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YES. Great episode. I've been waiting for a really good theme episode since the hiatus and this one finally delivered. I like most Community episodes, but the ones that make me love the show and the ones I find the funniest and most innovative and deserving of praise are always the theme episodes, and this was definitely one of their best. Best episode since the hiatus, and probably second-best of the season although I still think "Remedial Chaos Theory" takes the crown. Like with "Remedial Chaos Theory", though, this one came as a big and welcome relief after a couple weeks of episodes I thought were not the show's best.

Anyway, I saw people say they were disappointed with this episode, but I didn't know they were doing a history channel documentary-style ep in advance so... I wasn't? IDK w/e.

And lolol did everyone notice that the song Neil was playing on the radio was the song Abed and Troy are singing in the Halloween ep/my icon?
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