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01 July 2012 @ 02:13 pm
my home and native land  

Happy Canada Day!

Yesterday I met up with sweetcherrytree and showed her the exciting sights of Ottawa on Canada Day weekend at 10 at night. Thrilling! Today ...I am... ??? I dunno but I am sure it will be very festive. I hope my fellow Canadians have a nice July 1, full of poutine and butter tarts and sappy Tim Hortons commercials.

In other news I now have an anon stalking my Tumblr to preach about Classic Who, so I guess I've finally "made it".
Kali: eng :: the god of love / that sits above_thirty2flavors on July 2nd, 2012 04:49 pm (UTC)
IKR it is all the things I am proudest of in one graphic, lol.

Spain! When we were at the bar yesterday afternoon everyone inside was watching the Euro game lolol. As a typical Canadian though I know nothing about any sport that isn't hockey.

I have not heard of either of those films! But I'm impressed, because Canadian film and television is notoriously terrible.
ibishtar: Stuffibishtar on July 2nd, 2012 07:23 pm (UTC)
Those two movies are pretty much the only Canadian films I've seen, and left me with the impression that the country must be an untapped cornucopia of film-making prowess. You've shattered my dreams XD
You really should watch Last Night at least. In it, everyone knows that the world is going to end in 12 hours, and it's about how various people decide to deal with that and have prepared for that moment. It's low-key, emotional, and has some great black humour.
I first learnt about Pontypool through Russell T Davies, of all people. He cited it as an example of a work of fiction where the log line lights such a fire in his imagination, he prefers to never see it and construct his own version of the story in his mind. The detail about Pontypool that fascinated RTD, and which is what makes it so different from other zombie movies, has to do with the method of transmission of the virus, but I won't spoil it. There's also a neat radio adaptation of the film with the same actors.

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