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sometimes i still talk about doctor who

I dunno how many people on my flist actually keep up with Moffat-era news lol so I will recap: for the last few days they've been filming on location in NYC for 7x05, which is Amy and Rory's last episode. I don't know if they were under the illusion this would give them more privacy because people in America theoretically care less, but this is totally false, so the result is 3953969068206 fan and paparazzi shots alike of all the scenes they shot outside.

So, a couple things of main interest. Basically it all boils down to reading material! Who would've guessed.

The Ponds + the Doctor picnic in the park, huzzah alliteration, and Amy reads some newspaper with the headline "Detroit Lions Win The Superbowl". Apparently this has never happened, so this is either the future or some kind of AU/messed up timeline/etc. For the Pond finale, I suspect future, but not far future.

The Doctor is holding this book in lots of the photos. I'm not sure if that's meant to be the title or the author's name, but either way "Melody Malone" and some busty woman holding a gun har har gosh I wonder who this could possibly allude to!?

Lastly there is this video. I would guess this is probably the most significant spoiler and may be of a very important scene so if you were having second thoughts about whether or not you want to be spoiled, turn back now, etc.

SO BASICALLY... the Doctor reads something, alone (Karen is in her big puffy coat and obviously not in the shot), and cries. Where could I ever have seen this before hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm

We also know through promo stuff that their last episode is an ~encounter with the Weeping Angels. There's also some rumours that we'll see an elderly Rory and that there will be a funeral for someone but neither of those have materialized as proof so who knows w/e. But I think it's reasonably easy to predict how this will likely play out.

  • Trip to NYC whoo party. The mysterious ~Melody Malone~ book hits at some mystery that gets them involved.
  • Rory gets Weeping Angeled, we know this. In the end I predict Amy and Rory get Weeping Angeled to the same time, and will not be able to be rescued by their BFF and his time machine because Reasons.
  • It turns out the Melody Malone book is written by Amy, after being Weeping Angeled and stuck in the past (or maybe Rory or River but probs Amy) BECAUSE TIME LOOP.
  • Amy and Rory live out their days in past!NYC for some reason, and no one cares because fuck basic rights who needs 'em eh certainly not Amy!!, fuck yeah the Great Depression, WW2 and the Cold War, fuck Amy and Rory's family and friends since they never mention or give a shit about them anyway, etc.
  • Possibly they run into babyMels (remember she's in 1969 NYC for no reason at all!) and raise her until she goes to Leadworth, idk who cares, this seems not out of the realm of possibility but would still be colossally stupid (why would she STILL be a brainwashed psychopath?) so whatever.
  • Amy (and maybe Rory but definitely Amy) dies of old age in the past/present, much like Billy Shipton, and writes a sad letter to her Lonely Angel which he then reads alone on a park bench and cries over, thus ensuring Amy Pond's entire life is a medley of Moffat's greatest hits.


I'm being pretty harsh because I'm sick of seeing these things reused, but I am actually pretty interested in this episode because it has been so long since an important episode. I would consider the last "important" episode to be The Eleventh Hour and that was over two years ago, two and a half years ago by the time this episode finally airs. THAT IS WAY TOO LONG SINCE A RELEVANT EPISODE. So I am stoked for a gamechanger to shake it up even if the gamechanger may not be the greatest. Byebye Ponds, bring on JLC, etc.
Tags: doctor who, from river song's diary (spoilers!)

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