Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote,

friending meme!

So I actually started writing the next chapter of Silly Love Songs. Of course, I say this now and I'll regret it shortly because nothing will come of it for another two years, but... well. Just thought I'd let you know that it has a hideous deathgrip on my soul and it hasn't let go yet.

Also I am way interested in the "Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune" challenge over at redandthewolf because I love James and I also love Shakespeare. Will have to sign up.

The real reason behind this is: a multi-fandom friending meme! Sometimes my flist is kind of stagnant and I think "DAMN WHY DON'T I HAVE AN OBSCENELY LARGE FLIST?" Clearly this meme is there to help me. It seems to be predominantly HP/Twilight (lolz, interwebs) but.. uh yeah you can go check it out if you are sad like me and need to make friends based on what books you write fanfiction about. ...lirl.
Tags: fanfiction, james potter, meme, silly love songs

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