Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote,

'the syndicate'

I mentioned before that Tay and I had been watching this miniseries called "The Syndicate". The basic conceit is that 5 coworkers win the lottery together, and each of the five hour-long episodes focuses more heavily on one of them. British Actor Bingo: Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and Powers Guy from Misfits as brothers with Peter Pettigrew as their boss. It was pretty great; the characters were for the most part very likable and compelling, the acting was good, and despite several set-ups that seemed really obvious, the show constantly subverted my expectations or introduced twists I didn't see coming.

But we finished last night and BRITISH TELEVISION, WHAT IS WITH YOUR HARD-ON FOR CLIFFHANGER ENDINGS THAT WILL NEVER BE RESOLVED? IT'S NOT EVEN LIKE A "THIS IS SHERLOCK SO WAIT 3 YEARS" THING, they're not making any more episodes with those characters as far as I know.

Britain, why are you this way?
Tags: tay you smell like gasoline, the syndicate
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