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hooray tv

Well I thoroughly enjoyed all my shows this week (and by "this week" I mean "yesterday" because that's when everything airs, ugh), it's nice when that happens.

LOL Tom was killing me in this episode. Tom can be pretty annoying, but his pop culture obsession is definitely one of his funnier attributes. So his screenless week was hilarious.

Meanwhile I enjoyed the Leslie/Ann plotline with the safe-sex campaign and abstinence only education. It was a good example of P&R's ability to lampoon these kind of real-world issues, and I thought it was good at getting its message across while also having everything be ridiculous enough to suit Pawnee. (Marcia is consistently hilarious.) I also liked that it gave us some Leslie-Ann conflict -- their friendship is one of the nicer things about the show, and I like when it's tested a bit. I thought it was good of them to point out that Ann can get lost in her relationships (very meta tbh), but I thought it was maybe a bit abrupt that Ann broke up with that guy. I mean, she could date him without dressing like him. BUT WHATEVER k fine, single Ann is good.

Also April and Ben are cracking me up. I enjoy their friendship a lot.

I liked this episode! That's TWO IN A ROW! When's the last time that happened? Probably s7, at least.

Anyway, I like that Jim is aware he fucked up with Pam and wants to make it up to her. I'm not sure buying her a piece of pie really counts, so I hope it goes a bit further than that, but I could appreciate the effort he put into getting that pie, which I guess was the point. And it's always nice to get some interaction between Jim and Dwight, especially interaction that goes further than just straight-up antagonism. So I enjoyed that.

I liked the Andy/Erin/Nellie plot as well. Well, specifically I liked the Nellie/Erin component of it -- it was nice to see them bond. It's not a secret that Nellie is like 50% of why I am still watching this show (the other 50% being that, admittedly, I'd probably be curious about the final season anyway), so I like that they're making her more into a real person instead of the bizarre caricature she was last year. Hooray! I mean, I knew from the start that obviously Andy would eventually sign her letter -- you wouldn't introduce the plotline if you were going to have him do the obvious thing -- but I thought they orchestrated it pretty well. I was initially hoping Erin would stand up to him and tell him he's being a prick, but I suppose the way it played out wasn't bad since it showed Andy and the audience that Nellie can be "tender with those she cares about", or whatever.

Anyway as usual Creed got the best gag:

I liked this case a lot more than the previous two cases! Hooray. TBF I'm not sure how I felt about the twist~ at the end and I don't know how seriously I could take the super genius child killer guy but at least I was curious about the plot, instead of just waiting for it to go away so we could get back to Joan and Sherlock. Also the title lol "Child Predator" I C WUT U DID THERE

I guess my main complaint would be that I could've used more Joan, but nonetheless I liked the way their dynamic is developing and I found Sherlock more or less likable which is good. I mean, he's still a douche sometimes, but he's a douche who apologizes and seems genuine and I can get behind that. (He's also a douche who likes his work because he legitimately is interested in helping/saving people, which I ENJOY SO MUCH MORE than him just getting off on being right. I haven't read enough of the ACD stories to know which is more ~canon~ but I periodically see people whine that he should be in it FOR THE DEDUCING!! or whatever and lol k w/e enjoy your robotic Holmes I guess.) He's also a douche who is learning to appreciate her presence and what she can/does do for him, which is nice to watch.

His face in that last one: SURPRISINGLY CUTE??

Plus, like I was saying last week, it's nice to have a good reason Joan puts up with his shit -- both because she's a sober companion and she must be kind of expected to put up with some difficult clients, and also in this case specifically because she wanted to help find the little girl and was willing to deal with him to facilitate that. And then he recognized that in her and thanked her for it! Awwwww.

Apparently next episode he goes missing and Joan gets to do some detecting on her own? I haven't seen the trailer but that's what people are saying. I'M HERE FOR THAT TBH.


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