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16 February 2012 @ 11:31 pm
sheer force of will!  
Aw I forgot how much I liked Dave and Leslie/Dave. I don't think I really have a horse in the race between him and Ben and obviously Leslie/Ben is the show's OTP so whatever but I did find him funny and I thought them making up at the end was nice.

Tom/Ann is... idk. I have no vibe yet for whether the show is going to make them work or not and I don't particularly care one way or the other. I will echo other people in saying that I wish Ann would get a proper storyline and IDK what I think of "you wore me down" yet but I did at least laugh at some of her reactions to Tom.

And LOL the return of Duke Silver!


So I haven't watched this show since Catherine Tate's last cameo which means I am woefully out of most loops though I know Angela's baby may be Dwight's and that some random extra is trying to seduce Jim because the show has run out of plots. But I will say that this was better than I expected, even if in this case "better than I expected" just kind of means "less of a trainwreck than I anticipated". Todd Packer had mercifully few lines! The Jim/Kathy thing was basically nonexistent! The cold open Jim prank was pretty hilarious! (lol "THE ALCOHOL CLUB".)

I though the Sabre scenes were reasonably funny, though I'm sure they were helped a lot by the fact that in most shots I could at minimum see Catherine Tate off in the distance. I didn't think the material for Nellie was amazing but it wasn't quite as bad as I was fearing and I did think some of it was funny -- the thirteen pianos joke in particular, and lots of her reaction shots which are just down to Catherine Tate being wonderful ofc. I am not eager to have Todd Packer vs Dwight unless it means lots of Nellie, which I think it may, so... I'll take what I can get I suppose.

The stuff back in Scranton... idgi. I don't care about Erin/Andy at all and it was so obviously such a B-plot, it wasn't even a B-plot it was like a D-plot. And I'm forever pressed that Kelly isn't part of the ~special team because it means I won't see her with Nellie. But at least that stuff was kept to a minimum.

And that is the most I have written about The Office in aaaaaaaages.

The most exciting stuff though was clearly these two things happening on Twitter:

MINDY KALING AND JENNA FISCHER FANGIRLING CATHERINE TATE ON TWITTER. It's like it was made just for me and bazcat89. I texted Liz as soon as I saw the Jenna one ngl.
Kali: p&r :: i didn't kill anybody!_thirty2flavors on February 18th, 2012 04:50 pm (UTC)
I mean I'm only in it for Catherine Tate so I can't be fucked with any of the plotlines but it wasn't as unfunny as I feared it would be.

Tom/Ann is really weird, I thought they might make it into something that really worked but this episode was just unfortunate IDK.

Yeah I fnid Ben/Leslie just kind of boring. Not offensive or bad or anything just, their scenes don't make me laugh as much as the other stories and scenes usually do.