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I met up with a friend for lunch today who I haven't seen all summer. She's doing her MA at the university we both went to for our undergrad, so she started classes yesterday. We ended up walking to a coffee shop near campus and chilling there for a while. It was pretty weird. My university is right downtown, so I pass it a lot when I'm in that area anyway, but this is the first time since classes that I've been on campus while it was bustling with students and not... been one of them.

I don't really think of myself as someone who misses school much. My friend Tania told us last week that she's in such school withdrawl that she bought school supplies even though she doesn't need them, lmao. I am not like that. I was glad to be done with my undergrad. But I kind of missed it today? I mean, I guess in part I just missed the purposefulness -- if I was in classes right now I wouldn't feel like such a waste of space, I guess. But I dunno, I think I just like the idea of being in school more than the actual reality of it, probably because for the most part being a student is an excuse to not be an actual adult yet, and right now I am neither a student nor an actual adult.

In less navel-gaze-y news, look what I got in the mail yesterday!:

That is a Hamlet postcard and a dinosaur necklace from idk my bff Liz. YOU KNOW ME WELL. It was excellent. I wore the necklace today and got compliments on it from both my friend and the cashier. TY BB.

In potentially more interesting news I watched the Elementary pilot. Overall I liked it! I think the show will probably be relatively procedural-y and tbh I wasn't very interested in that aspect of it and still am not, but it was interesting enough and there was enough focus on Holmes and Watson as characters to keep me entertained. From what I saw of it the case more or less made sense. It wasn't super mindblowing but it was solid and it was nice that they focused the blame on the dude exploiting the mentally ill person, instead of the mentally ill person themselves.

In terms of characters, I thought they were well done. I've read approximately one of ACD's stories and have little investment in Sherlock Holmes as a franchise or ~keeping true to canon~, so I can't say whether this was a "faithful" adaptation or not. TBH I think at this point Sherlock Holmes is a bit like Shakespeare, and being original and interesting in your adaptation should take precedence over being "faithful", but whatever. The point is, I liked JLM's Holmes and Liu's Watson. Especially Liu's Watson. Joan don't take no shit. "GO WAIT IN THE CAR" ":( okay" lol forever. And I liked that, while Holmes was still kind of a dick, he at least seemed to be trying not to be. I thought the stuff about how he knew she'd killed a patient but didn't say it because he figured it'd be a touchy subject was really good. I don't really dig "sociopath" (lol THE INTERNET'S NEW FAVOURITE WORD) Holmes. I can't root for a guy who gives no fucks about anyone/thing.

Anyway, there is my verdict. If you like crime procedurals with character stuff I would say you will probably like it a lot. Actually I'm probably going to recommend it to my mom, LOL.
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