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The Troy-Abed-Annie Plot

LOLOLOL YES THE GLORIOUS RETURN OF BATMAN ABED. And I loved Troy getting to lampshade the "replace a stolen item sitcom plot" thing. And psychoAnnie was great in this. In general I thoroughly enjoyed this B-plot.

The Shirley/Jeff Plot
OMG OMG. Today at school I watched a few episodes of early Community, including the one where Shirley and Jeff bond over gossip, and I was lamenting to Liz that Shirley never got plotlines outside of being a mom anymore and that she and Jeff had been hilarious together why didn't they ever get stories anymore etc etc

AND THEN THIS HAPPENS. And it was excellent. Competitive, fierce Shirley, the foosball genius! Insecure Daddy-issues Jeff! BB JEFF AND BB SHIRLEY BEING NEMESES. THE GAG WITH THE EUROPEANS CARRYING AROUND A SOCCER BALL FOR THAT ONE JOKE AND JEFF'S BAFFLEMENT OVER IT. THE ANIME SEQUENCE. Shirley and Jeff going to see a movie together! Awwwww! I'm so pleased Shirley finally had a story and that it actually said stuff about her as a person and basically, excellent. I really enjoyed this episode. I think it's my favourite of the non-theme episodes they've done so far in s3. SO WHY IS THIS SHOW GOING ON HIATUS THE WEEK AFTER NEXT? UGHHH.

Parks & Recreation

So... especially after Community, that whole episode I was like

I don't hate Ben/Leslie. I don't even dislike Ben/Leslie. But I don't really care much either, so an entire episode centered around Ben and Leslie's ooey gooey feelings in place of funny stuff left me pretty cold. It wasn't a bad episode, I was just bored, and especially after Community it was really noticeable. I also can't get too worked up over Ben's sudden unemployment because Ben lives in TV Land where Entertainment 720 can run for like six months and jobs grow on trees, so... sorry Ben. That was sweet, I guess. Moar jokes and less shipping next week plz.
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