under my parents' insurance plan, I have no prescription drug coverage. I'm pretty lucky in that I only take birth control -- if I had more prescriptions it'd be even worse -- but still, I've been on the pill for various reasons since I was like 14 or whatever and being off it now seems super intimidating. You mean I don't get to choose when I have my period WHAT IS THIS, THE DARK AGES??? I could of course a) just buy it, but it's like $100/month, or b) get health insurance, but then I'm paying a monthly premium plus the left-over cost of whatever isn't covered, and again both of those things are spending money I'm not making. And things like "not having health insurance" makes me feel even guiltier about the idea of spending money on this wedding.

I guess the best thing to do at this point is abandon all hope of making anything above minimum wage or working regular hours and just try to find a job for the upcoming five months or whatever, but even that is easier said than done. I answered like 75 fucking questions just to apply for a seasonal position at a bookstore which I never heard back from so lol.

I didn't mean for this post to be "wah wah I will never amount to anything, version #4.0" but that's basically all that's happening in my life rn so there it is lol. UM. Here have a point-form breakdown of stuff I have seen:

  • The Mindy Project was good this week. The show is definitely getting better and finding its stride. I have never found an episode HILARIOUS, but they're consistently amusing throughout (or have been for the last few episodes) which is good enough for me. I find Mindy quite a likable lead -- I don't particularly relate to her but I find her funny and I think they've struck a pretty decent balance between funny and still clever/believably a medical professional. I would like to watch Dr. Mindy Lahiri interact with Dr. Elliot Reid. Danny and the British guy (lol idek his name) remain so-so, but Morgan is getting funnier and generally I just enjoy the show's vibe. Also, she wrinkled my brain re: "girlcrush" this week and now I may have to remove that from my vocabulary so good job Mindy.
  • The Office's "farewell season" continues to be enjoyable. I know some people are upset with the direction they've taken Andy but I don't curr about Andy so, whatever, and I hate Andy/Erin so Erin/NewJim is a welcome change for me. Oscar/Angela/Senator makes me uncomfortable but I'm reserving judgment until I know where it's heading. Also, they gave me an entire episode with Nellie using an American accent, so, excellent. (S9 Nellie, as far as I can tell, is basically an entirely different person from s7 or s8 Nellie, but she's a real character now so I'll take it.)
  • Doctor Who has a CIN thing airing this Friday that is meant to be the "first glimpse" of the new companion. I'm pretty sure by "glimpse" they mean that most literally, and we'll see about a single gif-worth of frames of her buried in a incoherent trailer of explosions. Also a prequel, which I'm sure will feature Eleven being ~zany as always.
  • Elementary continues to be enjoyable, with interesting characters and white noise crime cases. It sounds like the show is still slaying in ratings, which pleases me. I am cautiously optimistic to meet their Irene, because lbr it's not like she can be worse than the BBC's.
  • P&R exists and is enjoyable but I never have any deep thoughts on it. I don't think I loved this week's ep as much as other people, but what's new when it comes to P&R lol.
  • Argo was a really enjoyable film although it cracked me up to go online after and find out all this stuff about how they tweaked the story to glorify the CIA and downplay the involvement of the Canadian consulate, as well as the British and New Zealand consulates. LOLLLL SHOCKER.
  • Wreck-It Ralph was really good?? I really enjoyed it a lot. I even warmed to Vanellope despite hating Sarah Silverman. And Jane Lynch's character was better than I anticipated. And just... stuff. It may have helped the case that this movie came during a time when I'm inexplicably into video games again, but I loved all the visual gags. And Paperman! So cute.
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