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the music was so terrible though

Okay so in the end I only watched ep 1, 3 and 5 of True Love, the first two because David Tennant and Billie Piper and the last one because a) Kaya Scodelario's character is in it and b) Hannah told me to for some reason.

  • So Nick's episode was definitely the worst, sorry David Tennant. I talked about this before but jesus what an unlikable leading man lmao, as well as an unlikable ~*other woman*~ and other woman's sister. I guess in ep 2, Michelle (the sister's) husband cheats on her. KARMA? Or is everyone in Margate just cheating on their wives? Possibly both.

  • Billie Piper's ep (~Holly~) was definitely the best. It had the most interesting scenario -- I mean student/teacher isn't exactly groundbreaking, but it's way more interesting than "dude cheats on wife" that we got in three other episodes, so whatever.

  • David Morrissey's episode was alright. Him + Gemma Chan were cute and likable.

  • But omg Nick's kid Lorraine is in ep 3 and ep 5 because she's Kaya Scodelario's "best friend" and LOL SHE IS SUCH A BASTARD, look what you've done, Nick. In episode 3 I was kind of like "well okay, this is probably a normal reaction to your best friend sleeping with your teacher". BUT THEN SHE SPENDS ALL OF EPISODE 5 TRYING TO SEDUCE KAREN'S DAD AND BREAK UP HIS RELATIONSHIP WHEN HE REJECTS HER, so, w2g Nick. lmao the whole of ep 5, I just kept thinking "god just call her shitty dad and make him deal with this".

  • Also if Lorraine is 16 and Serena is Nick's ex of 17 years, then ....??? Nick, did you meet, date and knock up Anna from Downton within like, a couple months of losing ~*THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP EVERRR**~?? God you continue to be the worst.

  • Kaya Scodelario was the best at improvising, I think, which is kind of funny I guess. Maybe she's done more of it, IDK. Everyone else had those awkward stop/start moments and moments where I could just imagine the actor freezing in panic fumbling for words, lolol. Billie kept going back to "I don't know, um"-type stuff and David Tennant would go quiet for long periods of time but Kaya always had long, solid speeches. IDK four for you, Kaya Scodelario.

  • 25 minutes was pretty short, especially for ep 3 where there's all sorts of issues that don't even get touched on. (lmao Karen WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR DAD? Jesus dad stop talking to hot babes on the internet and pay attention to your kid's life.) Even ep 1 skipped over stuff that you'd think would be important and relevant, like "Nick tells his wife he's the worst and for some reason she doesn't kill him". The only one that I thought was sufficiently handled in about 25 minutes was episode 5, and that largely came at the price of a montage of David Morrissey talking on the phone. Gemma Chan ended up with very little to do.

  • Anyway the unexpected outcome of this was that I ended up shipping the hell out of Karen/Holly despite myself. Whatever, Billie Piper cried. I regret nothing.
Tags: billie piper's tears are my kryptonite, david tennant is pretty okay i guess, project watch all the things

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