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much ado! also, misfits

SO for those who may not have seen it a trillion times on your flist already, Much Ado About Nothing starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate is actually available for download now, unlike the weird mysterious fake DVD thing. SO. There's that.

  • I'm guessing that Lauren Socha's BAFTA meant that they decided, especially in wake of Robert Sheehan's flounce, that this would kind of be "her" season, since Kelly has been way more front and centre this year than she was last year or maybe even s1. WHICH IS AWESOME, TBH. But I saw someone on Tumblr complain about how Kelly's story isn't even about Kelly so much as it's about Seth's manpain, and IA with that unfortunately. Kelly's main story is what happens with Seth, and the conflict with Seth isn't anything stemming from Kelly herself but stemming from Seth and his manpain over killing Shannon and oooo how can he love Kelly when he loves Shannon?? and all this stuff that would be more compelling if we had any reason to care about Seth beyond him being Kelly's love interest. But we don't. So. Yawn.
  • Kelly continues to be queen of my heart, though. How great was that scene in this past ep where she's like "I have no problem with Shannon, I hate that shit, I'm mad at Seth" (lol and then later "LOOK, THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAVE WITH YOU IS THAT YOU ARE A ZOMBIE")? UGH KELLY, SO GREAT. So glad they didn't have a bullshit catfight and tbh, judging Seth for assuming Kelly just wanted to have a crazy catfight (WITH BATS??? AND FRIENDS???).
  • While Kelly takes centre stage I'm pretty sure they've dialled back on Simon and Simon/Alisha like 90% which makes me lol. I don't really care because ugh Simon/Alisha, but I imagine lots of fans are gnashing their teeth.
  • Rudy was actually likable in this past ep, probably because HE DIDN'T TRY TO RAPE ANYONE. Ugh seriously. And the thing is, like, one of the things I've always kind of liked and appreciated about this show is that they don't unrealistically whitewash the character's behaviour to make them good upstanding citizens who are politically correct all the time etc etc, so I feel like I can't be mad at the writing, which in turn channels all my rage directly on Rudy himself. I liked Simon standing up to him about it, although tbf s1 Simon totally tried to molest Kelly so what the hell Simon, glad you learned, I guess.
  • The zombie ep was probably my favourite this season just because I found it so funny. I liked all the self-aware "this is a lot of killing, even for us" and "we're just in the wrong place at the wrong time... a lot..." stuff, plus Simon and Rudy getting all Abed about genre is always funny to me, and stuff. Pretty lame continuity about Curtis not even mentioning Nikki once, lol, sorry Ruth Negga, your character was totally irrelevant I guess.
  • Speaking of Curtis! I am sad we lost Girl Curtis :( I liked the actress a lot, she was great.
  • Hitler episode was meh, as you'd expect, so I'm sad that that seems to have been Kelly's main episode. I think Misfits is a show better suited to that kind of thing than Doctor Who, and I appreciated Kelly headbutting Hitler more than I appreciated Rory punching him, but the whole episode felt rushed and kind of sloppy. AltBritain didn't make any sense. So... that was too bad.
  • In general, I'm liking this season, but not as much as season 1. Tay and I rewatched the s1 finale and 2x01 the other day and it was obviously the show's high point which was disappointing. The first few minutes of the zombie ep, with just Curtis, Kelly, Simon and Alisha, made me wish they hadn't replaced Nathan at all. Even when I'm not actively disliking Rudy, I can do without him.
  • Anyway finale next week! I think? Is it just 8 episodes? Is there a Christmas special? Will there be s4? Do we know?
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