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top 5 things about misfits, also a rant

ANOTHER MISFITS POST since I apparently have a lot of feelings. Okay, trolling the Misfits tag has taught me a couple things:

1. Apparently most people who watch Misfits can't follow a very basic, clear, closed time loop. God help the poor souls if they ever try to watch something written by Steven Moffat.

2. In addition to not understanding the easy-to-follow time loop of Simon/Alisha, many shippers seem genuinely angry that it... was a time loop. LOL, WHAT? PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW YOU MANAGED TO NOT NOTICE THIS DURING S2, SHIPPERS. Future Simon appears in the past and tells Alisha that in the future they're together and that this is why she falls in love with him, because Future Simon told her to. And then Future Simon died in the past. So now that Future Simon has gone off to die inthe past, people are calling foul and are mad Simon and Alisha don't get a happy ending? ...? DID YOU MISS THE PART WHERE HE DIED LIKE A SEASON AND A HALF AGO? Omg, internet! That'd be like getting outraged at the non-specified DVD-extra point in the future when River Song announces she has to go to the Library. THE TIME TO BE ANGRY ABOUT THE SHIP BEING BASED ON A TIME LOOP WAS LONG AGO, MY FRIENDS. You are the same people who thought this time loop was beautiful and romantic in s2! What did you think would happen? AHHHH.

With that out of the way, ages back sherrilina asked me my top 5 favourite things about Misfits, so here they are:

Top 5 Things About Misfits

5. The Tone

"Tone" is maybe not the right word for it but I wasn't sure what else to call it. I like that the show features people who occasionally do/say offensive or stupid things, but the show is (almost) always aware that these things are offensive and/or stupid and isn't glorifying them in any way. I wouldn't say the show really glorifies anything that happens, but it doesn't sugarcoat it either. It would be pretty unrealistic to expect characters like Nathan to never swear or use a word I wouldn't use, but for the most part the show is good at presenting these antics as pathetic more than ~edgy~ or ~cool~. None of the characters are unrealistic paragons of virtue, but for the most part they're not bad people either.

4. The dramedy

Probably the reason I am so hard to please with television is because my ideal is a very specific balance between humour and drama, and Misfits does it surprisingly well. The show is aware of how ridiculous it is, but it tows the line just right, usually, and that allows me to appreciate their more serious stuff precisely because it's not all srs all the time.

3. Playing with Genre

Thinking about it, playing with genre is apparently one of my favourite things -- it's what Community does best, and even Doctor Who, theoretically, has the potential to offer a wide sampling of genre.

But I like the way Misfits plays with its superhero genre, giving its characters superpowers but making absolutely clear none of them are remotely superheroes. I like how self-aware it is about this, the varying degrees of usefulness in everyone's powers, the fact that even the more useful powers have their downfalls and the way the show gets creative with some of the weirder/dumber powers. ("There was a guy who could control milk and he was a fucking psycho!") It opens a lot of doors for the show while also preventing the show from taking itself so seriously that a guy who can control milk doesn't fit into the universe. I like that the show nods at tropes and genre, kind of like Community, usually through Simon Abed-ing out. Despite things like "guy who controls milk", I think Misfits manages to be a more realistic version of a world with superpowers. Plus, they've played with superhero, sci-fi, video game, zombie movie, body swap -- loads of things.

2. Nathan/Kelly (omg RIP~)

I couldn't find a youtube clip of the finale scene OR a decent gif so here is this. Tumblr is all about Simon/Alisha ugh

UGH this was one of my favourite things about the show so of course it died an unceremonious death, fffffff. But anyway, if you ignore the illogical trailing-off and focus on the lead-up in s1 and early s2, I think Nathan/Kelly was really well done and I liked it a lot, I shipped it way harder than I've shipped any of the "actual" couples on the show. I liked that Kelly could cut through Nathan's bullshit because she knew what he was thinking, and I liked that Nathan actually seemed to respect her more than anyone else in the group and let himself be chastised by her. The scene in s1 where she is brainwashed and he tells her about how he liked her look and her attitude and how she stood up to him was so flawless ugh gdi show. Anyway I liked that even though as characters they both spend a lot of time putting up fronts you could tell they cared about each other, and I liked that it seemed like Nathan was going to mature as a result of his affection for, respect for and desire to impress Kelly.

AND THEN EVERYTHING TURNED TO DUST ugh but whatever we'll ignore that.

1. Kelly Bailey

One thing I thought about putting down and decided against was Misfits' female characters in general -- it's complicated and I don't think the show is exceptionally feminist or anything and I think they have a lot of trouble coming up with decent story lines for their female characters beyond shippy plotlines, but they're very good at giving them lots of personality, and this comes out the most in Kelly. KELLY STAN 4 LYFE. I love that she's the group's muscle ("I don't wanna hurt you, but I fucking will!"), I love her attitude and I love the fact that it comes from a good place. She's not needlessly aggressive, but she's fiercely protective and she stands up for herself and other people. I like that she cuts through other people's bullshit and I like that she's so upfront. One of the best things about the zombie episode was her insistence that she's not mad at Shannon and has no problem with Shannon, she's mad at Seth for being a dick. The online short where she punches that girl's boyfriend and is like "fuck you, she can do whatever she likes" was also awesome. I think Lauren Socha is really good in the role and I think Kelly leaving might actually be enough to make me give up the show, so hopefully she sticks around for s4.

In short, Kelly is great. I love Kelly a lot. I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm pretty sure Kelly is one of my favourite TV characters.
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